10 Tips on How to Get Rich with Sports Betting

Sports bets are either fixed -odds (quotes) offered from a bookmaker or bets played at variable rates. Additionally, there are so-called betting exchanges, where users can bet against each other over the Internet.

There are many International companies that offer betting  to a large number of sports and thus achieve a worldwide annual turnover of over 500 billion U.S. dollars .

Today, bets are played via Internet by a large number of people. This is especially in countries without liberalized gambling markets like some European countries where it is so far legal gray area, since it makes it possible for the customers to play a bet with an online bookmaker who has no approved license for the respective home country of the customer.

Many internet betting companies have their headquarters in the so-called tax havens like Malta or Gibraltar , because there they can have comparatively low pay taxes.

Sports bets are no longer just for the classic sports such as in the past for horse racing or boxing. Today the dominant football sports like top European leagues, the European cup competitions and Internationals events such as cricket world cups, domestic top level leagues and so on are utilised by sports betters. Even dog races – especially in Britain are very popular. In the U.S most betting is played on baseball and American football. In the Arab world, for example in Abu Dhabi, camel bets are very popular.

Almost everyone has once placed a sports bet in his life- and mostly suffered more losses than wins. Learn what you need to do to continue to be a winner.

Like many things in life, betting on sporting events is easy and exciting. It will be much harder and competitive, if money is the basis of betting.

We do not claim that by implementing these ten tips you will get better and will be a winner. But if you want to stay for a longer period in sports betting then these ten tips would act as a base for you, without these you have no chance.

Tips for Sports Betting

Top 10 Tips on How to Get Rich with Sports Betting:

1. Act strategically

Planning is everything

An investment in sports betting is only useful if you:

  • Have a team of experts familiar with the relative sport
  • You have invested much time to implement the following nine tips.

2. Think Mathematically

Take Math as a basis

To be successful with sports betting, mathematics is indispensable. Since no one can predict the outcome of an event,  the odds (and thus the percentage of output) are the most important prerequisite for successful sports betting.

3. Read and understand quotas

Three roads lead to rate

In the age of computer technology, the odds are shown  in three different ways :

  • Decimal – In Germany, the most common (1.9 means a gain and multiplication of the insert with 1.9)
  • As a fraction – In England (11/5 means a net payout of about eleven fifth of use, which corresponds to decimal odds of 3.2),
  • American Odds – When betting on American sports events (-110 means something that you have to risk 110 to win 100, in decimal odds it is 1.91).

4. Act Quick


This means that there can be many changes  given to a quota , before the event takes place.

To be successful, one must always have the time to monitor the market and react quickly to changes.

5. Find Best Odds

Search and Find

Since the rate is the percentage gain expectancy minus bookmaker demolition, finding the best rate is a very important requirement in order to achieve success with sports betting.

6. Rate bookmaker

Bookie, Bookie

Not every bookmaker is equally good. Insert a list of bookmakers where you can play freely.

Find out which bookmaker is very strong , and adjusts to the market .

7. Use rate differences

Discretion is the better part of valor

If the price changes on an event from several strong bookmakers, you have the opportunity to play both sides of this event , so as to achieve a certain profit.

Caution: Do not let your emotions come into play , so play for just one side. That would be more advantageous.

8. Calculate chance of success in Accumulation Bets

Profit and loss balance

The popularity of the Accumulation Bets (several single bets, which are summarized in a bet) is increasing because it tells the use of each hit multiplied by the ratio .

9. Operate Bankroll Management

Set limits

Set yourself a budget for your sports betting. In a single event, you should never put more than two percent of your budget . Your life insurance policy should never suffer a total loss.

10. Pay attention to black sheep

Keep an eye on

The most important things to win with sports betting, is to keep an eye on the black sheep.

To avoid nasty surprises, you should constantly observe the seller . Do thorough research about him before investing. Things are not that simple in sports betting so make your self fully prepared once you step in the ground.