• Rohingya people in Myanmar

    10 ludicrous things that happened lately

    Somethings are so bizarre that they are almost unbelievable. Normal humans cannot fathom what goes on in the mind of someone that plays sick roles like “It” in real life. Yes, there are mass murderers and child murderers in the world who are as cruel and loathsome as the clown itself- maybe more. Speculation aside, […] More

  • Top 10 Worst Youtube Scandals

    Top 10 Worst YouTube Scandals

    It’s safe to say that YouTube is one of the world’s most visited website, and it’s growing every day. People use the website to express their opinion, share their story and create content that’s seen by thousands of people. Recently, some popular Youtubers have been involved in scandals and have lost thousands of fans and […] More

  • Things that you should know about iPhone 8

    10 Things that you should know about iPhone 8

    The iPhone 8 is bigger than iPhone 7 and smaller than iPhone 7+. If you are one of those people who are not fully aware of what the new device that launched on 12th September offers, then we have compiled a crib-sheet for you. Obviously, that you are here we presume that you are aware […] More

  • make conversation about something that doesn’t matter

    10 Things Women Hate About Men

    No one is perfect, agreed. But there are some things that women hate about men, and they are definitely not interested in hearing the “nobody’s perfect” statement in this case. These things immediately turn off a woman. And to be very honest if the lady did some of that the other way round- men would […] More

  • Guy the Gorilla

    Top 10 Strangest Things Ever Preserved in a Museum

    Museums are a way for people to conserve and protect national treasures, artifacts and other objects and showcase them to the world. People and tourists from around the world visit museums and exhibitions for entertaining and educational purposes. The following is a list of top 10 strangest things ever preserved in a museum. #10. The […] More

  • The Onbashira Festival

    Top 10 Most Scary Festivals Not Meant For The Faint-Hearted

    There is hardly any race in the world which does not celebrate festivals. And, all these events are usually observed with great respect and enthusiasm. However, you will come across several festivals around the globe which are associated with perils and hazards. In case you would like to get your blood pumping then go through […] More

  • things that men don't like about women

    10 things that men don’t like about women

    What did you feel when you read the title 10 things that men don’t like about women. Curious? We all know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus- that is what makes them so different. Every person has a different kind of personality and when it comes to women- they are completely […] More

  • Haunted Locations In The UK

    Top 10 Spine-Chilling Haunted Locations in the UK

    We have been listening to ghost stories since our childhood, and as an adult, we have seen lots of movies as well as television serials that have been labeled as spooky. It is our natural instinct to know about the supernatural, and the UK is not going to disappoint us thanks to the numerous haunted […] More

  • Top 10 Oldest Temples

    Top 10 Oldest Temples of The World

    Temples has existed for thousands of years. They are the proof of cultures and civilization that existed many years ago. With their stunning architecture and structure, they fascinate visitors from around the world. In this list, we will bring you the top 10 oldest temples. Below is the list of top 10 oldest temples from […] More

  • Most Expensive Musical Instruments

    Top 10 Most Expensive Musical Instruments

    Music is considered to be one of the oldest forms of art and entertainment. Musical instruments dating back to thousands of years have been found, proving the importance of music since the beginning of times. Musical instruments are usually affordable for most people to buy and to learn, but there are some unique musical instruments […] More

  • Inspiring Models who have challenged beauty standards

    Top 10 Inspiring models who have challenged beauty standards

    For years, the modeling industry was homogeneous, only showing models with absolutely no diversity. Tall, skinny and perfect, they almost all look the same. However, as the years go by, the standards of beauty has slightly shifted, and more diverse models have been inspiring people to be confident. Here is a list of 10 unique […] More

  • game of thrones season 7 final scene

    Game of Thrones Season 7, 10 Things that you Need to Know

    The popular TV series Game of Thrones’ Season 7 just ended in an epic manner with the finale being aired this past Sunday. This TV series has fans all over the world hooked to screens and updates for years. People have gone as far as unfriending their Facebook friends that post spoilers. For these super […] More

  • Anemone Flowers

    10 Flowers to Keep your Garden Colorful this Fall

    In these prolonged Summer days, the heat will get to many flowers and cause them to wither and dry. Many plants would lose their leaves and you will not see them blooming until almost half a year. Gardens during this time can become unattractive and dry unless you plant seasonal flowers and plants that stay […] More

  • Deadliest Street Drugs

    Top 10 of the deadliest street drugs in the world

    Drugs are substances that are originally used in medicine in order to cure illnesses and ease pain. As the years went by, people started abusing drugs for their powers and misusing them, resulting in dangerous situations and sometimes death. The following list includes top 10 of the deadliest street drugs in the world. 10. Purple […] More

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