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10 Things not to do towards the Wedding

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It can seem like your wedding is hanging by a thread at times – as if the smallest mishap could ruin everything you’ve spent so long planning for. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to the day before your wedding. If you are going to be bride or groom, there are still a lot of things to be prepared towards the wedding.

Well, the wedding preparations normally done a year earlier. Especially when you have a concept of its own and would like to set up a dream wedding. See also, how to handle wedding stress.

There are certain things you should avoid towards your wedding if you want your dream day to go without a glitch. Here we mention 10 of those that cannot be done towards the wedding.

Here are 10 Things not to do towards the Wedding!

Don’t Sleep Late at Night

You don’t want to look back at your wedding photographs and cringe at your puffy eyes and pallid skin, do you? Often late at night sleep will make the eyes appear dark circles area. The panda eyes were finally so your new nickname. Good sleep since childhood program, start a regular sleep until the body enough rest and the skin become so beautiful and shine. See also, 10 Things You May Not Know About Sleep.

Don’t Spicy or Strong Food

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
Whether you can hack the spice or not, it’s a known fact that too much heat when it comes to food can have a far from desirable effect on your stomach. Not only could you be dealing with a dodgy tum on the day of your wedding, you may also be facing the sweats and dizziness, not to mention excreting the aroma of your spicy meal through your pores – not ideal for the ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment. Keep things simple with a plain meal that won’t leave you running for the bathroom. See also, worst effects of junk foods.

Don’t Alcohol & Carbonated Beverages

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
Calories contained in alcohol and carbonated beverages can derange your diet. For that avoid fizzy drinks and switch to mineral water or fruit juice only.

Don’t Try New Skincare Products

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
Experimenting with new cosmetics can be a risk at the best of times, but choosing the day before your wedding to try out a new face cream or mascara could be a massive mistake.

Passionately with acne finally you try new Skincare products. As a result the skin so redness on wedding day and it is getting multiplied acne. Coping with acne problem was of treatments should be routine. It cannot be solved only in matter of weeks. If that’s the problem you’re experiencing acne skin, did better treatment early.

Don’t Hair Cut a Week Before

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
Panic shopping or changes of plan made at the eleventh hour will not result positively, and that includes a manic trip to the hairdresser. The hair is cut can take at least 2 weeks to look more natural. If you just want to improve the texture, do at least a month before the day of your wedding.

Don’t Get Facials Near The Wedding

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
Stop getting strong facials like microdermabrasions and chemical peels, atleast 2 months before the wedding day. We want to get rid of spotchiness, redness and any peeling. What you do everyday at home is enough facials for you if you started early.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
This might be the most important tip. Water alone can give you the best facial. It will clear up your skin, and get your hair shiny. During the rehearsal dinner, try to not drink as much wine & champagne, and get some water in between each toasts.

Don’t Drive Yourself Around

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
We know you’re perfectly capable of driving, but you might be a little distracted. Have a friend or family member to drive you to anywhere you need to go.

Don’t Exercise Too Hard

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding
If you hit the gym every day, by all means go for a jog the morning of your wedding — but don’t overdo it. You’ll need your energy for a night of grooving on the dance floor.

Don’t Drink or Eat Dark Foods

10 Things not to do towards the Wedding

This is a biggie. Don’t drink anything dark, or eat anything dark colored. You want your teeth pearly white, not like your Uncle’s cigar stained teeth. Invest into teeth whitening, or at least whitening strips at least one month before. It takes awhile for your teeth to be pearly, so earlier you start, the better. Avoid coffee, red wine, blueberries, high acidic food, black tea, dark colored soda, tobacco products, popsicles, etc.

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