Ear Piercings and Other Body Modifications

Body modifications such as piercings and other forms of body art have been around for millennia. Indeed, some of the earliest mummies ever discovered had ear piercings.

Tragus piercings are done by puncturing the thick oval-shaped cartilage flap just outside the ear canal. For optimal healing, it’s recommended to start with a stud until your tragus heals enough for you to upgrade to hoops.

The Piercing Revolution: Exploring the Fascinating World of Jewelry Shops

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Tragus Piercings

Tragus and ear Piercings

Tragus piercings are a popular choice among body piercings and can make an eye-catching statement with the right jewelry. These delicate incisions typically sit on an oval-shaped flap of cartilage outside the ear canal.

Before getting a tragus piercing, you should thoroughly clean the area with purified water and medical-grade disinfectant to guarantee it’s thoroughly clean. After that, you can select jewelry for your piercing.

Tragus piercings can be made out of a range of materials. Popular choices include gold, nickel-free titanium and stainless steel.

If you have a severe nickel allergy, your piercer may suggest titanium or another hypoallergenic metal instead. Titanium is generally safe for everyone but tends to be more expensive than stainless steel.

Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings

Nasal piercings have been a longstanding and beloved body modification that is practiced around the world. As one of the oldest types of body modification, this practice dates back centuries and can be traced back to many cultures around the globe.

The most basic type of nose piercing is the nostril piercing. This piercing is situated along the curve in cartilage that forms your nasal bridges.

Some people choose to pierce their septum as well. There are several other modifications that fall under this category, such as bridge piercings (through the nasal bridge between your eyes), rhino piercings (placed vertically at an angle through the tip of your nose) and high nostril piercings.

Before considering getting a nose piercing, it is essential to gather all relevant information regarding the procedure, aftercare and potential complications. Doing this will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether this piercing is suitable for you.

Ear Piercings


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