Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors

Naming hottest women news anchors isn’t especially ground-breaking, but why does anyone need to cite originality as a reason to look at beautiful women? News anchors aren’t all average-looking, bland, on-air talent. It’s quite the opposite in many cases. Some of the most engaging and entertaining news anchors have amazing looks to match. From CNN to Fox News and MSNBC, the newsroom has a stable of hot anchors who make the most basic news stories that much more interesting. In honor of Olivia Munn’s role in HBO’s new show The Newsroom, which premiered tonight, we’ve rounded up The 10 Hottest Women News Anchors right now. Trust us, you won’t want to change the channel.

10. Susan Li

Hottest Women News Anchors
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Bloomberg TV, First Up with Susan Li; Asia Edge
Twitter: @SusanLiTV

At No. 10 in list of Hottest Women News Anchors is Susan Li. She is a Hong-Kong based anchor for Bloomberg Television. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Li worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and later as an anchor for CCTV in China. From there she joined Bloomberg TV in 2006 and eventually nabbed her an anchor spot for her own show “First Up with Susan Li” which was awarded Best News Program at the 17th Asian Television Awards 2012. First Up is a comprehensive morning news program that reports on market openings across Asia as well as top news stories from around the world. Li also co-hosts “Asia Edge,” part of Bloomberg Television’s morning line-up for the Asia-Pacific region that features extended interviews with newsmakers as well as comprehensive market coverage.

9. Megyn Kelly

Hottest Women News Anchors
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Fox News, America Live
Twitter: @MegynKelly
Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.

Megyn Kelly currently anchors “America Live” a daytime news program on Fox News Channel (FNC), which launched in February of 2010. She had already established a successful career before making the switch to television. She graduated from law school in 1995 and practiced for nine years before altering her career course. In 2004 Kelly moved to Washington, D.C. for a general reporting position with and ABC affiliate. She later joined Fox News Channel, where she has covered breaking news and reported live from major events, including the Virginia Tech campus massacre in 2007 and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 2008. Kelly currently anchors America Live, and despite her questionable political biases, she could definitely get it.

Kelly co-anchored Fox News Channel’s election night alongside Bret Baier, an evening which delivered more than 12 million viewers and finished second among all of the broadcast and cable networks. She also co-anchored FNC’s primetime coverage of the presidential conventions, along with Bret Baier, live from Tampa and Charlotte. Prior to that, Kelly also co-anchored the network’s 2012 coverage of the presidential primaries, and moderated two GOP presidential debates.

8. Robin Meade

Hottest Women News Anchors
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: HLN, Morning Express with Robin Meade
Twitter: @RobinMeade

The daughter of a minister, Meade grew up in New London, Ohio and graduated from New London High School is at 8th position in our list of Hottest Women News Anchors. She began her career in broadcasting as a reporter at WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio. She then worked as an anchor and reporter at WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio, and at WJW-TV in Cleveland. Later, she got a job as the morning news anchor of WSVN-TV’s Today in Florida and also served as the station’s noon anchor and health reporter.

Meade made her debut on CNN Headline News (now HLN) on Sept. 11, 2001. In the decade since her first appearance on CNN, she has gone on to host Morning Express with Robin Meade on weekday mornings. We don’t doubt she has the proper hosting skills, but the fact that she’s a looker also has something to do with her success.

Meade won a regional Emmy Award for her efforts covering the 1995 collision between a school bus and a train in Fox River Grove. She was nominated for a regional Emmy for her report on how to decrease chances of injury in survivable plane crashes. In 2002, Meade was recognized by Lycos as one of the top 20 most popular television news personalities in the broadcast news industry. In 2004, she was voted “Sexiest Newscaster” by a online poll.

7. Julie Banderas

Hottest Women News Anchors
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Fox News, Fox Report Weekend
Twitter: @JulieBanderas

Julie Banderas currently serves as a co-host of “FOX & Friends First.” Presented weekdays at 5 AM/ET, the program is an hour-long expansion of “FOX & Friends” and is anchored by a pair of rotating hosts.

Shortly after graduating from Emerson College Julie Banderas kicked off her broadcast career with a modest gig news station in Cambridge, Mass. After earning her reporting stripes, Banderas stepped up the anchor desk at local news stations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and eventually landed in NYC.

She joined FNC in March 2005 as a general assignment reporter. She later served as the weekend host of “The Fox Report” (Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. ET) and co-host of “America’s News Headquarters” (Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. ET).

6. Alex Wagner

Hottest Women News Anchors
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: MSNBC, Now with Alex Wagner
Twitter: @alexwagner

Alex Wagner’s rise to the anchor desk is far from typical. After graduating from Brown University, Wagner tried her luck as a journalist and did pretty well for herself. She took an editorial gig at the Fader, where she eventually became editor-in-chief. She spent four years at the helm before moving on to a non-profit founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle. In 2009 Wagner made the move to television, where she is now the anchor of her own political program on MSNBC, Now with Alex Wagner. Even if you’re not interested in what’s going on in our nation’s capitol, Alex Wagner is reason enough to tune in.

