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  • Amazing facts about Sleep Paralysis

    10 Amazing facts about Sleep Paralysis that will Blow your Mind

    Parasomnia is the undesired events that come with sleep, Sleep Paralysis is a parasomnia. “Atonia” is a condition when your brain allows your muscles to relax and be still as you sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when this atonia occurs while you are no longer in sleep and are awake. Whether you have suffered from it […] More

  • Top 10 Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate

    Are you fond of chocolate? May be you always heard eating a lot of chocolate is not any good for you. But now, you will be able to tell them the health benefits of eating chocolate on daily basis. Here we will talk about the hot chocolate or dark chocolate, whatever you like to call […] More

  • Crazy Hoaxes and Conspiracies Theories About Corona Virus

    Top 10 Crazy Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories About Corona Virus

    Historically, the outbreak of pandemics has always been accompanied by the dissemination of rumors and conspiracy theories. As fears about outbreak grow, so too do the number of myths about the virus and many are more dangerous than the disease itself. As countless corona virus rumors circulate online, lets takes a look at some biggest […] More

  • Lifestyle Hacks to Stay In Shape

    Top 10 Lifestyle Hacks to Stay In Shape

    Are you also one of those who willingly or unwillingly tend to give their work out a miss? Well, that’s not the right approach folks. In fact, to maintain your health, theories suggest at least a 150 minute of some workout in a week is important. The good news is that it is not necessary […] More

  • quit-smoking

    10 Reasons Why 2020 is The Year You Quit Smoking

    A few weeks ago, March 18th to be precise, was No Smoking Day. We here at the office celebrated with the traditional breaking of cigarettes and the breathing of fresh air. We also took advantage of the occasion to goad some of us who have not yet quit, (yes, there are some people here who […] More

  • Ways to Live Healthy Lifestyle in Dubai

    4 Ways to Live Healthy Lifestyle in Dubai

    What an excellent way to experience a high-end lifestyle that most dream of, then living in Dubai? It’s a beautiful city that offers vast opportunities as well as a luxurious lifestyle. Get to enjoy uninterrupted sunshine, bright blue skies as well as plenty of outdoor activities, which are ideal for camping, picnic, and barbeques, among […] More

  • foods that make you happy

    Top 10 foods that make you happy

    Below is a list of foods that contain natural antidepressants and hormones of happiness. In other words, the list of 10 foods that make you happy. Or the top products that will help you become happier. Top 10 foods that make you happy: 10. Greek yogurt Greek yogurt has a lot of calcium (greater than […] More

  • Excellent Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

    10 Excellent Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

    Here we present Top 10 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners. Mastering these basic yoga poses will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and prevent workout injuries. More

  • most common skin problems in India

    10 most common skin problems in India

    The skin is the largest protective outer shield of the body. Since it is exposed to the outside world directly, it faces a lot of pressure. Its direct contact to the environment and harmful factors like chemicals, pollution, infection, and UV rays keep the sensitive organ under continuous pressure. Here are some common skin problems […] More

  • Yoga Health Benefits

    Health Benefits of Yoga: 10 Things That Make Yoga Totally Awesome

    Yoga is more than turning your body into impossible postures. There is a confluence of the brain and body, which provides health benefits from the brain workout. Yoga has become a global form of exercise due to its general positive effects such as high blood pressure, low stress, control over obesity and cholesterol. Along with […] More

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