18 Weirdest Rare Flowers Which Will Blow Your Mind Away!

“The focus of ‘Flower’ is emotion and to make you feel peaceful.” (Chen)

Flowers are God’s most adorable creations! A Beautiful Gift to Mankind…!

In fact, they’re suitable for all occasions of everyday life. From well know Roses to Orchids &Lillies, Flowers seems so mesmerizing by their unique shapes & looks which makes our world a beautiful place.

But there exist a world of weird rare flowers… Yes these strange looking flowers have their own beauty & uniqueness. So let’s find out more about these beautiful yet strange looking flowers. Because they are Masterpiece of our Mother Nature!

The incredible rare flowers around the world.

Following is the list of weirdest rare flowers which will blow your mind away!

18) Bleeding Hearts:

Asian bleeding-heart

These flowering plants which resemble the like a heart shape, with a droplet beneath – hence got its common name as Bleeding Hearts. Found in Asian continents, the plant looks so wild during spring & summer seasons. It’s a symbol of pure love.

Though discovered in late 1800s these flowers are available from thousands of years. Flower blooms are in bright pink or red colors. White Bleeding Heart is considered as symbol of purity and innocence.

17) Beehive Ginger:

Weirdest Flowers beehive ginger
image source: thespruce.com

The Beehive Ginger is considered as one of the top weirdest rare flowers in this world. Beehive Gingers may look like they belonging to the pine cone family but they are actually related to the ginger plant. Their little “cups” or “honeycombs” collects the water and give off the fragrance of a ginger.

These flowers can be cultivated indoors and can grow up to 6 feet. The flowers are tiny and mostly white in colours. They resembles like little honeybees, and they appear between the brachts. The bracts turn themselves from lovely yellow and golden colours to red color.

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16) Moth orchids (Flower of India):

Moth Orchid strangest flower

Well as the name suggests, this flowers resembles a moth in flight and therefore they’re called as Moth Orchid. Because of its suitability as a house plant, they’re extremely popular in recent years. Also known as Phalaenopsis, these flowers can easily grow and bloom around the year. From white to pink, yellow, green, reds and various other shades these flowers are available in various color ranges. The unique appearance of a moth orchid, its design & diverse colors makes them a lot attractive & desirable.

15) Virgin Mary Moon in Orchid:

Moon Orchid

This Coastal-loving orchid comes in white and glitters covered on them. Well it appears to be a common Moth Orchid, but when you closely observe it looks like a tiny carving of the Catholic Madonna which has been placed inside the flowers. The Virgin Orchid is an excellent home for ants.

14) Subterranean Plant:  

South African subterranean plant

Tough this a plant not a monster! The South African subterranean plant is one of the most bizarre plants found on the Earth. They’re semi-common in the regions of South Africa. Also known to be as Hydnoraafricana or Jackal Food by the local people.

It has no visible leaves, roots & chlorophyll, purely belonging to parasitic category. Its flowers take nearly one year to emerge from the ground. Despite of its crazy, monstrous look and disgusting smell, it can be used for the production of tasty berries when baked over an open fire. The fruit also has medicinal properties and has been used for various medicines & cosmetics. It’s one of the weirdest rare flowers on the planet.

13) Parrot Flower:

Impatiens Psittacina

The Parrot Flower, a Thailand native, is classified as endangered flowering plant. These flowers are rare species of balsam, it looks just like a Parrot. Because they’re extremely rare in the wild & very few people have actually seen them they were dismissed as Photoshopped (Edited). It’s illegal to remove them!! One of the weirdest rare flowers in our list.

12) Fly Orchid:

Fly orchid

There are quite a few orchids in this list of the world’s weirdest rare flowers, and here’s the another one. The Fly Orchid is a relatively type of European orchid that grows between 11 and 15 inches tall. These flowers just look like little flies, with big, black, bug eyes. The Fly Orchid is named because it attracts flies.

11) Lithops Weberi:

Lithops Weberi

Have you heard of a flowering stone? Well Yes! It’s LithopsWeberi, also known as Living Stones. These awesome little succulents are perfect to grow indoors, these little wonders are found only in South Africa. When Lithops bloom it looks extraordinarily amazing! With a white or yellow daisy coming out & appears to be standing on the solid stone. If you want to increase these Living Stones simply take a leaf off & stick it into the pebble and it will gloom like a wonder!

10) Snapdragon Seed Pods:

SnapDragon and the Skull

If you’ve ever puzzled, whether or not a flower could be a living creature or not, these bone formed Snap Dragon Pods reside proof! Several gardeners and horticulturists are keen on flowers for their bright colours and fragrance—not to say if you squeeze the sides of a Snapdragon flower it’s sort of a dragon’s mouth gap opening and shutting.

