10 Interesting Things About Cats You Need to Know

Here are 10 fun and Interesting things about cats, must know if you are a cat person.

1. If a cat likes you, it like you. For life.

cute baby girl
image: cattime.com

A cat is not going to stop hanging out with you for the new boy that they are seeing, or get mad at you for not hanging out with them enough. Cats are loyal creatures, and even after a long day of work when you come home crabby and mad at them for not using the litter box, they will still be there rubbing up against your leg and purring you back to a happy state. Having a cat is like having a forever best friend. And how cool is this… cats ALWAYS come home.

My dog will take one step out the door and never come back, but cats can be trusted to roam as they please and still make it back by curfew. It’s also a known fact that cats have an amazing memory, and will still remember how much they like you after long periods of time go by. The bond between a cat and his owner is simply unbreakable.

2. Cats are honestly just like humans.

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image source: skim.gs

Think about it. Cats come in all different shapes and sizes (big, small, fat, skinny, long tail, short tail, long hair, short hair), and are all different colors as well. But not only do they all look different like humans, each cat has their own personality as well. Some are lazy and just want to watch Netflix all afternoon. And, some are motivated and try 20 hours straight to get that last cookie out of your cookie jar. Some cats truly enjoy the company of people and can be considered social butterflies, while some are introverted and do not feel the need to attend parties every weekend. See what I mean? So human-like.

3. Cats bring health benefits to their owners.

beautiful woman and pet
image: lifewithcats.tv

Um, hello. This is a huge reason to be a cat person. A research scientist from the University of Buffalo wanted to know how pet ownership would affect blood pressure. He took a large sample of both men and women and tracked their blood pressure over a period of time, and all participants were non-smokers. During the study, random participants were asked to adopt a pet. Those who did had much lower blood pressure levels, and also found that their new pets lowered their stress levels better than medication ever did. So to summarize, owning a cat can actually make you a much happier and healthier person and save you from a heart attack. I’d say that’s a great benefit. >> 10 Health Benefits of Living with Cats.

4. You won’t have to deal with certain “spills” on the floor.

Interesting Things About Cats
image: catster.com

Cats use litter boxes. This is a wide known fact, yet it is so overlooked. With a cat, you do not need to worry about forgetting to let it outside, and you don’t need to pay someone to let your cats out to use the bathroom while your away on vacation. Also, you won’t have to replace that new basement carpet you just installed. So to summarize, you’re saving a ton of money just by owning a cat. Cats also beat newborn babies in this sense- you don’t need to wipe their butts and they don’t cry every time they go. Thank you, thank you, thank you, magical litter box. >> Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds.

5. Cats clean themselves.

Cats clean themselves.

Cleanliness is key, people. Cats lick themselves clean! You do not need to worry about them smelling weird or looking homeless, because they actually have a sense of personal hygiene. Look at it like this, parents spend YEARS trying to get their teenage boys to put deodorant on and shower every day, but when you own a cat you simply don’t have to try. It’s a beautiful gift. Also let’s keep in mind that because cats like to be clean, they won’t track a mess in your house. Just another reason why cats are easier than children.

6. You can do anything or saying anything in front of your cat and they will not judge you.

cute cat and girl
image: metro.co.uk

Cats over friends, apparently. Cats simply do not care what you do or where you are during late hours of the night. Either they are really self-absorbed or they are just really accepting (lets go with really accepting). Unlike dogs, cats don’t whine for you to come home, and they will let you sit and drink that bottle of wine you’ve been looking forward to all evening. They won’t even beg you to play with them. And because they can’t understand English (as far as we know) you can easily rant to your cat about anything without the risk of them telling all the other moms at book club the next day.

7. Humans were made to sit with their legs crossed simply for their cat’s comfort.

Beautiful girl with cat

Okay, I have no proof that this is a real scientific statement. However, it makes so much sense. When we cross our legs on the couch, it makes the perfect seating area for your furry little BFF. It’s almost as if humans and cats were made to compliment each other. It is so lonely to sit on the couch by yourself, so when you can have an automatic friend there in your lap when you watch The Notebook at 2am, its kind of a blessing. Also, having a cat you can have in your lap can cure loneliness. According to psychologytoday.com, a study shows that those who live alone versus those who live with a cat tend to feel much more alone and depressed. Just another reason why cats equal happiness. Source: psychologytoday.com

8. You’ll never have to worry about mice running around.

Interesting things about cats

Remember that long-term feud between Tom and Jerry? Your cat will probably have its very own Jerry to chase around, but the good news is you will never have to see it. Unless your cat decides to bring it to you as a gift (they are just that thoughtful). But not only do cats help hunt mice, they hunt bugs, moths, lizards, and other things you just do not want running around your obviously well-kept apartment. And hey, you’ll save money on an exterminator.

9. There is a Broadway show literally called “Cats”.

Broadway show literally called “Cats”

Alright so the cats in Cats may represent different things. BUT, they are still cats. Again pointing out that cats’ rule, and people will pay big money to see them. In a way, you should be a cat person because you can have your friends pay you in order to watch your cat dance and sing (I wish). >> Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds.

10. The last and final reason… cats are simply adorable.

cats are simply adorable

Think about that purr, the one that lulls you to sleep and makes you feel at peace with the world because you know your cat is content. Cats are quiet animals yet have a huge impact on their owners lives because of the cute eye locks they can hold and the way they curl up next to them. CATS ARE ADORABLE. I wish there was more I could say about this, but I also feel that I don’t need to prove it to you. You all know how cute cats are. Now go adopt and become a cat person. I know you want to.

Author – Rebecca Peterson