• izq

    iraq is not in top 10.

  • sadone

    America is the most corrupt… where did the billions of bailout go… to fund secret projects to start world war 3

    • Lozzenger

      Get real, yes America has corruption problems every country does, but you can’t compare bailouts to a lawless wasteland run by pirates and fundamentalists. That said India should be on here, they’re incredibly corrupt.

      • raunaq bedi

        currently the elections have happened. Now the Gandhi’s have been taught a lesson, now Modi is the new PM and if he stays true to his party manifesto, India will surely prosper in every possible way!

  • Alexandre

    what about Brazil?

  • pinoyman

    It’s surprising Nigeria is not in the list…

    • ace

      true.. Nigerian president makes about (or steals) 1.5 B per year. Owns 7 private jets, and thats just the president.. there are governors playing the same game…

  • lucky

    indonesia should be on the list

  • saudi

    saudi arabia

    • Ejaz Khan

      No. Saudi Arabia is not in top 10

  • Baloch

    pakistan is most corrupt country

    • Father of Baloch

      India and Afghanistan are! and yes those who call them baloch and not Pakistani, please go to hell!

    • Nanak


  • Mozart

    I wonder why the Philippines wasn’t included.

  • Lozzenger

    This is a good list but I think that India and Pakistan should replace Haiti and Venezuela. I certainly agree with the top 5 though, although I’d switch 2 and 3 around cos although N Korea is terrible Afghanistan is more or less run by terrorist groups.

  • asd

    Dude where is India
    if you combine top 9 corrupt countries still they are no match for India 😛

  • Robert Reeks

    Look at the definition he gives for the meaning of corruption. That is so far from what corruption is that the rest of the article is bound to suck.

  • Fastercat

    Obviously written by a total moron.

  • Halle Gawin

    How about Papua New Guinea. It is the worst of all. Some where
    in the secret place in the South Pacific MPs and bureaucrats are robbing their own
    people, leaving them in greatest poverty of all time.

  • elsayed

    sudan is not in top 10

  • Imran Khan

    Where is Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Colombia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and North Korea?!

  • Imran Khan

    Pakistan’s democracy and law constitution have to be the biggest jokers and thieves. The election system is a joke, their is no merit, justice or freedom of speech for the countries civilians. And i am not talking under military dictatorship i am talking under democratic leadership. For example; a local minister who by the way is a illiterate but belongs to Pakistan people party or Muslim league noun, is driving posh cars, buying properties in Marble Arch and Chelsea and dresses in Hugo boss and Armani Collezoni suits inside weeks after being elected by rigged man date. These ‘bandits’ who should be earning no heaven and earth much less than there American and British counterparts, live like kings. Our present prime minister Nawaz Sharif is so rich that he could afford to feed the whole off Pakistan for as long as he wants. The same applies to Mr 10% Asif Ali Zardari. The pair have properties in Mayfair, Marble Arch worth more than billions. They also have private accounts in Swiss banks, London and the US worth billions. All the money is the stolen money of Pakistan. These corrupt leaders are involved in money laundering just to avoid paying more tax in Pakistan. They are a disgrace and until these two ‘bandits’ are not driven out of Pakistani politics forever Pakistan would never prosper! GO NAWAZ GO! STAY IMRAN KHAN STAY!!!!!

  • Joseph M

    China is pretty bad too.

  • Altaho

    what Iraq witnessing this era is really nonesuch! believe me! what u cannot imagine is happening! Fictitious contracts, fake IDs, Embezzlement of billion dollars in the daylight! fraudulence everywhere, Bribes, exceptions and intercession in all governmental institutions and i am not talking in secret! you cannot get hired without paying at least 6 months salary in advance! there is a metaphor here about employees who never exist they are called “spatial employees”! CORRUPTION is EVERYWHERE, laws only applied on the lowest layer of the society !!!!!! in the richest country in the world.
    so needless to say.. unfortunately and dishonorably we are the worst!

  • Ghulam Nabi Malik

    Pakistan is corrupt top ten countries in the world, the best proof is who is EXACT highlighted by American press, since long the Exact was busy to do fraud, it is not possible without the consent of ruling elites at Islamabad and Pakistani Intelligent agency ISI, no doubt i live in this country since 1948, but the basic mind set of the people is no ethical value, being religiosity, no religion is practiced as was prevalent during 1947, now Wahhabi and Shia orthodoxy is imported from KSA and Islamic Republic of Iran, the battle ground is Pakistan. Weak and corrupt political leadership is the cause of terrorism and in turn corruption. So Pakistan is now den of both, illegal business of money laundering and pouring of Rials of KSA and Rials of Iran for terrorism. All segments of society, businessmen, industrialist, political leaders, military general retired and serving, bureaucracy and religious leader mullah of kinds are bribed to running the religous Madrasah.the best reflection is media of Pakistan to whom billions of dollars paid to to run the Channel’ BOLE.

  • pritha ghosh

    thank god you havent mentioned India! I am glad!

  • Nil

    India is the most corrupt country in the world. But the corruption is not happening openly.If you are comman man in India then you realize the real situation of India.You have to pay bribes for getting thing which is very basic for human things such as water,you will get this properly if you pay some bribe to govt. officer.

    • Charkra Subir

      India is one of the corrupt countries in the world, but not the most corrupt country. Some countries are there who are far ahead of India in terms of corruption. Nepotism, bribery are exsisting very much but not everywhere in India.