Why Truck Drivers Should Hire Personal Injury Lawyers in a Trucking Accident

An accident involving a commercial truck is a unique and ghastly situation because the vehicle involved is much larger than normal size cars and SUVs. Thus, truck relate accidents come with a different and more complex set of issues than the ordinary and more common automobile accidents. Those entangled in a truck accident find themselves in a catastrophic situation with severe injuries and fatalities. Often, these injuries change the course of life of the people involved because the sheer size of the truck delivers a more fatal blow. These can cause traumatic brain injuries, severe fractures to the neck and spine, internal bleeding, and the like.  

Hire Personal Injury Lawyers in a Trucking Accident

If you or anyone you love are involved in a disastrous truck accident in the Los Angeles Area, it is vital to touch base with a personal injury lawyer to help you handle your case, so you can focus on recovering your health and getting your life back on track. If you are a truck driver yourself and you feel like you are not remiss in your duty, you need a professional lawyer to ensure that the trucking brokers and your company do not pin all the blame on you. Hiring a professional team like the West Coast Trial Lawyers means you have a law firm that understands the specific nuances of the law and complexities involved in a semi truck and tractor-trailer types of accidents. They will assign a Los Angeles truck accident attorney to help you fight for justice and give you the proper compensation you deserve for all the damage that has been inflicted in your life.

Truck accidents are very costly to pursue and hard to investigate because they do not just merely involve the drivers on the road at the time of the accident. If you are a truck driver, remember that the liability of a commercial truck accident can also include your direct employer, the truck manufacturer, the company who owns the cargo, and the company who loaded the cargo. With all these intricacies, an ordinary person who has been traumatized by his truck accident will be unable to do all the legal work on his own. Hiring a truck accident lawyer is the only way to get just compensation for all the damages that a victim has suffered. Here is what your truck accident personal injury lawyer can do for you:

Help Prove Driver Capacity

If you are a truck driver, your truck accident lawyer will help you prove that there is no driver error involved so that the company and the broker will not use you as the fall guy for the accident. Apart form the normal hazards on the road like speeding drivers and distracted drivers, most drivers have to face the very common onslaught of driver fatigue. This can easily set in after very long stretches of shifts on the steering wheel. Truck drivers are often blamed for taking too much because they want to make more income by increasing their deliveries.

Your lawyer can help you prove that you did not take on more than you could handle. They can show your exemplary driving records that exhibit that you have never driven for longer stretches because you know these can lead to accidents. Tired drivers fall asleep on the road or their reflexes are not as sharp because the truck drivers become sleepy. Your lawyers can push your case as a responsible driver, stating that you can have would never put your life or anyone’s life on the line. The lawyers can cite evidence of your being an upstanding citizens who abides by the law and pays your taxes on time. You know that you are being regulated by many agencies, so you comply with the rules because you are also a family man that cares for the welfare of others.

Your lawyer can go around and investigate on your behalf to ascertain your situation at the time of the accident by securing your driver’s logs to check that there are no fabrications on the data input, which some drivers have been known to do to show they have gotten adequate rest even if they did not. These data logs prove that you don not suffer from long stretches of night driving nor do you maintain irregular, unhealthy schedules. Lawyers can also secure the all important dashboard cctv that focuses on the interior cab of your truck at the time of the accident to help prove that you are not at fault.

Secure Evidence for Other Forms of Negligence

In truck accidents, it is not always the drivers fault. There are trucks which have been improperly loaded by the cargo holding facility. There are also cases when the driver begins the route, only to find out that the truck was not inspected properly before its departure. There have been instances when this resulted in a poorly loaded freight veering away from the truck and falling on the unsuspecting motorists. This is where a expert legal professionals come in because they can get to the bottom of things with ease.

Lawyers can investigate the broker, who is the one that is responsible for arrange the transport of car. Remember, drivers only drive what is given to them. The lawyers will find out the necessary information if the broker carried out their duties and obligations like inspecting the motor of the truck, securing the health and wellness of their drivers, the perusal of the truck’s safety history, and the like. The lawyers also try to establish how much control the brokers have on the driver and his cargo hold by investigating dispatch records, monitoring trip notes, and checking the receipts and bills.

Identify All Lines of Insurance Coverage

Your Los Angeles truck accident attorney can easily help you with the identification of all the lines of insurance coverage available so that you can harness all the compensation that you can from the erring companies involved behind the accident that resulted in your injury and the injury of other people around you. Typically, for truck accidents, there are multiple lines of insurance coverage involved.

To illustrate, the truck and trailer are typically owned by two separate companies. They are often insured by different insurance providers. Your professional lawyer can help you file cases and pursue all the necessary parties for their part in the negligence that caused your severe injuries that resulted not just in the mangling of your body parts, but the destruction of your vehicle, loss of your income for staying in the hospital, and the mental trauma of being involved in such a horrific accident that has scarred you for the rest of your life. Imagine, all those other people have pinned all the blame on you because you are the one behind the truck’s wheel! Proving your quest for innocence requires an extensive investigation process and the testimonies of many expert witnesses, which the West Coast Trial Lawyers group will gladly handle on your behalf.

Offer a Network of Experts to Prove your Case

In traffic accidents, it is critical to prove complex subject matters like establishing evidence of how a specific part of the truck failed to do its job resulting into a mechanical break down and the loss of control of a forty feet vehicle. In this case, hiring a mechanical expert is crucial to proving the point. Thankfully, your team of professional lawyers has an extensive network of experts ready to determine whether the truck company was negligent in maintaining the parts of the truck or they utilized faulty parts. They check on the following things:

  • They check the threading of tires if these are defective or uneven
  • They test the brakes, axles, engines, and hitches to see how they contributed to the accident
  • The view the maintenance logs of the truck see if the all the servicing requirement are complete in compliance with California rules and regulations.

The lawyer you hire will work hard to ensure that no shortcuts were taken by anyone in the trucking field that resulted in your accident and proved that the ones behind the trucking company really did violate the law. Just because you are the one driving the truck does not mean that the truck accident is automatically your fault. Often, you too are a victim of several companies that have attempted to cut costs and have failed to inspect their vehicles.

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