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  • Top 10 Strange Things Banned

    Top 10 Strange Things Banned Around the World

    There are things, that you wish for and you get it, and that you want but still you can’t get it. Well, banning things is laudable if that make some sense like either prohibiting a minigun in the US or ban selling a kidney in Iran, But “Why ketchup” you jerks. We have already published a […] More

  • Colored armpit hair

    10 Bizarre Fashion Trends That Got The Hype For No Reason

    Fashion is a relevant term. It is based on peoples’ personal preferences. Although there are fashion trends that the world gets crazy about, people will follow only the ones that they personally like. Fashion has been there for centuries. Cleopatra was one of the first fashion icons of the world and her style sense is […] More

  • Mantyhose

    Top 10 Strangest Fashion Accessories

    For most of us, fashion accessories would mean earrings, rings, bracelets, or other types of jewelry, or bags, belts, and hair accessories. However, this is very common, very usual, and not everyone likes doing the usual things. There are some weird accessories too that have been created, and if they suit your personality, you might […] More

  • Strangest Movie Experiences

    10 Coolest, Comfiest and Strangest Movie Experiences

    Watching a movie is something everyone enjoys, be for relaxing the mind, or gaining knowledge. Be it fiction or non-fiction, movies, documentaries, etc. Theaters create a special ambiance where they can sit and enjoy a movie of their choice. It is the ambiance of a theater that a movie-goer pays for: a good seat, a […] More

  • Strange Food Etiquette

    10 Strange Food Etiquette From around the World

    Table etiquettes are a great way to show your manners. The way you sit at the table, eat and drink can say a lot about you. You must be well-versed with table manners of your country and follow them carefully. However, what may be the right thing to do in your country, or so to […] More

  • Florida man claims dog shot his girlfriend

    Top 10 Strangest Accidents Ever

    We hear of accidents almost every day. Also, we experience some small accidents in our daily lives like we drop a glass bowl or coffee spills on our shirt, and so on. However, this is so normal, so usual, but there are some accidents that are very weird, very strange, and it hard to believe […] More

  • People with Extra Body Parts

    TOP 10 People with Extra Body Parts

    Nowadays, everyone wants to fit into the society and for that, they are ready to do anything. People get gym memberships to get a perfect body, they visit salons to look great, and some people even opt for cosmetic procedures to look younger and more beautiful. However, there are also some people who have to […] More

  • 10 Bizarre Phobias Nomophobia

    10 Bizarre Phobias That You Perhaps Already Have

    We all are afraid of something or the other and that is so normal. Fear comes in our way of achieving things in life. However, things become difficult when this fear turns into a phobia. They way phobias can control our body and mind can make it difficult for us to confront objects or things […] More

  • Extremely Bizarre Pregnancy Test Methods

    Top 10 Most Bizarre Pregnancy Test Methods

    Becoming pregnant and embracing motherhood is one of the most beautiful periods in every woman’s life. Nowadays, a pregnancy test is so simple but years ago when such tests were not discovered, things were different, different to such an extent that today you will consider them bizarre. It is hard to believe that people actually […] More

  • Outrageously Weird Things That People Do

    10 Outrageously Weird Things That People Do, And They Are Legal

    You must have done many wild things like playing a bad prank on your friends, sending a startling gift to your parent, or scaring your girlfriend’s wit away dressed in an eerie attire. However, you cannot even imagine that whatever you have done and what you believed to be weird is perfectly normal compared to […] More

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