Does Telepathy Exist?

You will be surprised to know these 10 mysterious things

Religion and science have covered the many mysteries of the world. In this era of science and technology, everything is now possible. Knowledge of human life has increased in the past. But despite this knowledge, the person’s thinking is still medieval. Despite being so knowledgeable, it has become stupid and foolish.

Well, we want to tell you that in today’s scientific era there are such things which now almost certain is rising or rising. Would you want to know those things or give a new direction to your thinking or will you turn their eyes in the trap of logic and argument again? We want to tell you only about you, here are the 10 mysterious things that you will be surprised to know.

10. The future of thoughts:

The future of thoughts

Lord Buddha says that whatever you are today is the result of your previous thoughts. Thoughts become objects. Its direct meaning is that as we think, we create the future as we do. The same thing has been said in The Secret, and this same thing has been said in Dhammapada, Gita, and Yogasutra. It says today’s law of the law of attraction.

We know the world only from the five senses and there is no other way. Whatever eclipse has a deep effect on his mind and mind. With that effect, ‘Chitta’ is created and is constantly going to change. Understanding this mind will make you understand the game of your life. Most people have now understood this and lived in good condition, atmosphere, and people. They are also going to change meditation or positive motivation classes to change their thinking.

Scientists say that about 70 thousand views come in 24 hours in the human brain. Most of them are negative. If the upside of negative thoughts is heavy, then the future will be the same, and if there are mixed ideas then mixed future will be. Most people keep watching negative films, serials, and songs, so their mind and brain are built up. They start thinking the same by reading dirty or detective novels.

Nowadays there is an internet, where all kinds of negative things can be found. The news channels keep showing negative news throughout the day, seeing that the collective mind and mind of the society are getting worse.

9. Telepathy:

Does Telepathy Exist?

Telepathy is called telaranhuti in Hindi. With the word ‘Tele’ only words, telephone, etc. are created. All these are distant messages and picture capture devices. There is such ability in man’s mind too. When a person grasps a person’s mind or speaks of a falling incident and is describing it, then it is said to be a person rich in traditional knowledge. In the Mahabharata, Sanjay had this capability. He had told Dhritarashtra the description of the ongoing war.

Imagine the future also comes under telepathic lore. It is very easy to get the power to take a look at someone’s mind. Actually, telepathy is also called the exchange of ideas and feelings between two people. In this viva, our five senses are not used, i.e. the power of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting is not used. It is the power of our mind and mind and it can be achieved through meditation and practice of yoga.

In the modern era, the term ‘telepathy’ was first used in 1882 by Fried rich W.H. Myers. It is said that in the person who has this sixth sense, he knows what is going on in the mind of others. This is the subject of parapsychology in which many types of telepathy are reported.
This power is called Yoga in the mind. When there is restraint in the state of knowledge, there is knowledge of the mind of the other. If the mind is calm then the power to know the other’s mind will be gained.

8. Immortal Spirit:

Immortal Spirit by Chrissy79 on DeviantArt
Immortal Spirit by Chrissy79 on DeviantArt.

Scientists have projected a theory on the experience of death. When the quantum material that creates the soul, through the nervous system of the animal, dissolves into a broad universe, then the experience of death is experienced. The idea behind this theory is that consciousness functions as a program for quantum computers in the brain. This consciousness remains intact in the universe even after death.

According to this principle, the origin of our soul occurs in structures built inside the brain cells, which are called micro tubules. Both scientists argue that as a result of the quantum gravitational effects on these micro tubules, we experience the consciousness.

According to this principle, our soul is wider than the connection between the neuron in the brain. Actually, it was formed from the same fibers that formed the universe. This soul was occupied by the birth of the soul.

According to the paper, this hypothesis is very similar to that of Buddhists and Hindus, that consciousness is an integral part of the universe. With these hypotheses, Hemraaf says that in the experience of death, micro tubules lose their quantum state, but the experiences inside it do not disappear. The soul only leaves the body and merges in the universe.

7. The true color of the soul:

The true color of the soul

According to the scriptures are located in our body, 7 types of cycles. These seven chakras are connected to our 7 types of body. 7 The heads of the body are 3 bodies- physical, subtle and causal. The physical body is red with red blood, which has high red color. The astral body is like the yellow light of the sun and the reason is that the body is in blue color.

Some knowledgeable people believe that the blue color is the color of the mandir chakra and the soul. As the blue light, the soul is seen only, and the yellow light indicates the presence of the soul. According to Acharya Shriram Sharma, “Western Yogis believe that the subtle body of the creature emerges from the body for the shadow of a purple color. Indian Yogi considers its color white as light white.

