• Stunning Photos of Beautiful Places

    10 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Places Around the World

    Our world is so beautiful and full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day. With so many beautiful places and wonderful shoots, it’s tough to chose the top ten. But, here we try our best to collect 10 stunning photos of beautiful places around the world. You might like all or […] More

  • Self-Made Women Billionaires

    Top 10 Self-Made Women Billionaires in the World

    Who are top 10 Self-Made Women Billionaires in the world? According to Forbs.com; Most of them comes from China (38%), USA (30%), Hong Kong and United Kingdom. The rest self-made female billionaires comes from Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland and Vietnam. But, here we present the only top 10 of these […] More

  • Ruby Rose Most Beautiful People

    Top 12 Most Beautiful People in The World

    There have been rankings by many magazines, television shows and websites to rate the most beautiful people every year and make a list of them. Every famous person or celebrity has a different character, facial features and charm that makes them beautiful in a unique way. Here we present the list, the top 12 most […] More

  • Top 10 Most Powerful Women

    Top 10 Most Powerful Women in the world today

    There are women whose contributions means a lot to the world. I must say, coming up with this list wasn’t an easy task, due to the number of women who hold an equal chance of being among the top ten most active women in the world today. These women have proven that they have what […] More

  • 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

    Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are functional and stylish additions that you can implement to your day to day fashion. Its basic use is to protect your eyes from sunlight. However, over the years, its function has evolved. In fact, there are celebrities out there who managed to build an image using their sunglasses. Sunglasses are usually associated to […] More

  • Famous Political Leaders who were Assassinated

    10 Famous Political Leaders who were Assassinated

    A murder of an individual is called assassination, who is usually a famous celebrity, politician, religious figure or royal. Usually in cases of assassination there is a clear motive – jealousy, political or religious idealism, contract killing, revenge etc.. As the world moved into the modern day, the killing of important people began to become […] More

  • Highest Rape Crime Countries

    Top 10 Countries With Maximum Rape Crimes

    Rape is a particularly complex crime to analyse. In several parts of the world, it is very rarely reported. Women in some countries are much less likely to have their complaint recorded, due to the extreme social stigma cast on women who have been raped, or subjected to violence or the fear of being disowned […] More

  • Countries with Strongest Armies

    10 Countries with The Strongest Armies in the World

    Armies are considered an important part of a country and its security. Every year, a large fortune is allocated out of the budget for fighting battles. Countries take special initiatives to strengthen themselves militarily. If we try to compare the armies of the different nations to gauge the countries with strongest armies, it would probably […] More

  • Navagunjara in Hindu mythology

    Top 10 Lesser known creatures from Hindu mythology

    Animals have always been a crucial part of any mythology. The imaginative and hybrid characters have been associated with power, beauty, greed, humility, wisdom, cruelty and lot other things. Many of the mythological animals are quite famous and have been used in modern literature., dragons and unicorns are the best examples. Below are some of […] More

  • health benefits of crying
    in ,

    Top 10 Reasons Why Crying is Good For Health

    Although the first reflex we have when we encounter one of our relatives or friends crying their eyes out is to calm them down and stop them from having such reaction. We believe there are several reasons why letting a friend cry on our shoulder can be the best way to proceed. It could be […] More

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