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Starting a Blog? 6 Tips to Get You Going

Starting your own blog is quite popular in today’s world. Many enjoy running a blog as a way to express themselves, to keep track as they develop a new habit, or to sell something that they’re proud of. No matter what your reason is to start a blog, it takes more than uploading an “About” page and an article here and there to be successful.

There are plenty of tips available that will help you get the basics of your blog. However, you need to be dedicated to it for your blog to take off.

Tips to Starting a Blog

If you’re interested in starting up a blog, we have six tips that will get you going.

Have a Catchy Name

The name of your blog will be your identity, so think hard about what you want to call it. You want something that is catchy and will intrigue people to visit your website. However, you also want it to be easy to read, type, and understand.

Have a Purpose

When you first start your blog, you need to narrow down what the purpose behind it is. Even if you want your blog to be more general and cover various topics, it’s best to focus on one thing at the beginning. Trying to take on too many topics will only confuse your audience.

Have a Theme

The theme of your blog will be something that stands out to who you are. There are many templates available to use. If you’re creative, you can design your theme from scratch.

Your theme is a way to stand out against the crowd. Pick colors and designs that compliment what your blog is about. Keep it similar across your entire blog.

Use Images

Anything online benefits from having an image attached to it. Photos help gain more traction with your blog, it offers something to share on your social media, they make reading easier, and it helps to get the point across.

You don’t want to overload your webpage with too many images though. If you have too much happening on your page, it ends up being distracting and confusing to the reader. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate multiple photos. If there is a need to find several photos, make sure it balances the webpage out.

Have a Content Strategy

Starting a blog is more than simply uploading a few posts here and there. It involves consistency. When you consistently post relevant articles up on your blog, your audience knows when to expect content.

Your content strategy is basically your plan and roadmap for your blog. It should answer almost any question that someone would ask. It will provide you with the answers when you’re unsure what to do next. Spend lots of time developing your content strategy.

Promote What You Post

When you start out, simply publishing a post and leaving it won’t do you any good. You need to get your blog’s name out there, and to do that, you need to promote what you post. Connect your social media accounts to your blog so you can easily share your posts with your online audience.

Once you start gaining viewers, don’t stop promoting your posts. You may find that each time you promote something, you pick up a new viewer.