• TMZ2

    To the poster here, Friel was let go of KTTV last month. She is currently forced to stay in LA because her husband had moved out there himself when she did and has work. If I were her I would move back to New York and find a job with another network. But, maybe since she is staying in California she will land on a show or channel.

    My top ten. Done on the fly so it is whatever came into my head.

    10. Pamela Silva Conde Univision

    09. Anna Kooiman Fox News

    08. Sofia LaChapelle Telemundo

    07. Kerri Stowell KMBC Kansas City

    06. Ainsley Earhardt Fox News

    05. Lauren Sivan KTTV Los Angeles

    04 Poppy Harlow CNN

    03 Maria Menounos Extra

    02 Brianna Keilar CNN

    01. Satcha Pretto Univision

    • WallyF

      That’s so cool you mentioned Kerri Stowell. I actually know her! You must be from KC, too?

      • TMZ

        She is from KC and used to work in Topeka. Yes I see her on TV. She is now at WDAF after leaving KMBC.

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    very true……very hot all of them

  • a.nonymous

    kaity tong at 50 is still the best

  • Paul Bodnick

    Tamron Hall once she got those implants, ” to make my clothes fit better”

  • LeftNotRight

    OMG!! Tamron Hall??? She looks hideous! , Looks totally grouse.

    • Kevin Murray

      Tamron Hall Is gorgeous, well deserving of the 2nd spot – If not first! The only Black woman too, what a shock you don’t approve! Smh

  • anonymous

    Well you didn’t listy her but check out this newslady by the name of Katie Horner in a picture where she’s all dressed head to toe in pink.She definitely looks very pretty in pink indeed

    • iluv2fuck

      Never heard of that lady but wow she definitely looks amazing in that beautiful pink suit and pink headband she’s wearing.

    • Katie Horner is so fucking hot

      MMmmm! Yumyum! Katie Horner looks so hot in that pink suit and pink headband! Gorgeous looking in that picture of her in sexy pink suit and pink headband!

    • TMZ

      She was a weather lady, but after being in many cities she moved to Kansas City and ultimately they fired her off her station in 2011 after 17 years on the air. So she went into Real Estate. But she was brought back to TV in Saint Louis, but it didn’t work out and after two years she just quit her station and moved back to KC and into Real Estate again.

  • Dandru

    Unfortunately, Megan Kelly is a complete twit.

    • Paul Reyburn

      No… She has the full package!

  • Mahi Tuna

    nancy grace, ya, she’ll lock your dumb ass up and throw away the keys. what? wrong guy? ummm i’ll sue him anyway, don’t you know who i am

  • aldie 86

    I really did not want the sexeist but the older much more sensible ones, even a little homely

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    The author of this article seems think that the majority of sexy anchors are liberal democrats.
    Meygan Kelly beats them all hands down,She can do more than just read a teleprompter like many of those highlighted in this one sided article.
    Unlike her counterparts she is an accomplished lawyer and a serious newsperson,liberals hate her because she makes them answer uncomfortable questions and doesn’t stand for their standard run around answers.

  • jayz43

    alex wagner?! REALLY?

  • Joe

    I love the little quip about political biases in Kelly’s. You aren’t giving away anything with that statement……….. Derp

  • Ken Perrucci

    Daljit Dhaliwal!!

  • Sky

    in the world? It’s an all US-list and none of these would be in the world top 10.

  • Paul Reyburn

    Except for #1, this list is upside down.

  • Bill Smith2

    They missed 2 that should have made it.. May be the “anchor” was the catalyst..

    Tantaros and Kayti Pavlitch

  • ying friman

    Rudi Bahktiar or gtfo

  • harley5571

    Zain Asher is by far the finest of them all..Isha Sesay is right there too. ..Pamela Brown..Megyn Kelly sure but she has a crooked nose and big head.

  • govskeptic

    Too bad Courtney took her motherhood life to LA and a local job versus National. A real hottie
    in her earlier yrs.

  • SteveResin

    The blonde is number one, how utterly predictable

  • Big dan

    Not listed, BUT I think that Greta Van Susteren is super hot. Big turn on and juicy lips.

  • Gary

    Julie Bandera is the hottest of all

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Frances Rivera of MSNBC should be in there

  • ExRadioGuy15

    “Allie Wags” (Alex Wagner) broke millions of hearts when she got married earlier this year.

  • Satan’s Claw

    Abby Martin & Alyona Minkovski.

  • Greg Taylor

    They should stay in the kitchen,pregnant,and making me a sandwich!

  • lois55

    CNN’s Brianna Keilar is by far the hottest news reporter/anchor.