MLB 2024 Season: Getting To Know The Baltimore Orioles

As we gear up for the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, anticipation and excitement are building amongst fans and players alike. This year, we’re spotlighting the Baltimore Orioles, a team rich in history, brimming with talent, and poised for success.

Whether you’re an ardent Orioles fan or new to the sport, we invite you to dive in with us as we delve into the team’s roster, reflect on their past achievements, and share insights as they gear up for what promises to be a compelling season. Buckle up and get ready to know the Orioles like never before!

MLB 2024 Season

A Look at the Team’s 2023 Performance

The key to Baltimore’s success last season was youthful energy and effective pitching. They ranked 7th in the league for team ERA and 5th for bullpen ERA, with their team maintaining a commendable 3.55 ERA. These figures contributed to the Baltimore Orioles odds for the upcoming season.

Furthermore, they were 8th in staff WHIP and 9th in staff K-BB%, an achievement made even more impressive considering the absence of a recognized ace in their rotation.

This turnaround team topped the league in securing victories in games decided by a single run. The Orioles demonstrated an uncanny ability to alter their game dynamics as needed. However, this may not necessarily provide an advantage during their playoff march.

The Orioles were the standout team for “batting clutch,” a metric that evaluates a player’s performance in critical, game-changing situations.

This offense from the Orioles was phenomenally effective in these high-stress instances, ending the season with the second-best batting clutch rating of any team since the inception of the wild-card playoff in 1995.

In the 2023 season, the Orioles rose from decent to top-tier, only second to the Atlanta Braves in OPS and nearly matching the Tampa Bay Rays in batting averages during crucial instances. This wasn’t confined to the leading players. Rather, the entire Baltimore team showed an impressive level of consistency.

Rising Stars in the Team

Teamwork is the secret behind the success of any professional sports team, and MLB is no exception. In a league where individual prowess often gets the spotlight, the importance and value of team players cannot be overstated.

Beyond their contributions on the field, team players play a vital role in building and maintaining a positive team culture. They foster a sense of unity and mutual respect among team members, which can significantly impact their performance and morale.

Aside from the team’s past performances, you must also get to know the team’s rising stars. It will help you gauge the team’s capacity to win this season. The Orioles team is filled with top-rated players you need to know before the next season begins.

That said, below are the rising stars of the Baltimore Orioles that you must watch out for this coming season:

Jackson Holliday (Shortstop)

Jackson Holliday, a prominent prospect for the Baltimore Orioles, had an outstanding 2023 season. After graduating across four levels, winning the Class AAA championship, and being honored as USA TODAY’s Minor League Player of the Year, Holliday demonstrated exceptional performance.

Colton Cowser (Outfielder)

The next rising star of the Baltimore Orioles is Colton Cowser. Cowser’s knack for finding the strike zone and consistently making high-quality contact can be traced back to his university years. His average exit velocity in Triple-A exceeded 90 mph, though his average launch angle remained in single figures.

Despite his propensity for missing non-fastball pitches and his inclination towards deep counts that may make him susceptible to strikeouts, we believe his strengths outweigh these concerns. Hence, we will observe if he can adapt as required.

Coby Mayo (Third Baseman)

Another rising star player of the Orioles this season is Coby Mayo. There are ample reasons to be captivated by Mayo as a rising star. Standing at a towering 6’5″, this player not only dwarfs his competition but also boasts a substantial power that complements his stature.

Upon graduating high school,’s scouts assigned him a score of 55 for his power and 65 for arm strength using the 20-80 scale. As Mayo continues to mature and develop physically, these already impressive attributes have further improved — his power now ranks at 60, and his arm strength has risen to 70.

What To Expect for The Orioles This Season

The 2024 Orioles are set to undergo significant transformations, the most crucial being the heightened anticipation from the team and its supporters.

The remarkable leap of 49 victories from 52 in 2021 to 101 in 2023 is impossible to replicate. Including the most recent season, the franchise’s history boasts only six teams that have secured over 100 wins.

With how they ended the last season, fans and experts have high hopes for the team. Not to mention that the team also has top-rated players on their roster this season.

Should the betting experts forecast a decrease in the Orioles’ win tally dipping into the 80s, it might serve as a driving force for manager Brandon Hyde, reminiscent of the previous year when his team’s 83 victories were underestimated to slip below the .500 mark.

Nonetheless, the consensus within the baseball community is a belief in the Orioles’ sustained dominance for the foreseeable future. Even if their win count doesn’t match or exceed their previous record, the anticipation is for a minimum guarantee of a playoff spot in 2024.

Final Words

The Baltimore Orioles’ performance in the 2023 season is a testament to their growth, resilience, and potential. With the addition of their formidable roster and heightened team spirit, there is no doubt that they will continue to reach new heights this coming season and the seasons to come.