10 Best Mixed Breed Cats for Your House

Besides dogs, cats also have their fair share of admirers. Cats are generally known and avoided for their ability to spread more allergies than dogs. This is why people prefer dogs over cats. Still, cat lovers are everywhere and do anything to bring a feline beauty home.

Cats are different from dogs and some even believe that they are more intelligent and alert than the canine pups. Moreover, cats are more suitable for small apartments and for the owners that are looking for a low maintenance and somewhat humanly pet.

When it comes to animals there are purebreds and mixed breeds. However, there are very few who actually know the difference between a pure and mixed breed cat and honestly, no one really cares about it.

One of the main reasons for it is that the purebred cats are significantly pricier than the or mixed breed counterparts. Below, we have listed 10 of the most beautiful mixed breed cats.

10. Savannah Cat

Savannah Mixed Cat Breed

Probably one of the most popular cat breeds, these cats are created with a mix between a house cat and an African Serval. They are one of the largest cat breeds and since one of its ancestors is a wild cat, it took several generations to domesticate them.

9. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Breed

Talking about looks, these cats could give a tough competition to anyone. A Bengal cat is a cross between a house cat and an asian leopard. The history of their breeding goes back to 1934 and some even think that it is a cross between a cat and the leopard, given to its unique marking. Besides being one of the most beautiful hybrid cats, these are also extremely rare, which also makes them a costly cat breed.

8. Chausie Cat

Chausie Cat

Chausie is a French cat breed that is created by breeding domestic cat with a jungle cat. It has quite an impressive structure and could grow up to 3 feet in height and 18 to 35 pounds in weight. The cat has a distinct look and is quite exquisite.

7. Toyger Cat

Toyger Cat Breed

Toyger cats carry the genes of wild cats but are not their direct descendants. However, being a cross between domestic shorthair and a Bengal cat, they get it from their Bengal ancestor. These cats have a striking similarity with tigers and make an interesting speculation.

6. Pixie Bob Cat

PixieBob Cat

This cat breed is not an intentional cat breed but is a mix between a bobcat and a house cat. The breed was unnoticed until a woman named Carol Ann Brewer took one of these cats and continued breeding with other domestic felines. Now, these cats are among the most common house feline pets.

5. Serengeti Cat

Serengeti Mixed Breed Cats

Though these cats look a lot like the Serval cat, they have none of their genes. This cat breed is created by the crossbreeding between an Oriental Shorthair and a Bengal cat. Being a mix between a wild cat and a domestic cat, it has both the wild and domestic traits in it.

4. Cheetoh Cat

Cheetoh Cat

Besides the Toyger cat, these cats also has a striking similarity with tigers and being light in color, some may confuse them with the exotic white tiger. However, these cats are a mix between the Bengal cats and Ocicats. Their exotic and distinct look is because of the Bengal ancestor since Ocicats carry no Ocelot genes or blood.

3. Bombay Cat

A Bombay is a mix of American Shorthair and Sable Burmese cats. These cats look like black panthers and are also known as mini panthers and Black Mamba. They have a shorthair coat, which is like a Burmese cat and Black sleek coat like that of a panther. They are playful, curious and easy to adapt cats.

2. Burmilla Cat

A Burmilla cat is a mix of the Chinchilla Persian and Burmese cat breeds. It is a medium sized cat with a very ’round’ and stocky structure. They are a rare specimen and since they like to jump and scratch, when bringing a Burmilla home, you must arrange for a scratching post.

1. Caracat Breed

Caracat World's rarest cat breed
World’s rarest cat breed Caracat (sputniknews).

Caracats are the rarest cat breeds worldwide. They are a cross between a wild Caracal Lynx cat and Abyssinian domestic cat. Since they are rare, they are also very costly and it took a generation to actually domesticate them. The first generation was more close to its wild ancestor while the second generation is considered fit as pets.

All of these beautiful and rare cat breeds make excellent pets and you can also reap their therapeutic benefits.