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6. Hypnosis:

Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is India’s oldest and best education. It has been known since ancient times in the name of ‘ Pran Vidya’ or ‘ Trikal Vidyavidya’. In English, it is called hypnotism. Hypnosis does not mean vachikaran.

Hypnosis is the state of the person’s mind in which his conscious mind gradually goes into the state of meditation and the half-conscious mind is determined by the process of hypnosis. There is a difference between sleep and hypnosis.

Presently this person is not only treated with mental healing but also his personality. In the Second World War, the position of Japanese forces could be known by this linguist. This is a miraculous learning. There has been much research in Russia, German and America before this.

5. Para and Apara Vidya:

In Hindu scriptures, two types of literature have been mentioned- Par and Apara this par and the plague are called temporal and transcendental. There are many sages or magicians in the world, who know these teachings in some form or the other. They describe the future only on the strength of these teachings, and on the strength of it, they also get the power to do magic and sorcery.

This is achieved by way of power and power, by God, by yoga practice, by mechanism, and by some strange drugs or objects. It is necessary to have knowledge of prior education of posterior learning. Paranormal is a miraculous learning, and on the other hand, it is also a way to know God.

The world is at 3 levels – a gross world whose sensation is in the awakening state. Second, the astral world in which one experiences the dream and the third, the causal world whose sensation is in Sushupti. In all these three levels, the person who becomes awake stays in the testimony, he becomes proficient in both post and mercurial arts.

10 Aboriginal languages are Education, elegance, grammar, Nirukta, verses, constellation, Vastu, Ayurveda, Vedas, rituals. In other places, their portions are different, such as 4 Vedas and 6 Vedanga. In the Gita, the earth, water, fire, air, sky, mind, intellect, and ego have been called as the power. The only person who knows this completely is the affluent person.

Paranaraya: In which the knower and knower are not different. It has its own knowledge, Brahma-Knowledge. The meaning of par is that the knowledge, which gives knowledge beyond this mortal universe. The paradigm of knowledge is the description of a different process of knowledge in which the ‘what-what’ is known, this question does not arise.

4. Pendulum Dosing: A mysterious wisdom:

Pendulum Dosing

In our subconscious mind it has the power that we can contact any wave present anywhere in this universe in the universe. The entire universe is connected to each other through the waves. Through those waves, what we want to know or our questions, such as finding water or finding lost things, we call it ‘dewing’.

Dosing is the finding of any hidden thing. For this, we use pendulum or docking rod. When we make any questions by holding any of these instruments with your hands, this pendulum starts moving automatically. Which can we direct that if the answer is positive, then it is to move straight towards the hand and if the answer is negative then move towards the opposite hand?.

3. Like the speed of the motion:

10 mysterious things

There are three stages – awakening, dream, and sleeping. Apart from the above three types of states, we have not known any other state. The world is at 3 levels – a gross world whose sensation is in the awakening state. Second, the astral world in which one experiences the dream and the third, the causal world whose sensation is in Sushupti.

In all three states, thoughts and feelings continue to go on. Those ideas that begin to grow slowly and unknowingly will take the form of perception. There is no scientific term just for the mind, but suppose that your mind becomes a genie for you and it is not in your bus, then what will you do? Conceived ideas become part of your dream. You know that dreams are only dreams, their reality is no way, yet you are present in that fictional world.

Similarly, in childhood, if it has learned that after going to heaven or hell after the soul dies and you still believe in it, you will surely reach a hypothetical paradise or hell. If you have a belief that if a person remains lying in the grave after death, then it will be like that with you. Every religion suffers you with a different perception. However, this is just one example. Dharma constantly asks you to read or pray for your mind to build one place.

Scientists have to experiment with your brain’s thinking, imagination and your dreams in many ways, that you are surrounded by thousands of false assumptions, fears, fears, etc. that act as poison for your life. Scientists say that due to fear the negative thoughts make the house very rapidly in the brain and then it is very difficult to remove them.

2. Insightful power:

power of imagination

You can also call it the power to disappear. Science is now working on such power. It may be that in the time to come, get a technical power to disappear.

By adjusting to the normal form according to the yoga, Yogi becomes meddler. Then no one can know the words of the said yogi, touch, smell, form and juice. To make restraint means to control everything that comes out of your mind.

If it is imagined that I cannot see people, then it will be possible. Imagination can also be done that my body has become like a transparent glass or it has been covered by the subtle body. This is the game of power perception. Lord Shankara says that nothing can be achieved with imagination. Identify the power of imagination.

1. Flying power: first 3 by yoga

Flying power

By constant meditation for a month, abstinence in relation to the body and the sky gives the power to move in the sky through the notion of small means of light cotton.

To achieve this power, it is important to follow Yama and rule, as well as concentrated food, conversations, thoughts, and expressions are very important.

Written By: Sangu Heralgi