PCB Design Software for Electronics Designers
PCB Design Software for Electronics Designers

10 Leading PCB Design Software for Electronics Designers

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design starts from the circuit; the first thing that you want to do is to design your design your circuit. Once the circuit is satisfactorily done, you can then move on to the next step of the overall electronics design. Circuit designing requires the right PCB tools that will assist and enable you to come up with the right outlay for your design, to effectively and competently carry the design.

There are several PCB design software available in the market, however, how can you tell which one is the best for your design? We shall look at the top circuit design software in the market, highlighting some of their standout features to help you decide which one works best for you. Here are the 10 leading PCB design software for electronics designers:

PCB Design Software

PCB Design Software for Electronics Designers

1. Altium

Altium range of PCB design software is undoubtedly the market leader and the best according to expert and customer reviews of the tools. Use for designing PCB boards and are capable of designing any number of layers on any platform; some of the leading features are the ability to create a component list, BOM file, design flexible PCBs and do 3D simulations of your design.

2. Fritzing

Fritzing has a great user interface that is easy to use with a layout for easy and quick design. It has limited features which make it the ideal software for those who are just beginning out. It is great for simple designs.

3. ExpressPCB

ExpressPCB is also another one that is good for use by beginners because of ease of use and mastery; make use of the guide video to know your way around PCB design and turn your ideas into real designs.

4. KiCAD

KiCAD is open source circuit design software available for downloading by anyone and is free; design PCB boards of up to 16 layers with ease. Exploit the array of easy to use but efficient design tools that will handle both easy and complex designs with ease for a professional outcome.

5. TinyCAD

TinyCAD is popular PCB design software with great features and a long list of design tools for electronic board design. It is very easy to learn and operate.

6. ZenitPCB

A dependable tool for designing printed circuit boards for most designs; it offers comfortable usability and access to online libraries.

7. DesignSpark PCB

It is design-flexible software with a lot of tools and options for anyone who wants to design PCBs; if you are about quick performance and high productivity, this is the tool for you because of its quick and easy designing features.

8. EasyEDA

It has a user-friendly interface and is good for beginners because of availability of sufficient front options for circuit design. Use it to design multi-layer PCB boards, but you will have to design your own components since it has no options to pick from.

9. Eagle

This is another great PCB design tool. It is quite powerful and has features effective for designing competent PCB boards. It is not the most widely used by mistake; ease of use and flexibility of features makes it a top draw. Get online support whenever you need.

10. Proteus

This one is good software for PCB design; it will not only allow you to design PCB boards but also enables simulation of the design for your viewing. It also has flexible PCB designing tools with a 3D simulation option.

These are the leading PCB design software available to electronics designers. Check them out and pick the one that suits your design needs.