10 Phantom Ships That Still Haunt The Oceans

They are known as Ghost ships or Phantom ships. They constitute an important aspect of the mysteries of the oceans. A sailor would love nothing more than scaring the hell out of a person who is willing to listen about these haunted vessels drifting adrift over the seas. In most cases, these sailors may be telling the truth. It is believed that many ghost ships are crawling through the ocean. Some of these vessels have neither crew nor any passengers. Others are simple coming into view and then vanishing into the mist. Below, you will find ten phantom ships that still haunt the ocean today.

10 Phantom Ships That Still Haunt The Oceans

10. The Caleuche

Phantom Ships

This is one of the most widely known phantom ships originating from the Southern parts of Chile. It is said that this ship appears each night near the island of Chiloe. The Island is located off the coast of Chile. It is also said that the ship only appears in those waters carrying the spirits of all those people who met their death on a fateful night abroad the same ship.

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9. The SS Valencia

Phantom Ships

The SS Valencia was built to serve the purpose of ocean liner between Venezuela and New York City. The ship also served the purpose of troopship periodically during Spanish-American war. Ship sunk near Vancouver coast in the British Columbia in 1906 and became one of the top haunted ships. The ship drifted off its course after experiencing terrible wear by Cape Mendocino. It sank leaving only 37 survivors. A local fisherman saw a life raft nearby. Another raft was located recently as it floated near Barkley Sound.

8. The Ourang Medan

Phantom Ships

In Indonesian water, the ship faced unfortunate crash, and its entire crew lost their lives under mysterious circumstances. Its tale as one of the phantom ships is very terrifying. Two US ships received a call of distress near Malaysian coast. The call had come from a ghost ship. The crew was believed to be already dead. The last communication from the ship consisted of only two words: ‘I die.’

7. The Carroll A. Deering

The Carroll A. Deering

It is a widely known among ghost ships on the Eastern Seaboard. It sunk around 1921 in North Carolina. The crash was heard by the Coastguards who immediately sent help. When they found the ship, there was no one on board. The vessel was almost gutted, and there was no lifeboat either. No one ever heard about the passengers of the ship again.

6. The Baychimo

The Baychimo

The Baychimo was a cargo vessel cum one of the top phantom ships. In Sweden, It was built in 1914 and owned by the Hudson’s Bay company. It was used to trade for pelts along the Victoria Island coast.  The ship was abandoned Alaska for around forty years. It drifted here and there until it was found by other vessels aimlessly floating near the ice packs. It was boarded, but it went missing again. And, it was last seen in 1969.

5. The Octavius

The Octavius

It is believed that the Octavius is a legend rather than a real story. However, it is one of the most famous ghost ships ever. The Octavius was a whaling ship that crashed in 1775. The ship was abandoned while the crew and all the passengers froze. In fact, the captain of the vessel was frozen as he sat on his desk. The ship drifted for 13 years until it was discovered in by other vessels.

4. The Joyita

The Joyita

It used to be a charter and fishing boat which was discovered in 1955 that was also completely abandoned. The crew, as well as 25 passengers, was all missing. It was found more than 600 miles from where it was due. There was no one on the ship. Today the Joyita is hailed as one of the top phantom ships of the century.

3. The Lady Lovibond

Phantom Ships

It is one of the most famous phantom ships that hail from the United Kingdom. It set sail in 1748 but unfortunately sank. Everyone on board was killed. It is said that Captain of that ship was celebrating his marriage on this vessel while the first mate of his wife was pacing the ship and he crushed the skull of seamen at the wheel and later steered the ship into Goodwin Sands – Quicksand that wrecked the whole ship and killed everyone on board. It is still seen sailing near Kent.

2. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship that was discovered sailing aimlessly in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. When it was found, it was in perfect condition albeit it had become one of those ghost ships. The cargo hold was full, but there were no lifeboats. The whole crew was also missing. No signs of struggle could be found. All the personal belongings of the crew and the passenger hadn’t been touched. Today it’s ranked among the most mysterious phantom ships.

1. The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is perhaps the most widely known ghost ships in the world. In the late 1700s, it was first heard off in stories uttered by sailors and fishermen. Until today, sightings of the famed phantom ship and its monster crew have been reported. Even the Prince of Wales has seen this ship.


What is a phantom ship?

A phantom ship, also known as a ghost ship, refers to a vessel that is discovered adrift at sea without any crew on board. These ships often evoke eerie or mysterious connotations, as their presence without a crew or any apparent explanation can spark tales of the supernatural or unusual circumstances.

What ship was found without a crew?

There have been several instances of ships being found without a crew. One notable example is the MV Joyita, a merchant vessel discovered adrift in the South Pacific in 1955. The ship was found in a severely damaged state, with all 25 passengers and crew missing. The circumstances surrounding its abandonment remain a mystery to this day.

Was the ghost ship found after 38 years?

Yes, there have been instances where ghost ships or abandoned vessels have been found after many years. One such example is the MV Lyubov Orlova, a Soviet cruise ship that was abandoned in 2010 and rediscovered drifting off the coast of Ireland in 2013, approximately three years later.

What is the Japanese ghost ship called?

The Japanese term for a ghost ship is “yuurei-sen” (幽霊船), which translates directly to “phantom ship” or “ghost ship” in English. These ghost ships are often associated with folklore, legends, or mysterious disappearances at sea.