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  • Dionysos dieu du vin

    10 Most Psychopathic Greek Mythological Figures

    Most people have read or heard of at least one Greek Myth or Greek mythology character in their lives; Zeus and Hercules being the most popular ones. However, Greek mythology is filled with 100s of people who have the most absurd stories ever, in comparison; Zeus’s sexual promiscuity and Hercules exploits would be considered relatively […] More

  • 10 Famous Spies in History

    Top 10 Most Famous Spies in History

    Spies or double agents are more familiar to common people through literature and movies. Fictional spies always seem to assume a larger than life character. What about the real spies? If anything, their lives and work are much more complicated, interesting and dangerous than their fictional counterparts. Spies have been essential for countries battling each […] More

  • Most Beloved Child Characters in Literature

    10 Most Beloved Child Characters in Literature

    In the history of literature, there have been a large number of child heroes. Some of them endeared themselves to the readers for their naughtiness while others had tragic stories to tell. Whatever the case may be, both adults and children have fallen in love with these characters, found friends in them and even imitated […] More

  • book to film adaptations

    Top 10 Brilliant Book to Film Adaptations

    Before digging into the 10 brilliant book to film adaptations, first let us know why when our favorite books are adapted into a movie, there is this negative assumption that it won’t do justice to the book. Their explanation is that the imagination makes the story characters come alive while being indulged in the fantasy […] More

  • Top 10 Fictional Humanoids found in Literature

    Top 10 Fictional Humanoids found in Literature

    Many fiction writers created a form of humans from their respective prospectives. They are either superior or inferior to humans, some of them have some kind supernatural abilities or unrealistic body proportions that makes them a different breed. It is a collection of various notable humanoid species that are featured in text literature such as […] More

  • 10 Female Detectives in Literature

    Top 10 Female Detectives in Literature

    When we think of detectives in literature, the names we immediately remember would be Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Hercule Poirot and various other men. Even though it is a small fraction, there have been some iconic female detectives born from the pen of amazing writers. Here is a list of Top 10 Female Detectives in […] More

  • Quotes By William Shakespeare

    Top 10 Life Changing Quotes By William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare is often recognized as one of the most prominent figures in English Literature. His works are extremely popular throughout the world, and are consistently studied within various cultures and languages. Although Shakespeare’s work seems to be quite mentally stimulating to those who chose to delve into the pits of his intricately constructed narratives, […] More

  • Top 10 Literary Works Written in Prison

    Top 10 Literary Works Written in Prison

    A prison might not be an ideal place to produce literature but many outstanding works have had their birth in those demented places. Perhaps it is the solitude and time provided by the prison life, a number of writers have come up with some profound works when they were confined to the four walls. Here […] More

  • Bill Gates Suggested Books

    Top 10 Bill Gates Suggested Books For You To Read

    One of the richest and most successful men on earth, Bill Gates is the perfect example to the saying “learners are earners”. Gates’s personal blog, Gates Notes, clearly exhibits his devotion to reading and learning. On reading, he quotes, “I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a […] More

  • Why Reading Classics is Difficult

    10 Reasons Why Reading Classics is Difficult These Days

    It might sound strange but youths of the present generation are no longer interested in reading fat classic novels. Thanks to the new and newer gadgets that keep diverting their attention each time they try to complete reading a novel. The same amount of time is now used over the internet to share their various […] More

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