8 Best and Adorable Pets for Kids and Families

Pets make a great addition to our families and they are especially great for kids. Besides kids, families also add these cute animals into their household to make it more lively and happy. As per the research, families and people having pets are generally happier than the ones not having them.

Animals have their own personalities and unlike humans, they are non-judgemental and accept everyone as they are. This is why, besides pets, people also have them as their emotional support animals for multiple emotional and mental disabilities.

However, which animal makes the best pet? It depends on the preferences of the people and therefore, possibilities are endless. Still, to give you an idea, we have discussed some animals that make the best house pets.


English Springer Spaniel puppies
English Springer Spaniel puppies.

Dogs are the most commonly chosen pets by families and kids. Dogs come in different sizes and you can choose any from the long list of dog breeds. Having a dog at home offers many psychological and physical benefits. Having a companion with you all the time is ideal for mental health while talking him for walks help in promoting good health. Besides being ideal pets, they also make great house guards also.


Adorable Pets for Kids

Besides dogs, cats also make great house pets. Though many people think that cats come in a small number of breeds, there are actually a lot of cat breeds that make excellent pets. Cats are unlike dogs and where dogs love to be around their owners, cats are somewhat solitary creatures and like to be left on their own. Nevertheless, they love their human families no less than dogs.


Rabbits Pets for kids

Looking for low maintenance and fluffy buddy to bring home? Consider bringing a rabbit home. Rabbits are small, need less space and make a great buddy for your kids. They have lively and funny personalities and you will not have a dull moment when having these creatures around. When bringing them home, it is better that you bring a pair since they are happy to have their kind around them and live with them.


Pet Birds for kids

Birds are easy to keep and even easier to take care of. All you need a good-sized cage and water and food bowls for your birds. When it comes to choosing, there are a huge variety of birds that are available and you can choose from them easily. Having birds is also an economical option since they do not need grooming and exercise like cats and dogs. Their food is also relatively cheap and a bottle goes a long way.


Adorable Pets for Kids

Like birds, fishes also make a great economical and easy to manage pets. Besides being extremely cheap to maintain and keep, you can also enjoy the therapeutic and relieving effects they have on you. Ever noticed how watching the fishes swim, calm our senses and make us comfortable?

This is the effect that they have on our senses and this is why they also make great emotional support animals also. Like birds, they also do not need extensive exercise and maintenance and all you have to do is to change the water and have good quality fish food.

Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses

Miniature horses are the mini versions of the graceful and beautiful horses. While to keep these pets you will need a considerable space, they make ideal pets and even better than the standard horses. These are used as service animals also since they have a sturdy structure and are fit for hard work. They also are great for kids since they could ride them easily but do keep an eye on them so that the bigger children do not ride them. They also have longer life spans than dogs.


Small Turtle Adorable Pets for Kids

If you are looking for a tiny pet that you can carry around anywhere then a turtle fits the bill perfectly. You can carry them anywhere and if the owner is a kid then he or she can even take ut to school to flaunt and show the new pet to the classmate.

They are small and this is why you will not have to get them to exercise or give them huge living space. All they need is a small box and good quality food. Their food is also not costly and a bottle will last you for months.

Ducks and Hens

Ducks and Hens Pet

Having dicks and hens in your house comes with multiple advantages. Due to their lively personalities, you will not have a dull moment in your life and you can enjoy free organic eggs for breakfast. Even though these animals are small, you will need to have suitable housing arrangements for them. Fresh and clean hay, clean water and good quality food are all they need to live happily.

All of these animals make great pets and they also make your life more lively and happy. What other animals make great pets? Tell u in the comments below.