10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

The old adage of “It gets better after high school” offered as comfort to kids who have their lunch money stolen and their heads flushed in toilets actually no longer seems appropriate in 2021. In fact, not only is life better in school nowadays, but these nerds are fully aware that if they keep doing what they are doing, it’s only going to get a lot better after graduation.

Over the last decade or so, it seems the nerdy way has become the cool way. The habits and practices that geeks have indulged in for so long are not only paying back dividends, but have become the aspiration of the supposed ‘cool kids’ everywhere.

10. Running a Website

Running a Website

Not many really knew about HTML and CSS a decade or so back, and more importantly nobody really cared. Today, running your own website displays that you are tech-savvy. And, connected with the World Wide Web, and learning either of the two coding languages is better regarded than knowing how to order a beer in Spanish. Software like the easy website builder, makes it simple for you to build your own website, even if you are one of those losers who still doesn’t know what jQuery is.

9. Blog

10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

In a similar vein to the above, blogging used to be the sanctuary of heartsick techies. Today, if you haven’t blogged about your recent trip to Rome, then it might as well have never happened at all.

8. Comic Book Heroes

Comic Book Heroes

Peter Parker and Clark Kent are awkward goobers because such types appeal to their readership who similarly wish to throw away their glasses and dive into the sky to national adulation. Batman, Iron Man, and Deadpool may have spawned for a cooler demographic, but the point is that no one is ashamed to be excited about the next Marvel or DC extravaganza.

7. Star Trek

Star Trek

Indeed, Star Trek used to be such a favorite with geeks that ‘trekkie’ is now a synonym for ‘nerd’. However, JJ Abrams’ hot 2009 remake made sure that only the lamest kids in the playground don’t know the beef between Kirk and Spock.

6. Quantum Physics

10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

As space travel moves from the realm of HG Wells to Richard Branson. Actually understanding things like quantum physics and the Fermi Paradox is something to brag about (and seriously, the Fermi Paradox is far away the coolest thing on this list). If you take note of nothing else, read about this thing and boggle your mind.

5. Staying In

Staying In

While some go to hang out in a park to smoke a pack or two and drink some light beers. But, the new cool kids are at home in the warmth and refining their World of Warcraft character. Indeed, even spending the weekend playing on video games is no longer incredibly uncool.

4. Awkwardness

10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

Chandler Bing, Seth Cohen, all of those guys in The Big Bang Theory… the loveable loser is now the flyest guy in the bar. The bigger the bow tie and more cringy the flirting, the better.

3. Thick-rimmed glasses

Thick-rimmed glasses

From most handsome man Johnny Depp to the richest actress Meryl Streep, thick Millhouse-esque rims are totally fetch.

2. Muddled Fashion

Muddled Fashion

Hipsters may be wearing their dad’s oversized wooly jumpers and their sister’s leggings now, but nerds have been doing weird stuff like that for years.

1. Abstinence


No one saw this one coming. It seems that not having sex is no longer uncool. Abstinence is way up in the US and Europe. Drugs and drink are less popular too, meaning green tea and Tupperware parties for all!