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  • Betsy dog

    Top 10 World Famous Animals You Need to Know

    The connection between animals and humans is earthly as well as divine. Animals have been mentioned in the Quran, Gospel and the Bible. They have been included in famous anecdotes telling tales of war and destruction. Animals have made their way into folklore and traditions so much so that we have a whole genre of […] More

  • Koala moms

    TOP 10 Most Devoted Animal Moms

    Human mothers aren’t the only ones to go to great lengths to ensure the health and survival of their beloved babies. The animal kingdom also boasts some pretty incredible mothers, some of whom use some strange (and sometimes disturbing) techniques to make sure their offspring will thrive. Enjoy this list of the 10 most devoted […] More

  • Ant-Most Intelligent Animals

    Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals on this Planet

    All of us know that humans are the most intelligent creation of God. We have the ability to feel, to think, and do anything and everything. Animals are also intelligent, and though their brains cannot be compared with that of ours, the fact also cannot be denied that they indeed are capable of doing many […] More

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

    Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

    Our furry friends very soon become the center of our lives, the apple of our eyes. We do everything possible to make sure they are happy and safe and treat them just the way we treat our human kids. Just like the dental health of your human children is important same is the case with […] More

  • Smallest Dog Breeds

    Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

    Dogs, no matter what their size or breed, make the best companion. They are loyal, friendly, and easily become a part of the family. However, though big dogs are very adorable, the smaller ones are playful, charming, and can easily accompany you wherever you go. Moreover, some people have a great liking for small dogs […] More

  • TOP 10 Ways to Increase Your Dog’s Life

    TOP 10 Ways to Increase Your Dog’s Life

    All of us want our furry babies to live with us forever, after all, we love them so much and they are an inseparable part of our families. However, just as we humans have to leave the world someday, same is the case with our little pets. Though we cannot help them stay alive forever, […] More

  • Top 10 Home Remedies for Allergies in Dogs

    Top 10 Home Remedies for Allergies in Dogs

    If you observe your dog is regularly losing fur, scratching, or developing a rash he might be suffering from an allergy. Just like humans, allergies are common in dogs as well and the symptoms can cause discomfort to your little friend. He may experience itchy skin, red eyes, itchy paws, and red spots may develop […] More

  • transparent butterfly

    Most Beautiful Butterflies: Top 10 Fascinating and Unusual Butterflies

    What is the most beautiful butterfly in the world? Blue Morpho Butterfly is the most beautiful along-with 9 other most beautiful butterflies in the world. Butterflies are the most beautiful and diverse insects in the universe. There are over 250,000 species of these beautiful insects and each of them is stunningly beautiful. You also may […] More

  • cat stare and blink at you

    10 Incredible Ways Cats Try To Say They Love You

    Your cat cannot speak the language you do and thus cannot say they love you the way you must have done a hundred times. This, however, does not mean that they do not love you or that they are not trying to express. Cats do try to communicate their emotions for you in their own […] More

  • Golden Retriever Puppy Best Family Dogs

    Family Dog Breeds, Best Family Dogs TOP 10 List

    Dogs are known as a man’s best friend and not without reasons. They are adorable, loving, loyal, and can easily become a part of your family. Furthermore, they can teach us how to love unconditionally. However, before you adopt a puppy you have to keep your needs in mind. Some dogs are huge and ferocious […] More

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