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  • most adventurous things to do in Dubai

    The 7 Best Adventure Activities in Dubai

    Dubai has become one of the favorite tourist destinations. Be it the honeymooners or the family trips, Dubai has a lot to offer to all the types of visitors. While most of the visitors are aware of must-do things in Dubai there are few who are aware of the adventurous things that can be done […] More

  • China and Confucianism

    TOP 10 Interesting Facts About Chinese Culture and Tradition

    China, the most populous country in the world. It is a superpower in Asia. China, also known as the red dragon, is one of the first places on earth that saw civilization settle around the Yellow River. China has given birth to many great philosophers, leaders and social movements. Just like most Asian countries, China […] More

  • Ways to find your style Aesthetic

    Top 10 Ways to find your style Aesthetic

    Getting an idea of what style you have, takes you one step closer to becoming the best version of yourself as well as understanding your personality and uniqueness. Therefore, I have created a list of ten different ways for you to find your style aesthetic and hopefully some of you take this advice on board! […] More

  • Vietnam Cheapest Countries To Live And Visit

    Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live and Visit in 2020

    Are you longing to finally pack your backpack again and make your way to the airport? Can’t you wait until the next time you feel the warm sand of a deserted beach somewhere in Australia or Costa Rica under your feet, or do you feel with your surfboard that has been unused in the basement […] More

  • Latest Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020

    Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020

    Teenage fashion is consistently changing, with more teenagers shopping online due to newer pieces of technology, more businesses promoting the use of fast fashion and the need, we all often get, to follow trends set by huge celebrities. Teenage girls are always looking to expand their wardrobes, so, if you are a teenage girl reading […] More

  • Top 10 of the must do before you die experiences

    We’ve all dreamed about living our lives to the fullest and no matter what that may mean for you, there are just some experiences that remain extraordinary. While you may have a bucket list of your own, consider adding these to it because if articles, testimonials and pictures are anything to go on, you do […] More

  • kylie jenner Youngest Billionaires in The World

    Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in The World 2020

    We all have plans for our life. Most people want to be scientists, some want to be engineers, others want to be writers, doctors, actors, musicians and so on. But some people only have one goal in their lives, become rich, ultra-rich. And being a billionaire is an ultimate achievement for those people. It takes […] More

  • Sara Ali Khan Beautiful Muslim actresses of Bollywood

    Top 10 Beautiful Muslim Actresses of Bollywood

    There are many actors and actresses who come from different states and from different countries. But today we will tell you about some famous actress working in Bollywood, who are Muslim by religion. Despite being a Muslim, they have won the hearts of millions of people by their beauty and performance. People of every religion […] More

  • Crazy Hoaxes and Conspiracies Theories About Corona Virus

    Top 10 Crazy Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories About Corona Virus

    Historically, the outbreak of pandemics has always been accompanied by the dissemination of rumors and conspiracy theories. As fears about outbreak grow, so too do the number of myths about the virus and many are more dangerous than the disease itself. As countless corona virus rumors circulate online, lets takes a look at some biggest […] More

  • Crazy Things People Did With Asbestos

    10 Crazy Things People Did With Asbestos (Even Though It Kills You)

    According to the WHO, asbestos is up there with smoking and bacon as one of life’s major health hazards. Although there are many myths and misconceptions about asbestos, the bottom line is it can still kill you. Its dangers were discovered thousands of years ago when Pliny the Younger saw his slaves were getting ill […] More

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