Top 10 Freaky Perplexing Theories of What Happens After Death

Death is an eternal truth, whoever is born on this earth must abandon everything one day and embrace death. You must have thought at some point that what happens after death, unfortunately, no one has any concrete answer to this question. Yes, it is definitely that scientists from all over the world are engaged in finding answers to this at their level. In recent decades Scientists from all over the world have given some theories which are in themselves astonishing and amazing. So, today we will look into 10 Freaky and bizarre theories of what awaits us after the great beyond.

10. You will be excreted.

What Happens After Death

A theory that has been around for decades now says that the whole universe is actually one giant Brain of some Higher species. It can be a single brain or multiple brains in some containers. If we believe this theory, then our solar system is nothing but a brain cell. And we humans are insignificant parts of this cell. For us, our thousands of millions of years of history has happened in less than even 1 second for that huge brain.

Well, let us see what it says about our life after death. What happens to our own dead cells? They are sloughed off and discarded. If we are an insignificant part of a huge mind, then something similar will happen to us. That is, when we die, the universe will leave our consciousness where it dumps its filth. Oh, Gross. I know that this theory is a bit strange and it is also a bit difficult to digest but it is only because we do not know all the things about it.

This just made my life meaningless.

9. You Enter the Cosmic Consciousness.

Theories of What Happens After Death

What is life? It is very important to know the answer to this question. We know that we are alive and are completely controlling ourselves with our minds. Our brain uses only 20 watts of power for this. This power is so low that most of the light bulbs use more power than that. So far, biologists have not been able to fully tell how our brain does everything so correctly. Consciousness is our specialty, but we do not know where it comes from. And where does it disappear after our death? According to the Orchestrated objective reduction theory of the mind of Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, Consciousness depends on biologically ‘orchestrated’ coherent quantum processes in collections of microtubules within brain neurons. But these brain cells do not make it, they become one of its means.

According to this theory, you can think of this universe as a sea of consciousness. The consciousness that exists in humans comes from here and after our death, it returns back. Everything in the universe is connected to consciousness. You can understand it this way, If you consider a sea to be the consciousness of the universe, our consciousness is a wave. It stays on the ground for a while and returns back. So the conclusion is that after our death, our consciousness goes back to the universe where it can stay forever, or it can go back to another body for some time.

So Our Consciousness is deep-rooted in the universe, It is intrinsically confusing.

8. Being human is just one level.

Theories of What Happens After Death

According to the concept of reincarnation, after our death, our soul enters a new body, So that you are born again. Dr. Ian Stevenson has researched incarnation and investigated hundreds of cases of children who claim to have previous lives. He was an academic psychiatrist and had founded the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. Sometimes he refers to incarnation as “survival of personality after death”. He believes along with heredity and environment, it can offer a possible explanation of many personality traits including phobias. But none of the claims have been proven true.

Our Theory is a bit different from normally what Asians believe and Western people disagree.

When this theory originated, people did not know much about the complex and mysterious nature of the universe. That is why they only imagined that our soul can only reincarnate on earth in a different body. What if your soul is reincarnated in some other section of this universe? What if your soul does not enter a new body instead take a form we do not know about. According to this theory, our Souls/consciousness can go anywhere in the universe. This means you can again be a human or some cool alien or some trivial insect or something we do not understand yet. We actually cannot imagine what we will be after our death in human form.

7. The Universe Ends.

Can you prove that this world and universe really exist? You most likely will say yes and give evidence to the things and people around you. But According to the theory of solipsism, nothing exists outside the mind and your brain. What you see and hear is true for you, but you can never prove that the people around you really exist. Let us take the example of GTA 5. In this game, when you are in a particular place everything around you is working correctly. People nearby are also present there and there is nothing odd for you. But what about the places where you are not present? Actually, at that time those places do not exist.

If you believe this theory, you are the only creature in the universe. So after your death, the existence of the universe ceases. That means all those people you know, love also cease to exist. All the things and people are merely the projection of your subconscious mind.

So Look again at the world and stop complaining about meaningless things. After all, you have created all this.

6. Life starts over again

What is déjà vu

You must have felt this at some point in your life. That a place or person seems to be known to you rather you have never been to that place before or have never met that person before. We call this déjà-vu. What if your whole is a déjà vu? That means your life is repeating itself again and again? Because of which it seems that you may have known that place or that person. This can happen in two ways. First: Your life is like a film that repeats itself countless times. Second: Your life is repeated but every time you have better control over it.

This is very much like the movie Groundhog Day. Obviously, there is some notable difference, here life starts again after we die rather than after a day and you gain very much less control as compared to the movie. So, Better luck next time bro. We are living a life (which sucks), god knows how many times, without even knowing it is all a déjà-vu.

Congratulations, you are stuck in a loop.

