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  • JUDAS CRADLE Gruesome Ancient Torture Methods

    The 10 Most Gruesome Ancient Torture Methods

    Torture methods are known to be brutal ways of enforcing punishment and squeezing out the truth from perpetrators. Its origin dates back to 530 A.D., And throughout the years, people have come up with new ways to perform these torturous acts– probably hoping to obtain the truth efficiently or just to satisfy their sick pleasures. […] More

  • 10 Popular Companies that Profited in Nazi Concentration Camps

    10 Popular Companies that Profited in Nazi Concentration Camps

    Business has its way even during the time of war. At the time were millions of people suffer due to horrible effects of war, there were businesses that flourished and even profited in Nazi concentration camps. Most of these companies continue to exist and flourish today. Some of these companies had admitted their past roles […] More

  • 10 Historical Images You May Have Never Seen Before

    This is a collection of some spectacular photographs from the past that take a look at days gone by from a different angle. The selection of 10 excellent historical images which you’ve probably never seen before. If you love history, you must like these fascinating rarely seen historical photographs. 1. Abraham Lincoln’s Hearse. Abraham Lincoln’s hearse. 1865. The train […] More

  • Famous Samurai Warriors

    10 Most Famous Samurai Warriors in History

    Anyone who has heard of Japan must have heard about Samurai as well. The Samurai were the group of warriors belonging to various elite classes, who were famous for their ferocity and loyalty. They have an indelible place in the history of Japan, having shaped up the civilization. The Samurai are the symbols of Japanese […] More

  • Hottest First Ladies in The History of America

    Top 10 Hottest First Ladies in The History of America

    They have been are wives to the most powerful men in the world. They ooze power, charm and charisma every time they appear in public. These ladies run the White House, run charity events, host state dinners but they still make time to look good every time they appear in public with their powerful husbands. […] More

  • 10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figures

    10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figures

    History has it’s ups and downs. Mainly we divide into into heroes and villains. But sometimes we overlook certain people and find out they did some wild things. Many people did things that may change your view about them. Here are the top 10 bewildering facts about famous figures that you might not know. 10. […] More

  • Deadliest Female Russian Snipers

    10 of the Deadliest Russian Female Snipers of World War II

    Hitler’s biggest mistake of World War II which led to the decline of his marauding army was the invasion of Russia. Hitler like Napoleon did not bargain for two major factors that would turn the tide of the war. The terrible Russian winters and the Russians themselves. Russia immersed itself into the war where even […] More

  • The Forgotten Hollywood Sorority

    10 Forgotten Facts About Hollywood History That Will Surprise You

    Today, almost everyone agrees that Hollywood is the movie capital of the world. It is a place where many great movies are produced and where many world renowned actors become famous. In popular imagination, Hollywood is also a place of glamour, fame and fortune but few know the real history of Hollywood. Below, we have […] More

  • German Troops in Africa

    Top 10 Most Powerful Colonial Empires of The 20th Century

    The 20th century was remarkable in political history, as it was the time when most countries gained their independence. It was also the century in which global institutions like the UN, IMF and WTO were formed. These institutions became more powerful than any single nation or alliance of nations. Before the formation of these institutions […] More

  • Modern Things That Are Actually Much Older Than You Think

    10 Modern Things That Are Actually Much Older Than You Think

    There are certain aspects of our modern everyday lives which we may wholeheartedly believe to be recently conceived. Some of these, such as iPhones and TV sets, truly are modern inventions while others seem to go back centuries. Below we have a list of ten seemingly ‘modern’ things that are actually far older than you could […] More

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