Being a Cat Owner Benefits – 10 Health Benefits of Living with Cats

Cats have made a special place in our society since thousands of years now. Long ago they used to be worshiped and even today animal lovers hold them in high regard. But these feline creatures are not just a ball of fur to be kept because we think they are cute. They have a lot more to offer to us than just that. And that is apart from the fact that they are great for companionship and are always present when you want to cuddle with them.

Actually, keeping a cat as a pet is good for your health. They are great healers and help you save loads in medical bills. Your trips to the doctor are decreased due to having a cat. Imagine what all you can do with these savings! Here is how cats have managed to prove beneficial to our health. Checkout these 10 health benefits of living with cats:

10. Companionship

health benefits of living with cats

When you have a cat, you feel less lonely than if you do not have one. Cats are very loving creatures and bonding with them helps us a lot. Those who are not in a relationship and feel lonely should opt for keeping a cat. Companionship has been proven to be beneficial for your health, and cats are no less of a company than a person. See also, Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds.

9. Autism

health benefits of living with cats

It has been found that petting a cat calms down autistic children. What better pet to get a child with autism than a cat. Not only will it keep him company but also help him with his medical condition. Is there be a more natural and effective way to help such kids? They get a playmate and their problem is taken care of as well. Researchers believe this to be one of the 10 major health benefits of living with cats.

8. Purr Therapy

health benefits of living with cats

A cat’s purr is soothing not only for our nerves but it also has healing properties. A cat’s purr comes within the medically therapeutic frequency range – from 25 to 150 Hz – making it a healing agent for bones. The benefits are not limited to bones though; it also helps in relieving pain, reducing swelling, healing wounds and repairing muscles and tendons. Well, looks like purring is one of the 10 health benefits of living with cats.

7. Boost Immunity

health benefits of living with cats

This works especially for infants. Having a cat around while they are growing up helps strengthen their immunity. They are less likely to get infections, allergies and respiratory tract symptoms later if they have been exposed to a cat during their first year. It has been found that children growing up with pets are comparatively healthier than those without. The idea is that exposing them to allergens early on helps them develop the required immunity. Therefore having a beneficial cat is really beneficial.

6. Boost Your Mood

health benefits of living with cats

Spending time with cats helps boost your mood. If you are feeling low, play with your cat or simply pet it. It will cause serotonin to be released which is a feel good chemical produced in your body, thus lifting up your spirits. When you are happy, your body also feels good and healthy.

5. Combat Stress

health benefits of living with cats

In one of the many health benefits of living with a cat as a pet, it helps cortisol levels in your body to be inhibited. This chemical is produced due to stress. When it goes down, you obviously feel better and de-stressed. Stress is certainly not good for your health. It poses a variety of health risks to us, such as heart disease, headache, depression, eventually leading to premature death. Getting rid of stress is one sure way to keep healthy.

4. Therapeutic Benefits

health benefits of living with cats

When you have a cat around you, oxytocin is released in your body. This is a hormone responsible for stimulating love and trust. When you are feeling upset and your life is going down, talking to your cat helps. You feel better because you are able to get your feelings and without even being judged, which is usually what happens if you turn to a fellow human being instead.

3. Lower Cholesterol

health benefits of living with cats

It is common knowledge that high levels of cholesterol in our body causes health problems such as stroke and heart attack. These could be minor or even turn out to be fatal, depending on how severe it has become. The good news is that keeping a cat means you are doing a favor to your health as it helps lower cholesterol in your body.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

health benefits of living with cats

Those who keep a cat do not get their blood pressure spiked so much in stressful situations as do those without a cat. Researchers found that the stress-induced peaks in blood pressure were more controlled in the former than in people who took drugs for the purpose and did not have a cat. How great is it that keeping a cat works better than taking medication?

1. Heart Benefits

health benefits of living with cats

If you own a cat, you are less likely to get a stroke. The probability goes down by almost 30%. This is actually not surprising considering that cats help you get over stress and make you feel relaxed. Stress is an important reason behind heart problems. Considering that heart disease is one of the leading causes behind deaths throughout the world, getting a cat is an easy way to ensure a healthy heart.

See also; Health Benefits of Owning a Dog. Now you can sight these health benefits of living with cats to get yourself a cat. Written by: Shawn Stevenson