The 10 weirdest plants that most likely freak you out

There is nothing as embarrassing as running away from a weird looking animal only to realize later on that it was a harmless plant. Nature has a way of playing jokes on us and one of the ways it does that is to create weirdest plants that look like other creatures like human or animals et.. Some are direct resemblances while others are cases of pareidolia that causes us to see image resemblances. These are some of the strangest plants. They have features that will confuse you and most likely freak you out.

List of 10 weirdest plants that look like other creatures.

1. Ophrys Apifera (Bee Orchid)

Bee Orchid weirdest plants

The ophrys Apifera is one of the weird looking flowers. It is a flower that looks like a female bumblebee visiting the plant. This sight is said to attract male bees which confuse it with a female. In an attempt to copulate with the female looking part of the plant, the male transfers pollen. It has actually been found that pollen transfer usually happens in the most bee-like flowers. The plant also attracts male bees by producing a scent that mimics the scent of the female bee. The flower is mostly found in Northern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

2. Caleana Major (Flying Duck Orchid)

Flying Duck Orchid

Another one of the weirdest plants that is mostly found in Eastern and Southern Australia. Its flowers resemble a duck in flight. Even though it is small and mostly difficult to notice it is able to attract other insects especially the male sawflies which help in pollinating the flower. Flowering has been found to occur in the months of September to December. The flowers are mostly reddish brown or green with dark spots.

3. Peristeria Elata (Dove Orchid/ Holy Ghost Orchid)

weirdest plants Dove Orchid

Also called the flower of the Holy Spirit, this plant contains flowers that seem to shelter a dove in a holy place. It is mostly found in Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela. With its beauty it has attracted traffickers who have taken it away from its habitat. This has caused the plant to be in danger of extinction and it has been included in the list of endangered plants. The plant is the national flower of the Republic of Panama.

4. Ophrys insectifera (Fly orchid)

Fly orchid

Another one of the strange looking plants. The ophrys insectifera or fly orchid as the name suggests resembles a fly. Although it is thought that this is supposed to attract flies, it has been seen that pollination is mostly done by wasps and bees. A few flies are however found to give in. The flower uses a female scent to attract the male creatures. The root of the plant is said to be nutritious and can be cooked for human consumption. The plant is mostly found in Europe.

5. Dracula Simia (Monkey Orchid)

Monkey flower shape

By first looking at hit you will clearly see a monkey or a Dracula (depending on your understanding of the name). It is known as one of the weirdest plants as well as strangest flowers. The plant so weirdly and closely resembles a monkey that on seeing its photos, majority of people think it is photoshoped. It is usually found in mountainous regions of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. With such a weird appearance one would expect a weird smell but it actually smells a lot like a ripe orange.

6. Clathrus Archeri (Octopus Stinkhorn)

Octopus Stinkhorn

This plant is also known as the devil’s fingers or octopus fungus. It is native to Australia and New Zealand and has been exported and grown in Europe, North America and Asia. It has four to eight pink reddish arms coated with a dark tissue. It usually has a sticky foul-smelling tissue. This unpleasant smell attracts flies which disperse its spores. The plant is edible at some stages but poisonous at other stages. Beside one of the weirdest plants or flowers it’s beautiful looking too.

7. Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)

Moth Orchid strangest flower

In this plant, the flowers of most species resemble moths in flight. The plants flower often throughout a year and this makes them very popular in growing at homes especially indoors. They are also very adaptable to artificial conditions and can easily be grown and maintained. Their popularity has led to commercial productions which has become a thriving industry. They are native to Southern Asia countries and parts of Australia and New Guinea.

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8. Christia Vespertilionis (Red Butterfly Wing)

Red Butterfly Wing

Yet another among the weirdest plants. As the name suggests the plant has leaves that resemble a butterfly in flight. It is mostly found in Southeast Asia countries of Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Indonesia, China and Malaysia. It has also been seen in the Pacific and Caribbean islands such as Fiji and Jamaica. Its leaves are purplish-red. The plant has been used as a medicinal herb by some communities. It is hailed for its tolerance to disturbance which protects it from the threat of extinction.

9. Impatiens Psittacina (Parrot Flower)

Impatiens Psittacina

Not only among weirdest plants but one of the most beautiful flower. Also known as parrot balsam, the plant has flowers that resemble a parrot especially of the cockatoo species. The flowers are light purple and carmine red. The plant is found in Southeast Asia countries of Thailand, Burma and India. It is a rare plant that is said to be difficult to grow. It is a protected species and is actually not allowed to be exported especially in Thailand.

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10. Habenaria Radiata (White Egret Orchid)

Habenaria Radiata

Also known as the pecteilis radiata, sagiso or fringed orchid, the plant is mostly found in China, Japan, Korea and Russia. The flowers resemble a snowy egret with its feathers puffed out. The plant has been on the decline due to habitat destruction and over collection. Its habitat has been destroyed over the years as people look for land to cultivate rice. Majority of the plants now are usually found in Japan which is also coincidentally home to many white egrets.

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