10 Most Famous Logo Design With their Price Tag

A logo of a brand represents the value of that brand. People who likes some brands get attracted by their logos. Some logos represents the whole slogan of that brand some are simply a symbol or an artistic work.

Here is a list of 10 Most Famous Logo Design that represents their cost, designers and purpose.


10 Most Famous Logo Design

Logo Price:$0

Google logo was first design by Sergey Bin in 1998.This logo ws fine tuned many times but the original concept was kept same.


nike logo

Logo Price:$35

This logo was design by a free lancer Carolyn Davidson in 1971.This logo has modified by times but the original design kept intact.Later Nike give 500 shares of stock to designer which is now worth $600,000


pepsi logo

Logo Price:$1,000,000

The new logo of Pepsi was designed by Arnell group.It is in the list of most pricey logos.

London 2012 Olympics

Olympics logo

Logo Price:$625,000

London 2012 Olympic’s logo was design by Wollf ollins in 2007.

Coco Cola

coca-cola logo

Logo Price:$0

Frank Robinson design this logo in 1885.This logo is considered in list of most oldest logo.


twitter logo

Logo Price:$15

Twitter logo was designed by Simon Oxliy in 2009.It has recently changed.


bbc logo

Logo Price:1,800,000

British broadcasting corporation logo was redesign in 2007.

British petroleum

british petroleum logo

Logo cost:$211,000,000

British petroleum logo was redesigned in 2008 and it considered to be the most costly logo purchase ever.


accenture logo

Logo Price:$100,000,000

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.


next logo

Logo Price:$100,000

The NeXT logo was designed by Paul Rand for Steve Jobs in 1986.