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  • Tips to Keep Your Health Insurance Affordable

    Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Health Insurance Affordable

    In the modern era having a health insurance is not optional rather it has become the necessity. The reason for the same is the deteriorating health of every individual. The problems like high blood pressure and diabetes which were only seen in old aged people a few years back are now common in youngsters. The […] More

  • Controversial Boxing Decisions

    Top 10 Controversial Boxing Decisions in History

    The sweet science, as a competitive sport, is not free from its own share of controversial decisions. Until today, there is no exact science how to score a boxing match. How exactly do you score a tactical match between a brawler and a tactical boxer? Until today, the boxing commissions use the 10 point must […] More

  • Mysterious Creatures Spotted on Camera

    Top 10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted on Camera

    Over the years, the number of unknown creatures captured on cameras increased incredibly. We now have phones and even surveillance cameras that could capture high definition footage forus. However, we can’t remove the fact that there are hoaxes, while there are those footage that are considered authentic. There are also instances when science is yet […] More

  • Most Expensive Cat Breeds

    Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

    Cats remain the most popular pet among different households and cultures. They are smart, affectionate and are easy to take care of. Unlike dogs, cats are smaller and are clean. They also don’t need to be walked, which is a good thing for busy individuals. There are pet owners who prefer specific cat breeds in […] More

  • Bloody Civil Wars of Modern Era

    12 Bloody Civil Wars of Modern Era

    There are instances when conflict arises not between states, but within a particular country. There are different reasons why civil wars happen. It can be political, religious or even political divide that drives a country to implode. These are instances when bloody civil wars of modern era could actually take its toll on the population. […] More

  • Mikoyan MiG-25 Fastest Aircrafts

    Top 10 Fastest Aircrafts in the World

    In the past, the world only dreamed of flying. However, once we have discovered the basics of flying, things have changed since then, Over the years, we’ve seen the evolution of the aviation industry. From what was developed by the Wright brothers has now become a revolutionary practice that made mass transportation to different parts […] More

  • Celebrities Who Died Before 30 Amy Winehouse

    Top 10 Celebrities Who Died Before 30

    Celebrities are known to live extravagant and sometimes even dangerous lives. With million dollar contracts from their movies, music and even sports, they have the ability to do virtually everything they want. It isn’t surprising to see them indulge in the rock and roll lifestyle among with their high profile friends and peers. Unfortunately, this […] More

  • Most Influential People Osama Bin Laden

    Top 10 Most Influential People of 21st Century

    21st century has been defined by technology. In the year 2000, a lot of countries became paranoid of what was then called the Millennium bug. It was our fear to lose everything technology has given us over the last centuries. But of course, implosion in technology isn’t the only thing that defined the 21st century. […] More

  • Jennifer Garner in Elektra

    Top 10 Marvel Movies That Sucked

    For more than a decade, Marvel’s in the frontline of superhero movies. Unfortunately, comic book fans aren’t always happy with what they saw on the big screen. Some movies lacked the comic book appeal that fans craved for, while there were instances when 2 hours of movie time wasn’t enough. We decided to come up […] More

  • Iconic WWE Heels

    Top 10 Iconic WWE Heels of All Time

    Wrestlers either turn fan favorites or heel. That’s the reality of the wrestling business. Floating in between heel and face most likely means a short lived career in need of rebranding. Thanks to iconic WWE heels, wrestling fans have witnessed some of the best storylines in wrestling. Without these villains, wrestling would be too boring. […] More

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