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  • Most Expensive Foods and Spices

    The Top 5 Most Expensive Foods and Spices in the World

    Edible gold is one of the most luxurious items you’ll find in the kitchens of the most expensive restaurants and in the cocktail cabinets of the best rooftop bars in the world. It definitely makes any food look more luxurious – after all, gold has always been the symbol of wealth and riches – but […] More

  • Worst Countries for Women

    10 worst countries for women in the world 2019

    The image of the 21st century woman is confident, prosperous, glowing with health and beauty. But for many of the 3.3 billion female occupants of our planet, the perks of the cyber age never arrived. As International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, they continue to feel the age-old lash of violence, repression, isolation, enforced […] More

  • Indoor Houseplants

    10 Popular Indoor Houseplants that Purify Air

    Given the challenges of depreciating air quality and lifestyle changes, there arises a need to watch the quality of air we breathe. A refreshing indoor plant can do much more than adding aesthetics to your home décor. Going by recent studies, most of the indoor houseplants are effective at cleansing the air circulating around. These […] More

  • 10 Disturbing Photographs

    10 Disturbing Photographs Telling Tales Of Disaster

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This rings true for the rare photographs in this list that tells you tales of suffering, courage and hope experienced firsthand by the photographers and captured through their lenses. Note that some of the pictures are disturbing therefore powerful and quiet alive. Scroll down at your […] More

  • Basic Yoga Bridge Pose

    10 Excellent Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

    Here we present Top 10 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners. Mastering these basic yoga poses will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and prevent workout injuries. More

  • Interesting Facts About The Month December

    10 Interesting Facts About The Month December

    December, a month filled with love, humanity and gift giving events like; Christmas and New Year Evening. It also be a month filled with Romance. This article present the 10 Interesting Facts About The Month December . December is the 12th and last month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. And one of […] More

  • Most Difficult Languages to Learn

    Top 10 Most Difficult Languages to Learn for English Speakers

    There are thousands of different languages spoken around the world. And It’s quite possible that you speak one of the language mentioned in this article, but other nine languages would certainly be difficult for you. Since this article is written in English, we are primarily focusing on English speakers, but still we tried hard to […] More

  • Creepiest Websites You'll Ever Come Across

    10 Creepiest Websites You’ll Ever Come Across

    The internet is a vast place. One who has access to the internet can easily built a community of people sharing similar interests. And you can be sure some people have really really weird interests. The 10 following websites were built out of such insane human interest and they are totally intriguing. Check out the […] More

  • Creepiest Games

    Top 10 Creepiest Games That You Can Play

    During your childhood, your granny must have told you many ghost stories and after that, you must have had a tough time sleeping alone. As you grew up, you perhaps developed a liking for horror movies that you still have a difficult time watching all by yourself. Yet, it gives you a kind of feeling […] More

  • The Ochopee Post Office in Florida

    Top 10 Smallest Buildings and Houses in the World

    With the population growing more and more each day, the available space to live in is also decreasing, and keeping this in mind many people are opting to build smaller homes with just enough space to lead a comfortable life. Not only to reside in, small buildings are built for other purposes too. Though there […] More

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