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  • Top 10 Freaky Perplexing Theories of What Happens After Death

    Death is an eternal truth, whoever is born on this earth must abandon everything one day and embrace death. You must have thought at some point that what happens after death, unfortunately, no one has any concrete answer to this question. Yes, it is definitely that scientists from all over the world are engaged in […] More

  • World’s Biggest Secrets

    Top 10 World’s Biggest Secrets of All Time!

    The more you try to cover something, the more attention it gets. Most of us are likely to take a few secrets to the grave because revealing them could be fatal. For instance if Coca Cola told everyone about its secret ingredient, it wouldn’t be the world’s no. 1 soft drink. But secrets become mysteries […] More

  • Lost city of Atlantis

    Top 10 Weirdest Discoveries Ever Made

    Discoveries are made every now and then and we get to learn about them through the internet, TV, and newspaper. Some do not attract us much and some leave us awe-struck. If you find the discoveries that you so long have heard about strange, then those that we shall now share with you will leave […] More

  • Scariest Monsters Dover Demon

    TOP 10 Scariest Monsters That People Claim To Have Seen

    You must have read so many monster tales and also seen many monster movies. Such movies and novels do give us goosebumps and at times we are left wondering what would happen if such a monster stood right in front of us in real life. It surely would scare us to such an extent that […] More

  • Top 10 Astounding Things

    Top 10 Astounding Things, Places, and Facts That Can Leave Anyone Baffled

    All of us love mysteries, be it a sudden disappearance, some ghostly tale, or a whodunit. Though usually, we get our share of mystery from the latest crime and thriller novels and movies there are so many strange tales in the world that are still waiting to be unearthed. Human history is full of astounding […] More

  • Does Telepathy Exist?

    You will be surprised to know these 10 mysterious things

    Religion and science have covered the many mysteries of the world. In this era of science and technology, everything is now possible. Knowledge of human life has increased in the past. But despite this knowledge, the person’s thinking is still medieval. Despite being so knowledgeable, it has become stupid and foolish. Well, we want to […] More

  • Important Facts about Aliens!

    Facts About Aliens: 20 Mind-Blowing Stories You Didn’t Know About Aliens

    This article is not to prove anything, and I do not know whether aliens exist or not. However, these 20 facts about aliens are what we must face and pay attention to. 20 Important Facts about Aliens! 1. More than 20,000 people in the world have purchased alien abduction insurance. If the insured person is kidnapped […] More

  • Terrifying Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

    Top 10 Terrifying Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle has been haunting and catching imagination of people since the 1800s. The region is loosely defined as being situated in the Western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships have disappeared without any mark under mysterious circumstances. Here are the […] More

  • Randy Leach still missing

    Top 10 Tantalizing World Mysteries That Will Probably Never Be Solved

    World’s a creepy haven jam-packed with the macabre, blood chilling murders, mysterious disappearances to top up with irrational paranormal that in rational terms ‘’defies all logical explanation’’. Though we have written extensively on the subject, more and more mysteries keep popping up fast and furious all round the globe. Without much pomp and color, we […] More

  • A Man Running In The Clouds

    Top 10 Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations

    Do you recall the day you looked in the sky and saw a face hidden amongst the clouds or a creepy figure of unidentified behemoth? Well, you are alone. The pages of history are littered with strange tales of gallantry men who saw and documented mysterious cloud formations. Unfortunately, these sighting took place in the […] More

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