10 most important teachings of Louise Hay

The main philosophy of one of the most popular authors of self-help books and the queen of affirmations is to love yourself and to love others, because such concept leads to healing of the entire planet. We have summarized how to achieve that kind of lifestyle in her ten most important lessons …

most important teachings of Louise Hay

10 most important teachings of Louise Hay:

1. Look in the mirror

Louise recommended working with a mirror to everyone, as the fastest and most effective way to remove obstacles to self-love. “When people come to me with problems, whatever they are: illness, poverty, empty relationships or repressed creativity, there is only one thing to work on, and that is self-love,” she wrote in her workbook Love Yourself –Heal Your Life.

 She encouraged everyone to look in the mirror once a day and say, “I love you, I really love you.” “Don’t be ashamed,” she would say. “It’s just another way to say Life loves me!”

2. Choose the thought of your heart

Louise was the “queen of affirmations.” She experienced the world as a state of mind. “The only thing we do at all is thought, and we can change thought,” she wrote in the book You Can Heal Your Life. “Whatever the problem, our experiences are only external consequences of our thoughts. Even self-hatred is just a thought you have about yourself. “

This is where positive affirmations come into play. Whatever we say and think confirms that experience in our lives – and much of what we usually say and think is pretty negative. When we change our way of thinking about ourselves (or someone else), we change our experience of the world. Using positive first-person statements, we affirm and create what we actually want in our lives. So we learn again to think and speak in the patterns of our choice.

3. Listen to  your inner bell

Louise was happy to talk about her “inner bell.” It was her expression for spiritual guidance. “ I believe that our mind is always connected to the One Infinite Mind and therefore total knowledge and wisdom are available to us at all times. We are connected with this Infinite Mind, with this Universal Power that created us, through the spark of light in each of us, through our Higher Self, that is, through the Power that is in us, “she wrote in the book The Power is within you.

Louise learned to live with leadership. She had confidence in her inner bell. One of Louise’s favorite spiritual methods was to connect with the inner bell: she would sit down, usually in front of a mirror, and ask: What would you like me to do today?

4. Forgive everyone for everything

How did Louise Hay become Louise Hay? Louise once replied in one word, “Forgiving.” “I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t forgiven the people who hurt me.” I would not want to punish myself today because The power is within you.

She defined forgiveness very simply, as letting go of the past, describing it as a path to freedom and a necessary “magic ingredient” for painting the future with bright, new colors.

5. Be thankful for today

Louise understood that gratitude was an affirmation. The more grateful you are, the more reasons for gratitude you have. She kept a Thanksgiving diary for years.

” In the evening before going to bed, I think about the past day and bless each experience and feel gratitude for it. At the same time, I forgive myself if I have the impression that I made a mistake somewhere, that I said something inappropriate or made a not very good decision “, she wrote in the book Gratitude: A way of life.

6. Take care of your body

Louise taught that your true identity is actually your inner spirit, not your body. But she argued that caring for the body was an act of self-love. “Forgive yourself for not taking good care of your body in the past and start treating it with love and respect from today,” she said.

One of her favorite affirmations was: I listen to the messages of my body with love. Each day she would take some time to calm down, align with her body and ask her inner bell, How can I love my body today?

7. Create your future right now!

Louise described herself as a person who matured late. As she used to say, she was “looking for herself” in the late 1940s. In her fifties she published her first book. In the sixties she founded the Hay House and the Hay Foundation.

The other half of her life was filled with new beginnings. At the beginning of each year, she would determine a conscious intention for her spiritual development, decide to learn something new, and plan to travel somewhere she had not been before.

Louise accepted her old age. She didn’t use it as a reason to stop learning and growing. She realized that each new decade brings its own wisdom and gifts. “The point of power is always in the present moment,” she claimed.

8. Say yes to your Life

Louise liked to describe herself as a positive person living in a positive Universe. In the book You Can Heal Your Life, she wrote: “Whatever we choose to believe, think or say, the Universe always tells us yes. If we think about poverty, the Universe tells us that for poverty. If we think of abundance, the Universe also tells us about abundance that. It’s up to us. “

The message is to watch when say yes, because we will attract what we affirm.

9. Do not forget the f -operate

Louise didn’t particularly enjoy the first half of her life, but she made up for it in the second. This was largely due to the healing work on her own inner child.

Louise advocated working on the inner child, which she later called the inner child game. She believed that one must be willing to love its inner child if it wants to grow into a mature and responsible adult. “Tell your inner child ,” Louise would say. “Pay attention to him or her. The more you love and accept it, the faster you will heal your past, step into the present and come to the surface to play. ”

10. Allow Life to love you

In Louise’s last guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah asked her what advice she would give to a person who thinks it’s too late for change and growth. Louise replied firmly, “Think again! Just because you’ve believed in something for a long time, doesn’t mean you have to think the same way forever. Nurture thoughts that support you and encourage you. Understand that Life loves you. And if you love Life too, then great things happen . “

Life loves you was Louise’s typical affirmation. It is the thought of her heart that best represents her life and work.

Source: Book Trust Life: Love Yourself Every Day with Wisdom from Louise Hay