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  • awesome cross dressers

    10 Awesome Cross Dressers from The Past

    Cross-dressing is not a new phenomenon, not a result of modern day individualism. It dates back to centuries. Transvestitism allows people to express themselves based on their internal awareness. Here is a list of 10 awesome individuals who dared to cross dress: The list of top 10 awesome cross Dressers from the history: 10. Elagabu […] More

  • 10 Disturbing Photographs

    10 Disturbing Photographs Telling Tales Of Disaster

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This rings true for the rare photographs in this list that tells you tales of suffering, courage and hope experienced firsthand by the photographers and captured through their lenses. Note that some of the pictures are disturbing therefore powerful and quiet alive. Scroll down at your […] More

  • Rarest Postage Stamps in History

    10 Most Valuable and Rarest Postage Stamps in History

    Postage stamps are repositories of history. They give a unique perspective into the history of its period and place. Philately, the hobby of collecting stamps, is known as the ‘Mother of Hobbies’. Either due to some errors or other specialties, some of the stamps have acquired super star status among their kind. These stamps are […] More

  • Top 10 Amazing Swords from Legends

    Top 10 Amazing Swords from Legends and Fiction

    Before the advent of firearms, sword was the most important weapon in the world. Perhaps no other weapon has had such an impact in world history. Swords played seminal roles in almost every culture around the world. As the choice weapon of heroes, it was inevitable that swords featured prominently in legends and myths. There […] More

  • Gruesome Ancient Torture Methods

    The 10 Most Gruesome Ancient Torture Methods

    Torture methods are known to be brutal ways of enforcing punishment and squeezing out the truth from perpetrators. Its origin dates back to 530 A.D., And throughout the years, people have come up with new ways to perform these torturous acts– probably hoping to obtain the truth efficiently or just to satisfy their sick pleasures. […] More

  • 10 Popular Companies that Profited in Nazi Concentration Camps

    10 Popular Companies that Profited in Nazi Concentration Camps

    Business has its way even during the time of war. At the time were millions of people suffer due to horrible effects of war, there were businesses that flourished and even profited in Nazi concentration camps. Most of these companies continue to exist and flourish today. Some of these companies had admitted their past roles […] More

  • Sarah Ann Island

    Top 10 Phantom Islands that have appeared throughout history

    Phantom islands are islands that have appeared on the map for a certain amount of time, sometimes centuries, before getting removed from the maps after it’s proven that they never existed. They vanish without a single trace. Geographers might believe the existence of these islands, and sometimes they are real island that have been miss-located. […] More

  • Famous Samurai Warriors

    10 Most Famous Samurai Warriors in History

    Anyone who has heard of Japan must have heard about Samurai as well. The Samurai were the group of warriors belonging to various elite classes, who were famous for their ferocity and loyalty. They have an indelible place in the history of Japan, having shaped up the civilization. The Samurai are the symbols of Japanese […] More

  • 10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figures

    10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figures

    History has it’s ups and downs. Mainly we divide into into heroes and villains. But sometimes we overlook certain people and find out they did some wild things. Many people did things that may change your view about them. Here are the top 10 bewildering facts about famous figures that you might not know. 10. […] More

  • Deadliest Female Russian Snipers

    10 of the Deadliest Russian Female Snipers of World War II

    Hitler’s biggest mistake of World War II which led to the decline of his marauding army was the invasion of Russia. Hitler like Napoleon did not bargain for two major factors that would turn the tide of the war. The terrible Russian winters and the Russians themselves. Russia immersed itself into the war where even […] More

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