10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

A bookcase, or bookshelf, is a piece of furniture, almost always used to store books. When you think of a bookshelf the first picture your mind creates is probably a conventional rectangular shape on the wall that has books inside of it, may be fitted with glass doors. However today we collected designs that are completely beyond boring. The designers who created these beautiful masterpieces, had to make sure the books would have room to fit, sturdy enough to withstand weight, and last but not least be visually attractive.

Your home usually represent and expresses your personality. We all have different taste and find somethings more flattering than others. We try to find things that will inspire you, give you ideas and make your home a better place to live. By adding a beautiful bookcase, you can make your home more beautiful. While it becomes easier to store digital media, it seems to become more interesting to store the real deal. Your book collection in particular says a lot about your personality, so why shouldn’t your book shelf do the same?

Today we decided to make a collection with the best bookshelfs that we gathered here. We hope that the following brilliant bookcases designs will inspire you in some form of way. Most of the bookcases are available for purchase, however others are simply concept ideas that are capable or reality. Here, below is a beautiful collection with the 10 Best, Unique Creative, Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs for stylish readers.

1. T.Shelf

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

Created by Jaewon Cho, T.Shelf (Triangular shelf) is a modular system that can be built into multiple shapes with various functions.

2. Booktree by Kostas Syrtariotis

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

Booktree by Kostas Syrtariotis, the shelf takes on the sharp of a tree, the design based on a true story.

3. A Moroccan Inspired Bookshelf Design

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

The unit is made of eight identical and interlocking components with no need for additional hardware, making it easy to assemble, and the geometry of the shelf seems to create a strong and sturdy unit. It’s both an artistic centerpiece and storage piece.

4. Twig Twig Bookcase

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

The aptly named Twig Bookcase by FAKTURA resembles the natural outline of a tree branch, and combines good ol’ gravity and thoughtful design to create an interesting, sturdy way to house your books. Made from black powder-coated steel, the Twig is a freestanding piece.

5. Cave Bookcase

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

The Cave bookshelf allows you to literally do just that. Grab a book, climb in and forget the world. The concept behind this design follows that simple idea and turns a normal bookcase into a cool piece of seating.

6. Konnex Slot-in Bookcase

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

7. Circular Walking Bookshelf

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

Screw e-books, get a circular walking bookshelf instead designed by David Garcia.

8. Spell Shelf

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

We’d love to see the living room that this matched where the seating spelled out words like “sofa”. That way there would be no mistaking what all of your furniture is used for. That is of course unless your house guests don’t speak English. Those poor saps will have to figure it out based on context.

9. Wisdom Tree

10 Cool and Unconventional Bookcase Designs

Spanish designer Jordi Milà has created the WisdomTree bookshelf. She said: “The WisdomTree is for people who see books as a source of knowledge and emotions and not simply as decorative objects. Its fluid and organic shape is inspired by growth of a plant. The books that represent the fruit of knowledge are supported by pieces covered in leather.”

10. K Workstation

K Workstation

The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit. K Workstation could be manufactured each segments for easy fabrication process and transportation, yet it could be configured with multiple possibilities.

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