The 10 Best Travel Apps of 2023 to Help You Travel Better

After a long break of almost three years, the world is slowly growing more comfortable for travel. People look forward to traveling in 2023 after isolating themselves all these years. However, many travelers are also experiencing some anxiety about traveling and meeting new people. Fortunately, there are applications that travelers can download and keep on their mobile phones to feel more comfortable on their journeys. These applications reduce the amount of stress experienced by a traveler. They serve different purposes: some apps keep track of travel itineraries, while others help a travel stick to their allocated budget. All these apps make travel a more enjoyable experience.

Best Travel Apps

Most useful apps to aid travelers

Today, the Android and iOS application stores offer many mobile applications with various functionalities. Many of these apps assist travelers and make their lives easier on the go. The most popular apps in this domain are listed below.

1. Pilot App

Pilot is a revolutionary travel planner. The primary purpose of the app is to help people plan travel itineraries. Users can unlock activity recommendations and discover hotels to visit and cuisines to try by simply entering their travel destination, budgets, and dates into the app. Pilot can also connect a traveler to friends or strangers traveling to the same location. As a traveler, if you are looking for travel partners, you can also find people on the platform and travel with them.

2. TripIt

TripIt is a mobile app that allows users to access all emails related to traveling from a single platform. These emails include tickets and hotel bookings, confirmation emails, and more. This app definitely makes a traveler’s life easier. One of the unique features of the application is its ability to send notifications to prompt users and stick to timelines. This feature is also popular among student travelers, who must finish their coursework before they set off on their holiday. Many students Google “Who can write my essays for me services?”, hoping to outsource their work to a trustworthy provider. Fortunately, many online services can connect you with professional writers who can write your assignments on your behalf while you travel.

3. ViaHero

ViaHero is a must-have for travelers who like to explore the local culture in the places they visit. Over the years, the app has developed a network of locals in travelers’ destinations. These locals are usually happy to host travelers and show them around their hometowns. Travelers can connect with locals if they wish to and plan an itinerary according to their interests.

4. Google Translate

Google Translate is an excellent application. Every traveler must have it on their mobile phones. The application is free to use. It has an in-built translator that offers qualitative on-the-go translations. For more advanced tasks, like translating your travel documents, you can reach out to professional translation services. For more menial tasks, the app will do the trick. Google Translate supports over 120 languages around the world. Travelers abroad can quickly open this application and look up any unfamiliar words they encounter while visiting different countries. They can also use this application to learn simple phrases in the native language of their host country.

5. FlightRadar24

For travelers flying between destinations, FlightRadar24 is a lifesaver. The app has access to an extensive database of resources about flights, airports, and more. With the help of this database, the app predicts real-time updates about flight delays, airport closures, and any cancelled or diverted flights. The app helps travelers prepare for contingencies better. Travelers can also feed their flight information on the app to get notifications and prompts that will help them stick to their schedule and not miss a flight.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is an app that every traveler has heard of at least once in their lifetime. Airbnb is a platform that helps travelers find affordable accommodation at their destinations. The app is simple to use. Hosts can list their property on the Airbnb platform. They can add pictures of the property and describe the facilities available on the property. Travelers can browse through the listings on the platform and select a property that suits their needs and budgets. Once travelers have chosen a property, hosts and travelers can mutually discuss and agree upon other details such as travel dates, number of guests, and more.

7. Google Maps

Google Maps is a navigation tool. The app reads location information available on smartphones and helps users navigate across cities and towns. By downloading this app, travelers can avoid carrying bulky maps on their travels. Users can also enable real-time traffic updates in their vicinity and plan their day to avoid traffic congestion or road blockages on a particular day. One can download Google Maps for free on both the Play Store and iOS App Store.

8. PackPoint

PackPoint is an application that can automatically create a packing checklist for you. To avail of the services of this app, users must enter the duration of their holiday, the destination, and the activities they have planned. Then, the app analyzes the input and curates a customized list of clothes, accessories, and more that you should carry on your holiday.

9. EatWith

Travelers can often enjoy traveling solo but seek company when they eat. To address such situations, developers have created a novel platform – EatWith. EatWith is a community where travelers can find local people and share a meal with them.

10. Splitwise

Splitwise is an application that documents all expenses incurred when a large group of people is traveling together. The application is very intuitive to use. To begin, one must create a group and add all travelers as members of the group. Now, whenever someone incurs a group expense, they can add details of the expense in the group and mention how the money has to be split among the members. At the end of the trip, Splitwise can automatically calculate the amount of money each group member has lent or borrowed and recommends the easiest way to settle expenses.

The Best Travel Apps
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Concluding Thoughts

Many apps are designed to improve the travel experience. All the apps mentioned above serve different functions and aid travelers in unique ways. With these apps, travelers can sigh with relief and focus on enjoying their holiday rather than stressing out over planning for it. Furthermore, most of these apps are available for free. Whether a seasoned traveler or a novice, these apps can help you plan your holiday and make you more efficient in spending resources while traveling.

About the Author – Joanne Elliot

Joanne Elliot is an avid traveler. She began traveling at 16 and still enjoys it greatly. After she explored a few destinations, she started documenting her travel via an online blog. Her goal is to help travelers be more prepared for their journeys.