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  • Best Scuba Diving Beaches in the Caribbean

    10 Best Scuba Diving Beaches in the Caribbean

    The Caribbean packs a whole lot of fun for savvy scuba divers who want to get their feet wet. Gorgeous beaches with pristine white sands stand out in the sunset like precious gold lining the earth – these are Caribbean beaches where tourists and locals flock all year round to enjoy the best scuba diving […] More

  • Coolest Characters to Fight in Mortal Kombat

    Top 10 Coolest Characters to Fight in Mortal Kombat

    With a brand-new head-crushing and blood-splattering Mortal Kombat game coming in April, what better moment could we pick for a top 10 list of the coolest characters to exist in the popular gaming franchise? Mortal Kombat 11 will introduce some new combatants, but there are so many old school fighters that you should know about […] More

  • most beautiful and unusual ducks

    10 most beautiful and unusual ducks in the world

    Ducks are known to be one of the species that are attractive and irresistible to look at. They are some of the world’s well known and most beloved animals because they make great pets and are highly social animals. There are many species of ducks found around the world that have exotic beauty which are […] More

  • Yoga Health Benefits

    Health Benefits of Yoga: 10 Things That Make Yoga Totally Awesome

    Yoga is more than turning your body into impossible postures. There is a confluence of the brain and body, which provides health benefits from the brain workout. Yoga has become a global form of exercise due to its general positive effects such as high blood pressure, low stress, control over obesity and cholesterol. Along with […] More

  • Top 10 Wedding Destinations

    Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations in the World

    Wedding is a ceremony where not only two people but also their families united together. Wedding traditions and customs varies between cultures, religions, social classes, and countries. So it can be ideal and perfect. Venue of wedding is vital element as it adds more colors to your wedding so it must be perfect. Here are […] More

  • Most Attractive Billiards Players

    Top 10 Most Attractive Billiards Players

    Agree or disagree, but these are my personal selection of the top 10 most attractive billiards players. I encourage you to check out their biographies. Here’ below are ten most attractive, hottest women pool players from around the world. List OF 10 Most Attractive Billiards Players 10. Emily Duddy Nickname: “The Butterfly Effect” Ranked as […] More

  • quit-smoking

    10 Reasons Why 2019 is The Year You Quit Smoking

    A few weeks ago, March 18th to be precise, was No Smoking Day. We here at the office celebrated with the traditional breaking of cigarettes and the breathing of fresh air. We also took advantage of the occasion to goad some of us who have not yet quit, (yes, there are some people here who […] More

  • facts about Brad Pitt

    Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Brad Pitt

    Everyone around the world knows Brad Pitt as the heartthrob actor who has starred in huge films such as Fight Club, Troy, World War Z, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Ocean’s Eleven, but isn’t there more to him than that? We certainly think so, which is why we’ve discovered 10 of the most interesting true facts about one of the […] More

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