Bookshops in Myanmar

Top 5 Bookshops in Myanmar

For all the book lovers, Myanmar bookshops have a lot to offer, though the civilization is lagging back in modernising, book lovers are everywhere and Myanmar is no exception. One of the best things about Myanmar’s bookshops is that you will find a great deal of literature related to the history, culture and civilization of this country that will help you in understanding the roots of Myanmar. You can find book centres in Bagan’s and Yangon’s shopping malls as well as standalone bookshops.

Places to Get the Best Myanmar Books:

Bookshops in Myanmar

If you want to know about the best places to get Burmese classic books and other literature then read on, we have compiled a compact list of top 5 of the best places to find your desired book collection.

1. Innwa Bookstore

Located in Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, Innwa Bookstore offers a number of reading variety to its consumers. Some of the chief collection includes English language books, foreign magazines and some newspapers. Although the bookshop is not a big one and does not have a notably huge collection but you are sure to find some decent books here. The biggest point of interest about this store is that it offers coffee as you enjoy your book and has an adorable reading section with floor cushions, a perfect way to break away from traditional table and chair environment. It is also one of the best Myanmar book libraries.

2. Bagan Book House

Bagan Book House is one of the super bookstores in Yangon that has considerably good collection of English books based on Myanmar and Southeast Asia history. The owner is quite friendly and knowledgeable about his books, not sure what to read? No problem, just ask him and he will get you going in some time. Bagan Book House has a great collection on Burmese classics, George Orwell collection and a significant amount of literature on speciality books on different aspects of the Myanmar country. As a bonus, you can also enjoy some good music since the owner is kind enough to guitar while you make your selection.

3. Bookworm Books

Located in Yangon, the store lives up to its name as it attracts ‘bookworms’ of all ages and from each circle, it is one of the most comprehensive and extensively endowed bookstores in Yangon. It offers both new and second hand books at the best prices, its collection include literature for preschoolers, adults and teens. It has both fiction and non-fiction collection having history, science, arts and crafts, religion, geography and many more. they also have special teaching material at discounted and half prices. Therefore, if you want to have significant collection under single roof then Bookworm Books is your place.

4. Monument Books

Monument Books has centres in both Yangon and Mandalay and one of the biggest bookstores in Myanmar. Besides local Myanmar books, or books based on Myanmar history and culture, it has a collection of books in other languages as English, French and Korean. The store has good amount of classic and contemporary fiction and nonfiction, seems like the owners take their responsibility of keeping the store in up-to-date condition quite seriously. if you want to get literature on parenting, health, self-help, travel, history, religion as well as dictionaries and atlases, you name it, then visiting Monument Books is a sure thing.

5. Myanmar Book Centre

Myanmar Book Centre is both an online bookstore as well as traditional bookstores; it operates 3 bookshops in Yangon and 1 in Mandalay. The store has a wide collection of classic and contemporary novels, biographies, travelling and political literature in English, Korean and other languages. It also has educational books and collection like general knowledge, engineering, geography, medical, history and a number of other books.

Myanmar bookshops offer significant collection of both Burmese classic books and contemporary literature. Besides buying books, you can also have a great reading experience at one of these bookstores. Have you visited any other bookstore besides the one mentioned? Comment and let us know about your experience.