• I can’t tell m name

    Palin is still great looking.

  • Bryan

    10 Most Glamorous Women Politicians In India*

    • Indian

      Never knew Hillar belonged to India…

  • damper

    Hillary clinton is Ugly as fuck

    • Junior Morse

      What the heck are you talking, She has low mileages on ass! Imagine tapping that with 7-1/2 inches? Mind blowing

  • yeroram ahamed

    where is khaleda zia of bangaladesh?

    • Teri Maa

      in the ugly list

  • http://www.onlinenewspoint.com Richeal Solando

    Female politicians of Pakistan are glamorous everything else is just a political statement from and Indian writer of This post..

  • Saurabh

    Heamamalini, and rekha named bollywood actress know became parliament member in India and thay are reayyl beautiful plc update it

  • IA GH

    Hillary and sarah PALLIN!!! kaHAHAHAHAHA!!!