• Mungai Mwangi

    You have omitted peoples like Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin etc. All the same you have done a good job in your research.

    • Tshepang Molokwe

      i think they meant to list only those of this era and time

      • Ayush

        There should be my name

        • chetna


          • jayson C. catanghal

            i dont believe that they got 190 in iq test but albert Einstein,bill gate etc. had 160 iq test

          • Guy

            Terence Tao is really a exceptional genious and not only in maths. Have a look on his biography.

          • trevor

            *cough cough* albert einstein & stephen hawking

          • sRyders

            Einstein was kinda considered the bottom of the list in the history of our genius inventers

    • krystian

      Please tell me, how to measure Einstein’s or Shakespeare’s IQ?

    • D D

      The list does not report on contribution to humanity or popularity but rather the intelligence of a person. Einsten had 160.

    • Mia Dallen

      I see you have selected those who excel in mathematics.

    • Indra Blade

      They have to have women on the list to be politically correct.

      • Anonymous

        Low IQ and bad with the ladies, Indra. Your life must be hard.

  • ogeawuchi michael

    how about those dead

  • Corina

    Hate to break it to you, but, IQ testing and scores, no matter how “high”, do not adequately explain or predict brilliant achievement. Although the individuals listed here are reportedly highly intelligent due to IQ test scores substantially higher than typical, the truth is, IQ test scores are not what makes any one listed here smarter. Many people with very high scores are NOT close to being like the people listed. Most are not even above average or they are far below average, even, in “achievement” and even income. Smartest people are far more than an IQ, they are creative, and motivated to understand, learn and explore, to solve problems, to learn truths, to teach others and too many times, help humans even with out gain or potential gain for themselves. Mary vos Savant has not contributed anything to Science, Education or the Arts to date. She’s high IQ scoring and that’s it. But why, I don’t know.

    • jayson C. catanghal

      i dont believe that they got of 190 iq test higher than albert einstein,bill gate,Napoleon etc. had 160 iq

    • Edward

      I don’t think those individuals would be all days bragging of how high their IQ are. What pathetic here is someone making the excuse because their IQ is not as high as them. Those individuals alone have made many achievements in science

    • Abubakar Umar

      While your views are correct to a certain limit but the fact is they did achieve things and are actually in the tails of the normal disyribution curve. I foe one, will not massage my ego on the pretences that IQ score is not important when someone got a PhD at 22 or 22 and rose to earn a professorial chair. They are indeed great and I salute them.

  • http://www.kickmyapps.com/ Endang Sri Rejeki

    Blessed with high IQ, that’s it!

  • Indra Blade

    They include women for political correctness purposes but there are many more men over 190 IQ in the world. In reality the top IQs would all be men.

    • Original People

      Womyn our inferioiurs !!!11

    • Anonymous

      Since you’re all self proclaimed geniuses, you’d know that that’s because men invented the IQ test and it favors their mental skill set. Have a man take a test about emotional intelligence and watch him bomb it like he’s 5 years old.
      Biases. Go back to your fancy science classes and learn more about it.

    • David

      Guess you’re like Charlie Sheen. Haven’t met any brainy women, have you?

    • http://endtimechaverim.wordpress.com/ Princess

      Men designed the tests to favor male abilities. Perhaps highly intelligent women are intelligent in a different way

  • wizdude21

    BOGUS LIST – it has a woman, you can take it your political correctness and shove it where the son doesn’t shine

    • Edward

      Originally not

    • Anonymous

      Yes let’s hear more from the idiot.

    • Anonymous

      *you can take your
      Lol, I’m not sure you should be commenting on an article about IQ and intelligence as you’re clearly not the brightest crayon in the box…
      A Woman Who Is Clearly Much Smarter Than You (most of us)

  • Ryan M.

    what does it say about us that our 10 most “intelligent” people have contributed so little to the world? a chess player? a Parade columnist? these aren’t geniuses; these are clowns who play with puzzles.