double the storage in a tiny bedroom

8 ways to double the storage in a tiny bedroom

Tiny bedrooms have many advantages. The cost of remodeling a small room is less than a large bedroom. It can be a lot easier to clean a tiny bedroom, and there’s usually less area for storing clutter. As much as we think we like the idea of a cozy intimate bedroom, it always seems like there’s just not enough room for all the things we want to keep in our bedroom. Without planning and good organizational skills, your tiny bedroom can quickly become a nightmare. If you have a creative mind, a few DIY skills, and a great eye for detail, there are several ways to double the storage in a tiny bedroom. Here are eight.

double the storage in a tiny bedroom

1. Bed with Built-in Storage

If you haven’t already, consider a bed that offers built-in storage. You would be amazed at how much extra space you’ll gain. Some of the platform beds come with drawers that come out the back of the bed while others have drawers coming out on both sides. These beds add from two to four drawers. These beds are not just popular with kids but also with adults in need of extra space. They may even eliminate your need for a dresser. They’re not real expensive when you consider that you’re getting the equivalent of a bed and a dresser.

2. Turn Your Bed Into a Murphy bed

Utilizing space in a small bedroom isn’t always easy. One way of freeing up more space is to remove some wall-mounted shelves or furniture that you might be using and replace it with a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is simply a fold-up bed that can be folded down when in use but pulled back up against the ceiling to save space when not needed.

Most people think murphy beds are only twin size or smaller but you can also make a queen size mattress fit with any issues.

The first thing you need to do is measure your room. The basic design of the murphy bed is that it should fit into a wall that has two door frames or other obstructions that are not in the center of the wall. You must have at least 6 inches between these objects and the edge of your murphy bed so that it

3. Wall Shelves

You know all those little knickknacks and pictures that are taking up space everywhere? With the addition of a few wall shelves, you now have a place to display them without using up valuable floor space. You can buy boards at your local lumber company, paint or stain them, and hang them yourself. You’ll need brackets, which are inexpensive and available at many retail stores. If you want ready-to-hang shelves, you can find those at Walmart, Target, or any number of similar stores, including online. The nice thing about using boards of lumber is that you can decide the size you want. If you hang them high enough, they’ll be out of the way and will free up tons of floor and lower wall space.

4. Reorganize Your Closet

Even the tiniest of closets can offer a lot of space if the space you have is widely utilized. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of totes and shelving. If your closet is like most closets, the space above the clothes rod is just wasted space because it’s too high to reach it comfortably. However, this area is ideal to hang totes and/or shelves to store seasonal items or things you seldom use. Stacking totes are also great for the closet floor, especially the hard-to-reach areas below the clothing.

5. Find Furniture with Storage

If you like the idea of furniture in your bedroom and are in need of additional storage space, why not purchase furniture that offers storage. A storage bench is ideal for storing seasonal clothing, blankets, photo albums, or whatever you choose. If you enjoy having a nightstand, why not get one that has a storage area. It’s serving two purposes and giving you more space.

6. Consider Multi-Purpose Items for the Room

Consider purchasing items for your bedroom that serve more than one purpose. One such item is a wall mirror that also has pegs on it for hanging your robe, pants, pajamas, or whatever. They may also have a shelf or two added to them. You’d be amazed at how handy these can be and how much extra space you’ll be getting. They also look great!

7. Wall-Mounted Desk

Does your work or your interests require you to have a desk in your bedroom? If so, you may want to consider a wall-mounted desk. You’ll have the same desk space as a floor model, but you’ll be freeing up space on the floor for other small items. Wall-mounted desks also typically come with a couple of shelves above the desk. These shelves are up high enough so they are not in the way but still offer storage space for pictures, books, desk supplies, among other things.

8. Multi-Purpose Doors

A door is not just a door, or it doesn’t have to be. Why not purchase a shoe rack that attaches to or hangs over your bedroom door. It takes up so little space but can hold so many shoes! Another bonus to storing your shoes on this type of shoe rack is that you can easily and quickly find whatever pair of shoes you happen to want to wear that day.

Creating extra space in a tiny bedroom sounds like an overwhelming and costly task, but it doesn’t have to be. These seven ideas are not only relatively inexpensive, but they are also tasks that you don’t have to be a carpenter to complete. Choose the ideas that appeal to you the most, and you’ll quickly turn your tiny bedroom into a room you’ll love!