5. The Dreamer wakes up

life is nothing but a dream of some creature

Although this may sound like some concocted stories of the ’80s, this is completely possible that our life is nothing but a dream of some creature. You all must have dreamed. Dreams look so real that it is only after we wake, we realize that we were dreaming. We lose the grasp of what’s real what is a dream. Dreams are the product of our own subconscious mind so it can be debated that they, in fact, are real. Gregg Levoy, author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion thinks so. And Some real-life world-famous ideas like Google, Theory of relativity, the first periodic table, etc. were first experienced in dreams. So we can say that dreams can be very real.

So it is possible that after our death, we wake up in the ‘real’ world. Pretty much like Inception. Now the question arises that what happens when the creature who is dreaming dies? There is no answer to this question for the time being. We do not know that whom we are talking about waking up from sleep is in human form or some soul or something else we know nothing about.

Oh God! There is nothing we know for sure.

4. You get Re-programmed.

Simulation-Theories of What Happens After Death

According to this theory, we live in a computer simulation. This is the most widespread in this list. You have probably heard of this before. It is first proposed by an Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2003. It argues that either all intelligent species go extinct before able to create ancestor simulation or do not bother to create one because of some reason. Or we are certainly living in a simulation. If we are living in an ancestor simulation, our Consciousness is programmed. We are just a paltry character in the simulation.

So when we die, our programmer can send us to a different space and time in the simulation after deleting your memories. It is very easy for them as they have our base code, they just need to make some adjustments. It is very hard to predict what those programmers will do. There is a whole lot of possibilities that they can do. Sounds Fun?

Movies like The Matrix and The thirteenth floor are based on this hypothesis. Of course, you can cut out the concoctions from the movies. Probably. I mean they are very much less likely but Who knows?

3. Our Consciousness is Unreal.

This theory is also related to the simulation hypothesis. Do not say, seriously 2 theories on the same hypothesis! Elon Musk Thinks there is a billion to one chance we are living in the ‘real’ world. It is plausible to the hilt.

But this aspect is much Darker. As your ‘Consciousness’ is just programming we do not have a free will of our own. We are acting just like we are coded. They can run or delete your Code anytime they want. It is possible that they have put your code last time when you closed your eyes. All your memories were put in you while you were sleeping last night. And now you think you have been this person for years although it is just a few hours. Similarly, they can change or delete your code next time when you go to sleep. They can make you an entirely different person or just ‘delete’ you from the simulation as per their needs.

This is very much like Westworld. Here, a simulated world is created and persons are designed with certain roles assigned to them. All of us add up to some bigger stories. They can change the role of any person as per their need by just filling the code with new memories of a different place and maybe even time. Everything you think you are is just an illusion.

So, We are nothing but a bunch of 0’s and 1’s And we do everything as we are programmed.

At least we can rejoice that our seemingly meaningless life adds up to something of use for our creators. Or why would they create us in the first place?

2. Death is an illusion.

death is an illusion

Unlike other creatures of the earth, human beings are the only creature that has knowledge of time. We know that Time only moves forward in the form of days, months or years. But is this really what time is? The understanding of time that we have is created by humans. Whatever we think of time can very possibly be wrong. We believe that time always moves like a stream of a river. It is not necessary that the Universe also operates the way we think time works.

The past or the future exists in the universe along with the present, only we cannot see it. Imagine, Reality is a film strip and consciousness is the projecting light which makes us see the film. Until a frame comes in front of the light, we cannot see it. But its existence cannot be denied. Time and Reality also work in the same way. We cannot see the past or future, but they exist simultaneously with the present. We are bound by three-dimensional space-time. So, How all this connect to death? Well, you never die. Death is merely an illusion. You always exist in the frames where you are alive because you can’t exist in the frames where you are dead. It’s just that other people think you are dead because this does not hinder ‘their’ existence.

I know this theory is confusing, but it is worth it. Finally, a non-nihilist theory.

1. Anything is possible.

Theories of what happens after Death

We cannot say for sure anything about life after death. According to the many-worlds interpretation theory, almost infinite realities exist. This massive number of parallel universes contains every possible thing you can think of. There is a universe where you are a billionaire or one in which Hillary won or one in which I am reading this article written by you.

So anything is possible after death in some universe. There is a universe where Reincarnation happens or one where heaven and hell are actually there. There is a universe where we turn into Zombies after death or one in which we simply die. All the above theories are possible in some parallel universe. We just do not know in what universe we exist Or maybe it is yet to be determined. You may end in the universe/theory you believe in. If you believe in The solipsism theory, your Universe will end after your Death. I mean, Anything is Possible.

So, let your creativity flow out and think of different theories after death from your own and tell in the comments. Because there exists a universe for everything we can think of.

Author’s Name: Aniket Jha