5. Gigi Stone

Hottest Women News Anchors
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Enterprise
Twitter: @GigiStoneTV

A New York City native, Gigi Stone is a correspondent for Bloomberg Television in New York, where she covers all aspects of business and breaking news for the network, with a specialty in covering the businesses of media, entertainment and real estate. Stone also serves as the co-host of “Bloomberg Enterprise,” Bloomberg Television’s weekly program profiling the CEOs of fast-growing companies.
Stone has reported live on major business news stories for Bloomberg Television, including the Bernard Madoff trial, the UBS tax evasion investigation and the Galleon Group insider-trading case. Prior to joining Bloomberg in 2009, Stone reported on business, finance, and consumer affairs for ABC News where she served as a New York-based correspondent for “Good Morning America,” “World News with Charles Gibson” and “Nightline.” She was also an anchor for “ABC News Now” and “World News Now.”

4. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Fox News, Happening Now
Twitter: @Jennafnc

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Lee obtained her master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She is a native of San Francisco.

Jenna Lee made her anchor debut just few years out of college. But when you’re as good looking as she is, how could you not be on the fast track to the anchor desk? That’s not to say she didn’t earn her her current position on Fox News, however. Lee worked for Forbes as a news anchor and report prior to getting her foot in the door at Fox Business Network. During her tenure at the network, Lee made regular appearances on a number of shows, including Fox and Friends and Money for Breakfast. In July 2010 Lee left Fox Business News for sister channel Fox News Channel, where she joined Jon Scott as co-anchor of Happening Now. See, hard work pays. Good looks hep, too.

3. Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: CNN, CNN Newsroom
Twitter: @BrookeBCNN

Brooke Baldwin’s come up was quicker than most. At just 32 years old, Baldwin currently anchors CNN Newsroom at the network’s world headquarters in Atlanta. Before CNN, however, Baldwin started her career in Charlottesville, Va. She worked her way up to and eventually took anchor positions in West Virginia and Washington, DC. In 2008 she got the opportunity to join CNN, where she contributed to Rick’s List hosted by Rick Sanchez, until she took over permanently after Sanchez was fired for allegedly making anti-semtic remarks. If you’re looking for a little afternoon delight these days, tune in to the 2 – 4 p.m. edition of CNN Newsroom, where Baldwin runs the show.

Baldwin earned a double bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at UNC, she also studied at the Universidad Ibero Americana in Mexico City.

2. Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: MSNBC, NewsNation with Tamron Hall
Twitter: @tamronhall

Tamron Hall is a national correspondent for NBC’s Today. She is a day-side anchor for MSNBC and host of the program NewsNation with Tamron Hall and co-anchors the third hour of Today Show along with Roker, Morales, and Willie Geist.

Tamron Hall always had her sights set on broadcast journalism and wasted no time getting to the anchor desk. After gradating from Temple University, Hall honed her reporting skills in Dallas. However, her gig down South was only a stepping stone to a larger television market; Tamron opted for a more attractive position in Chicago. In 2007 she took her talents to MSNBC, where she served as a general reporter and fill-in anchor. Hall’s ability to host eventually led to her own show NewsNation with Tamron Hall, where she is not only respected for her intellect but also admired for her stunning looks. At second position in our list of Hottest Women News Anchors

1. Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel
Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: KTTV-TV Los Angeles
Twitter: @courtneyfriel

At top of the list of Hottest Women News Anchors is an American reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles Courtney Friel. She took on a number of host gigs before settling into her current job as a reporter in Los Angeles, Calif. She began her career as a sports anchor for GoTV Mobile Television. Sh also was a hostess for the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel and made appearances on E! Entertainment and Oxygen Channel. Before joining Fox News Channel in 2007, Friel gained notoriety when she posed for FHM and Maxim. After almost five years as a fill-in anchor and general reporter for Fox News, she announced she would be moving to Los Angeles to take on a new gig with Fox affiliate KTTV-TV in L.A. Her eclectic resume only adds to her next-level sex appeal.

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  • TMZ2

    To the poster here, Friel was let go of KTTV last month. She is currently forced to stay in LA because her husband had moved out there himself when she did and has work. If I were her I would move back to New York and find a job with another network. But, maybe since she is staying in California she will land on a show or channel.

    My top ten. Done on the fly so it is whatever came into my head.

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    • WallyF

      That’s so cool you mentioned Kerri Stowell. I actually know her! You must be from KC, too?

      • TMZ

        She is from KC and used to work in Topeka. Yes I see her on TV. She is now at WDAF after leaving KMBC.

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      She was a weather lady, but after being in many cities she moved to Kansas City and ultimately they fired her off her station in 2011 after 17 years on the air. So she went into Real Estate. But she was brought back to TV in Saint Louis, but it didn’t work out and after two years she just quit her station and moved back to KC and into Real Estate again.

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    Meygan Kelly beats them all hands down,She can do more than just read a teleprompter like many of those highlighted in this one sided article.
    Unlike her counterparts she is an accomplished lawyer and a serious newsperson,liberals hate her because she makes them answer uncomfortable questions and doesn’t stand for their standard run around answers.

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