10 Unnerving Youtube Channels
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Top 10 Unnerving YouTube Channels

It’s no secret people love freaking themselves out. And what better way of doing this, other than scouring YouTube late at night, for the latest horror instalments. Here are a list of grotesque and creepy YouTube channels that can (this is a warning) end up giving you horrible sleepless nights with sore blood shot eyes and splitting headaches, seasoned with gory visions.

10. Cyriak

A professional animator working as a freelancer, Cyriak launched his channel on Youtube in 2006. He lives in UK and uploads some real creepy stuff. Cyriak who has worked for commercial and some music videos, is an expert in After Effect and Photoshop and with the help of his skills, makes disturbing videos that start of with a nice everyday scene like a cat meowing which suddenly transforms into a creepy multi-legged creature.

9. RubberFruit

RubberFruit draws on video games and edits the characters to make use of them in his creepy and confusing videos. Actually, it’s nothing new. There has been a trend doing the rounds where video games are drawn upon to make odd videos. In his ‘Spy Gets His Driver’s License’ in which he uses Spy – a character from the popular video game Team Fortress 2. In this video Spy is seen riding a pink car in the desert and is suddenly guzzled down by a giant head.

Interesting Fact: Besides RubberFruit, the Team Fortress 2 game has attracted many admirers creating such oddball videos by the use of a programme called Garry’s Mod. If you’re a game enthusiasts with an inclined interest in making videos especially the creepy once, then give it a try.

8. Seinfeldspitstain

From 2013 Seinfeldspitstain began uploading computer animations videos. One particular noticeable video of his is “Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Hour.” Jimmy Newton is a Nickelodeon cartoon character, a genius boy trying to save the day by his endless list of invention. In this video, though poorly animated, the Neutrons are shown murdering and being murdered, with a few heart warming family scenes thrown in between. Seinfeldspitstain’s animation, with time seems to be improving quiet a lot.

7. Larry Carlson

Larry Carlson lives in Vermont, New England. As an artist, he has worked in several mediums, like print collage, video, music, and photography. Carson makes some awesome flash-movies. A Cooper Union School of Art graduate, interested in the mystic and surreal, Carlson began uploading videos to YouTube in 2006. One of his prominent video is ‘In the Cube’, which features a disturbing dummy and is a must check-out.

6. Nana825763

Nana825763 makes creepy videos that all too well bring to mind eerie ideas about hells and demons. He has been at work since 2006 and his most famous work is ‘Mr. East Loves Mom’ which features an adorable baby and then all of a sudden messy noises and images fill the screen. Sounds simple enough but it’s really creepy.

5. Andywilson92

Starting since 2009, Andywilson92 has produced more than hundred disturbing low-quality animated videos. He had made impressive yet unsettling parodies of The Simpsons, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, Thomas the Tank Engine, and many others. Wilson’s most commendable video is ‘Squidward’s Suicide’. It is an inspired work form the popular ‘creepypasta’ which features Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and ends with a suicide (evident for the title). Needless to say Wilson makes an intolerably unsettling caricature of the original.

4. Don’t Hug Me .I’m Scared

Don’t Hug Me .I’m Scared is UK-based youtube channel that makes use of bright colours and puppets alongside human organs and loads of blood. Started since 2010, the channels videos were originally meant for advertisements. The grossest video is named after the channel itself ‘Don’t Hug me I’m Scared’ where three puppets are shown eating real gory things like human organs, one early morning.

3. Jillian Mayer

American artist, Mayer intents to make us see how technology is slowly and silently creeping into our lives in the most normal fashion as we are becoming ever more dependent on technology. Mayer tells us in the most disturbing manner – this may soon bring us all to our dooms. She is quiet popular actually, her one particular video ‘I Am Your Grandma’ was a viral hit over YouTube, in which she leaves yet-to-be-born grandchildren some really creepy messages. There’s another disturbing video to her credit named ‘Day Chip’ that deals with a woman’s forehead being split open and a computer chip shoved into it.

2. Vikram Yadav

An Indian doctor, Vikram Yadav has over the past 4 years uploaded more than 1,000 videos for educational purpose. But if you are not interested you’d find the videos purely disgusting. Doctor Yadav’s channel features everything grotesque – blackheads, gashes, pimple, deformities et al. He uploads a new video twice a week – Wednesdays and Sundays. His incredibly troubling video ‘Severe Dog Bite & Abscess Drained’, shows a girl whose head has been bitten open by a dog. Added to this is some gory images of pus and blood oozing out.

1. David Firth

Like Mayer, this British animator has established quite a reputation – a reputation stretched as far as being features on the BBC – through his nerve wrecking cartoons. Beginning since 2006, with a few silly live-action videos showing Firth acting rather stupid, he ended up making disturbing videos. In his unnerving video ‘Dog of Man’, we have a dog and a man, implantation of ‘tumour seeds’ inside a human body then swapping of head and limbs between the man and the dog. Better check it out yourself.