TOP 10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

What are top 10 reasons men are better than women? The debate is perhaps the most longstanding one as men have been trying to prove their superiority over women since the beginning of time. It gave birth to masterpieces like “Men are from Mars” and “Women are from Venus”; yet either side has been unable to prove their point to an absolute extent. What reasons could men give in favor of their awesomeness? Take a look!

Top 10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women:

10. Men think sex and love are different

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

In today’s world it is very common to have sex after a few days into the relationship and yet women would call it humiliating if the guy ditched them right after having what he wanted. Men on the other hand would never curl up in fetal position and cry for the blondie who didn’t call them the next day after their one-night stand.

9. Men are stronger

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Their upper body is very strong as compared to women and to be very honest, even the world seems to be designed along this fact rather than the delicacy of women. This is probably why they make the lawn mower strings so hard!

8. The knowledge of tools

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Men can read instructions and decipher them easily. It is a part of their innate nature to understand the mechanics of how things work which is why they have DIY projects at home that women can’t do.

7. Men are solution oriented

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Men tend to move towards the solution of the problem instead of spending three hours crying, seven days worrying and three weeks talking about it to friends, parents and other people around them. Their mind immediately comes up with 12 solutions without thinking that it might be an insult to how they are feeling right now.

6. Less complicated relationships

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Because men don’t give a damn about what others think of them- they don’t worry about what they think of others either. A group of male friends can go out every weekend without worrying what the other person was wearing. This cool attitude comes naturally and makes things less complicated, including fashion!

5. The appeal in opposite gender is visual

10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

While many men will not admit it, their attraction to the opposite gender is based on looks most of the times. They will just look at the person and decide whether they want to date her or not. Women on the other hand will be unsure of this even after three years of knowing the person because they tend to find marriage material in each guy.

4. Programming electronics

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

Men and boys could program their VCRs and tape recorders in the 1970s when something went wrong. The same applies to gadgets and electronic devices in today’s time. Apparently these skills are inborn and just magically appear in every generation born.

3. Less time getting ready to go out

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

That is one point that we would definitely give them points on. They don’t need makeup, hair styling and they don’t need hours to decide what to wear. Honestly, who notices?!

2. Making babies is easy for them

Father and daughter

For men the whole process of becoming a father involves three minutes of their time. On the other end, it is the ladies who have to face 9 months of trouble for the baby to come into this world.

1. Men are not social chameleons

Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

A woman can change herself according to any gathering within a few seconds like a cult. Men are somewhat consistent and persistent in their opinions and feelings regarding anything.