Elderly Man's Dentures Deflect Bullet

10 Unexpected Objects that Actually Saved a Life

Have you ever seen a movie where an everyday item spared somebody from death? We mostly assume that this incident only happened according to the movie’s plot and nearly impossible to happen in real life.

But some people really beat the odds at Grim Reaper’s death game and survived deadly situations with the help of the most unexpected objects they have in hand. Let’s take a look at these objects which protected their owners from grave danger.

10. Laptop

My laptop saved my life
Aside from saving you from a heavy load of paper works, laptops can also serve as an unpredictable life-saving bullet shield. Because of this device carried in his backpack, Steve Frappier managed to survive a shooting rampage at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport unharmed. While ducking for safety, Frappier felt something hit his back and thought it was just luggage thrown because of commotion.

The gunman was identified as Esteban Santiago, a mentally-ill Iraq war veteran who killed five and injuring eight people at the shooting. The handgun he used to open fire was the only checked luggage he brought in his flight. (dailymail.co.uk)

The uninjured Frappier showed the damage his laptop has taken from the gunshot. Is his laptop   still under warranty?

9. Dentures

Elderly Man's Dentures Deflect Bullet
Yes, you read it right. This elderly man’s fake teeth saved his life from a bullet shot to his face. Zacarias Pacheco de Moraes, an 81-year-old Brazilian, avoided instant death when his dentures deflected a bullet that could slice through his brain. The bullet was redirected to his throat. Still, he suffered an injury but what matters most is he is alive. (foxnews)

8. Coin

5-rupee coin india
Same as in the movies, a coin stopped a bullet from piercing a man’s heart. Krishna Shetty, a man from India had this odd habit of putting his wallet in his shirt pocket. No one foresaw that this wallet with a coin inside kept in his shirt pocket was the one that will save his life.

Shetty, together with his neighbor, Nicholas Gomes were shot by three unidentified motorcycle-riding assailants. Gomes was shot in the stomach while Shetty was shot in the chest. The bullet that aimed at Shetty fell to the ground after hitting the wallet in his t-shirt pocket. Hard to imagine that the bullet hit the coin which was the only hard item in his wallet. Just a centimeter target deviation will strike his heart that can surely take his life.

Both men survived the shooting and might just be victims of mistaken identity. (source)

7. Headphones

My headphones saved my life
A pair of headphones saved a woman’s life when she was crossing the street and was hit by a car. Kate Fitzpatrick was listening to her mp3 using the large padded earphones she borrowed from her boyfriend when she was thrown in the air after being rammed by a fast-moving car. She landed on her neck and shoulder, but the headphones come to the rescue—protecting her head.

The doctors said that without the aid of the earphones’ sponge absorbing the impact, Fitzpatrick could be dead because of severe head concussion and brain injuries.  However, she still suffered a relatively minor fractured skull (compared to no headphone cushioning) and a broken shoulder from the incident. (source).

6. Bra

Woman's life saved by her bra after she was hit by bullet
In an interview, Ivete Medeiros said she thanked God and her underwear for saving her life from a stray bullet that almost punctured his heart. She was about to leave the supermarket when she felt something hit her in the chest. At first, she believed she had a gunshot wound and then noticed no bleeding occurred.

Upon inspection, the bullet was stuck in her underwired bra and did not enter Medeiro’s body. Luckily, what she experienced from the gunshot was just “a little burning sensation”. (telegraph.co.uk)

5. Leather Jacket

leather jacket saved his life
That moment when your jacket acted as a Kevlar armor and saved your life. That scenario is experienced by Du’wayne Holness when his leather jacket saved him from critical stab wounds. Holness served as a doorman in his niece’s birthday party where only close friends and relatives were invited. Everything was going well until a gang of teenagers armed with knives crashed the party and stabbed him multiple times. The supposed-to-be fun party turned into a bloody chaos.

Holness received stabs from the rear, sides and arms. According to him, he would have been knifed in the heart but his leather jacket deflected the two attempted blows—saving his life. Although not all stabs were shielded, he was still thankful that he was wearing a jacket when the chaos occurred.

No arrests had been made with these teenagers reportedly addicted to illegal drugs.

4. Pendant

Heart-Shaped Pendant
A cashier of a gas station was saved by her heart-shaped pendant when she was shot in the chest at a botched robbery incident. Wendy Armstrong refused to give money to the armed thief resulting to a gunshot fired by the latter through the security window of her workplace.

The man fled empty-handed after firing a bullet that hit Armstrong’s necklace. Both the bullet and the pendant burrowed through her chest. According to the police, the pendant miraculously saved her life by stopping the bullet from going deeper into her body.

Armstrong’s condition was pronounced stable after undergoing emergency surgery. Thanks to her life-saving jewelry.

3. Cake

A ginger cake saved my life
No, it is not just a piece of cake but a lifesaver for a biker who got in an accident after hitting a car in Farnworth, Greater Manchester. Reece Jefferies, 18, was carrying a ginger cake for his lunch in his backpack when he bumped into a car, got thrown high up in the air and broke his back upon landing.  He claimed that his lunch cushioned his fall and prevented more serious injuries.

However, he fractured his spine and needed to wear a back brace for two months. Imagine what could have happened if it wasn’t for the cake reducing the impact.

The ginger cake was crushed flat and was still kept in the fridge for sentimental reasons. He also said that he might put it in the frame as gratitude for saving his life. (source)

2. Belt Buckle

Unexpected Objects that Actually Saved a Life
A stray bullet was stopped by a metal belt buckle and prevented Bienvenido Reynoso, a Philadelphia store clerk from getting hurt. Reynoso managed to drop low on the floor while the shooting incident happened and realized he was hit by a bullet after noticing a hole in his shirt. After looking underneath his shirt, a bullet was lodged in his belt buckle.

Reynoso said that he was “born again” after surviving the shootout. Too lucky he wore belt that time to keep his pants snugged in his waist. (abcnews)

1. Apple watch

Apple watch saved Alberta man's life

Enough with the shielding and cushioning, an Apple watch was given credit for saving a man’s life for alerting him of an occurring deadly heart attack.

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Ignoring the symptoms and thinking that it was just a common flu, Dennis Anselmo who was building a fence that time continued to work until his Apple watch notified him about his heart rate. The high-tech gadget analyzed that his heart is beating more than 210 beats per minute, a serious sign of an occurring heart attack.

Anselmo was immediately rushed to the hospital and discovered that his main artery was 70 percent clogged—really a fatal situation if snubbed. He bought the watch two weeks before the heart attack happened. Without the watch, he would never be rushed to the hospital on time.

The news about this wearable modern technology saving a life was “spreading like wildfire” after international media outlets featured his story. (cbcnews)

Author: Christian R.