Also it resembles kind of human skull! In ancient people accustomed & believed that Snapdragons command mystical powers, which shield one’s home from curses and evil. These tiny, excellent very little skulls are quite a clue to the circle of life!!

9) Star Flowers:

Starfish Flower

The Star Flower also known as Starfish Flower is another carrion plant. It’s a distinctive flower typically looks very massive & fuzzy. The colour of this plant’s flowers will vary from deep reds and purples to lighter pinks, mauves, and yellow. The flowers are thus soft physical & furry, might draw your attention by it’s beauty however it’s loathsome scent like rotten meat may spoil your mood…!

8) Swaddled Babies:

Swaddled Babies

These liliaceous plant belongs to Tulip or Orchids, nicknamed Swaddled Babies, They were discovered within the Colombian range between 1777-1788 throughout a 10 year expedition, however weren’t named and formally classified till 1798. In sure times of the plant’s blooming stage, the flowers’ distinctive shapes resembles that of a baby all bound up in white swaddling. Awww… How Cute isn’t it?

7) Flame Lily:

Flame Lily

This one could rightly be called one of nature’s true exquisite beauties. (MOST UNUSUAL RARE FLOWERS OF INDIA).

An unusual combination of yellow & red coloured flower with wavy edges that depict flames, and thus is called Flame Lily. These Flowers are very popular. However, Flame Lily, like almost all other lilies, are poisonous for humans and animals. Because Beauty can be dangerous too!

6) Lobster Claw:

Lobster Claw

The list would be incomplete without the mention of extremely charming Lobster Claw flowers. It resembles the claws of a lobster, this tropical flower never fails to amaze us with its type and color. This beautiful flower emerges from the clumps of leaves that seem like bananas.

5) Pleurothallis Truncata (A Kind of Little Orange Orchid):

Pleurothallis Truncata
Pleurothallis Truncata (Image by flicker)

This tiny stunning flower is in the list of weirdest rare flowers because of its weird nature. The flowers appear as if horizontal, orange lily plant. However in actual, these flowers are member of the Orchid family. It doesn’t have common name therefore known as Bonnet Orchids for their small blooms which resembles like very little baby bonnets. They grow in an exceedingly type of alternative ways, as brush cowl or as climbers. In contrast to regular orchids, these orchids like cooler temperatures and low moisture; they grow most well at terribly high altitudes.

4) Monkey Faced Orchid:

Monkey flower shape

The Monkey Face orchidaceous plant is rare oddity. It’s solely found within the cloud forests of Republic of Peru and southeastern Republic of Ecuador at altitudes of quite 3000 feet. It’s the flexibility to bloom all year spherical and its flowers smell like ripe oranges, creating it a prized addition to any orchidaceous plant connoisseurs garden.

One of the world’s most rare flowers! These flowers exactly Resembles like a Baby Monkey. It makes the Flowers look cutest!!

3) Hooker’s Lips:

10 Most Beautiful but Strange Flowers

Hooker Lips or Flower Lips— you can call them whatever you want— there’s no approximation however this plant got its name. The intense red bits that jibe a hooker’s bright red lips are literally bracts, not petals. It resembles like hot Red Lips of a beautiful woman. Hahaha 😉

The Hooker’s Lips Plant is native to the tropical regions of Columbia, Republic of Costa Rica and Panama. However thanks to its quality with collectors and also the deforestation of its natural environs it’s landed on the vulnerable and rare flowers list.

2) Protea Pinwheels:

Protea Pinwheels

Guys what do you think? Does humans drawn the inspiration of making wheels from this flower called Protea Pinwheels? Might be or not.

Well this flower appearance additional sort of a carnival toy rather than a creation of nature! The truth concerning this flower is that it’s interconnected with fire. Within the wild, shrub. Protea Pinwheels are utterly suited to adapt to harsh climates. The most effective time for shrub Pinwheels to bloom is once a fireplace, Pinwheels guarantee their continuing existence by passing their little fruit which is collected and devoured by ants.

1) The Corpse Flower of Indonesia:

Titan arum

The Corpse Flower of that we have a tendency to speak now’s far rarer and may solely be found within the rainforests of Indonesia. The Corpse Flower could be a parasitic organism that has no visible leaves, roots or stems, inflicting some to argue that this flower isn’t a flower at all—rather a plant or fungus. Additionally to its vampiric traits, the Corpse Flower is that the world’s largest individual rare flowers.

These are some of my top picks of rare flowers. But the journey never ends here. There exists many other variants in this planet some are known yet many are still undiscovered.