Woman Gives Birth to 11 Babies
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Top 10 Internet Hoaxes About India

India is known as the land of beauty and magic. It is also the land of myth and mystery, from the very ancient times. However, while the country is in the face of improvement and advancements, the myths seem to persist even today, at a time when information is readily available. It seems as if internet cannot be believed totally when it comes to information about India. There are too many hoaxes spread across the world of internet. Let’s know the country a little more by knowing these burst hoaxes:

1. Three-Headed Snake

Internet Hoaxes about India

An image of a three-headed snake by the side of an Indian road has been doing the round. However, this image is not a beauty of nature, but, a product of Photoshop, and that too, a pretty bad one. When noticed carefully, it can be observed that the three heads have the same pattern. Other images of the same electrically manipulated creature has been found, too, which show some bad editing skills, with the same shadows working on all three heads.

2. Indian National Anthem the Best in the World

10 Internet Hoaxes about India

The message has been circulated very proudly that UNESCO has named the Indian National Anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’ the best in the world. That this is a hoax should have been clear to people by the simple fact that there has been no media coverage of such an important issue, and suspiciously been broadcast by the internet alone, and that too, in some shifty websites, and not the principal media houses. Besides, there is no trace of any such declaration in the official site of UNESCO. To top it all, confirmation of the story as a hoax has been received by India Today directly from UNESCO.

3. Indian Woman Gives Birth to 11 Babies

Woman Gives Birth to 11 Babies

The image of 11 babies lying side by side with the hospital staff was all over the social networking site, with the information that an Indian mother has given birth to 11 babies together by some miracle of God. However, the information is a complete hoax. But, the image isn’t. It is actually the picture of the 11 babies who were born on 11.11.11 at the 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center in Surat.

4. Newly found Image of Godse before Gandhi’s Assassination

Gandhi’s assassination

An image with a man holding a gun has been doing the rounds with the claim that this is the only image of Godse right before he shot Gandhiji. However, the only picture of Gandhiji’s assassination are dramatized ones based on the accounts of the eyewitnesses. There is no existing photograph on of this unfortunate murder on record. The image being circulated is that of a scene from a British movie, Nine Hours to Rama.

5. Python Swallows Man in Kerala

Python Swallows Man

A video of a man being swallowed by a python in Kerala has been spreading like wildfire. There are many versions of this story, as well, where the snake swallows about 4 people at once, live. In fact, this seems to be a worldwide phenomenon, with images and videos from all over the world. The video comes with the message that it is not for the faint-hearted. However, it is nothing but a hoax, born from the image of some snake that must have swallowed a goat or deer, and there have been digital manipulations of various sorts to creep people out.

6. Rape Festival in Assam

Internet Hoaxes about India

An article about the annual celebration of a Rape Festival in Assam was shared widely on Facebook. However, the local people of Assam denied the fact, and the Crime Investigation Department of Assam has even planned to take action against this report which started spreading after Faking News, a satirical website, published a fake article on the same subject.

7. India’s Image from Space on Diwali

India during Diwali

All proud Indians, at some point, have shared the satellite image of India on a Diwali night, taken by NASA from space, to show off to the world how beautiful the country looks, all lit up and bright. However, it makes break the heart of the Indians that this is a false picture. It has been confirmed by the NASA officials that the image was collected by VIIRS for the detection of light in a range of wavelengths from green to near-infrared, and brightened to distinguish the city lights easily, meant to show the change in night illumination during the period of 1992-2003. It was developed to illustrate the growth in population in the country. NASA even confirmed that the extra light during Diwali is imperceptible from space.

8. Plastic in Kurkure

snack in India

Kurkure is a very popular snack in India. But, it has often been said that on burning Kurkure, one can see plastic melting. This message, along with an image of a burning Kurkure, has also been seen on the internet. However, Kurkure is made of edible ingredients such as cornmeal, spices, etc., and is not harmful to the health. It melts on burning because of the carbohydrate content, and the plastic-like substance is dried starch, which is not unhealthy at all, as approved by the brand officials.

9. Death by Phone Call

Death by Phone Call

A scary message warned everyone against receiving phone calls from the number, 09141. If the claim of the message is to be believed, the phone emits high-frequency sound waves on picking up the phone, which cause brain haemorrhage and instant death. This is a preposterous and improbable idea, since phones are not technologically capable of emitting such high-frequency sound waves.

10. Contact Lenses Melt in Heat

Contact Lenses Melt in Heat

A message with the description of a guy who became blind after he got exposed to the high heat of BBQ grills since his plastic contact lenses melted imbibed fear in the minds of people. However, the truth is that, since eyes are extremely sensitive to infections, contact lenses are sterilized, thus proving that they are made to resist high temperature. In fact, the melting point of contact lenses’ material is 90°C, at which, the skin and the face should burn, too.

There are several other internet hoaxes about India, about the world, and even some medical legends. But, it is important that people analyse and tell the right from wrong, and then believe them.

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