Two Interesting Outdoor Feminized Strains by Helga Green from the AskGrowers Team

Feminized Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis outdoors is incredibly gratifying, not only for the high yields and minimal operating costs. When it comes to cultivating cannabis outside, the strain and seed you select can decide whether or not you achieve success. In light of this, we have compiled a list of our top three feminized seeds for outdoor growing—cultivars available to be harvested by late September. 

Using our list, you can save yourself the headache of dealing with rain and frost in October and November. You’ll be drying, curing your harvest, and packing your jars while other gardeners check their budding buds for mold. These five strains are ideally prepared to thrive in the sun and provide good harvests of flavorful and potent buds within a clear, predictable growing timeline. Which ones do you plan to grow?

The Importance of Choosing the Right Strain for Outdoor Cultivation

When you’re choosing a cannabis strain for outdoor cultivation, speed should not be the sole consideration. Plants must also be productive, have a pleasing aroma, and produce a pleasant effect when smoked. The following characteristics should be present in your outdoor feminized seeds:

  • Easy to cultivate and maintain 
  • The seed should produce high-yielding crops 
  • Good natural resistance to diseases, mold, and pests
  • Quick flowering plants to avoid the effects of the autumn rain 
  • Great potency, aroma, and flavor 
  • A terrific effect after consumption

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Growing Weed Outdoors 

The fact that you cannot cultivate every variety of cannabis outdoors may seem unusual, considering that this herb naturally evolved outside. While it is true that cannabis is typically hardy enough to thrive outside, some of the recently developed cultivars have been created expressly for indoor growing. They may struggle with the weather, pests, or both. For instance, many specialty hybrids produced now were created in controlled indoor settings. To make sure a strain isn’t highly dependent on the accuracy of an inside grow tent, you should research a strain’s history before beginning to cultivate marijuana outdoors. 

Ideally, outdoor weed seeds should have a proven track record of mold and pest resistance. These strains ought to be tolerant to small temperature changes as well. Planting sturdy types that won’t die off after a few unexpectedly chilly nights is always beneficial because you can’t regulate the humidity and temperature outdoors. Last but not least, when selecting the best cannabis seeds to grow outdoors, you must consider your surroundings. Look at local historical statistics on temperature, precipitation, and humidity. Check the breeder’s recommended growing conditions for your desired cannabis strains against these typical ranges. After conducting some research, you should compile a short list of strains that would thrive outdoors.

Three Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Growing

Three Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Growing

Cannabis enthusiasts may have passionate opinions about what the most significant marijuana seeds are. We’re here now to give the data and facts about five feminized seeds that grow best outdoors. Before you spend money on weed seeds, we’ll provide you with the clarity and assurance you need. This study will examine the best seeds you can buy from AskGrowers’ partners based on potency, user-friendliness, yield potential, and availability. Let’s get started now.

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds 

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds 

There are many reasons for choosing Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds for your next growing project. The strain is a sativa-leaning cultivar, which makes it more convenient for outdoor growing due to the impressive height of plants. Besides, it has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks – way shorter than that of many other feminized seeds. Once the plants enter a flowering stage, the growers can enjoy a pleasant flavor mix, with shades of fruit, citrus, and diesel in the aroma. The strain is known for its uplifting effect, and 300-400g per plant are an optimal yield to get your personal stock of energy booster for the rest of the year. 

White Widow Feminized Seeds

Beginner smokers and growers frequently receive recommendations for Amsterdam’s famed White Widow strain. Although this hybrid strain tends to be more stimulating, this 1995 Cannabis Cup winner has the right balancing effect to calm the body and lessen the head-buzz rush. Compared to its sativa-dominant cousins, White Widow tends to be less susceptible to pests and mold due to its Indica genetics. This is why these plants typically thrive outdoors. However, AskGrowers experts recommend considering the feminized variant of White Widow before purchasing a package of legitimate White Widow seeds. 

White Widow is consistently ranked as the most excellent feminized version of a classic cannabis strain because it produces an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plant. White Widow may be one of the highest-yielding feminized outdoor types, with a maximum yield of about 18 oz per plant. According to AskGrowers information, White Widow typically flowers in less than eight weeks and produces delectable citrus-flavored buds with THC levels averaging 19%, meaning it has a high that lasts for a long time. The advantage of not waiting 3+ months to reap the benefits of your effort is a significant draw, even though this feminized variety isn’t as strong as the original.

Lambs Breath Feminized Seeds

Lambs Breath has its origins in Jamaica. It has a tall, branching structure with a more robust trunk and stems than other sativas. The spread between the nodes is about the same as in most equatorial strains. It stretches quite a bit vertically and horizontally during flowering, so it is a good idea to grow Lambs Breath outdoors. More remarkably, it’s believed that this strain was Bob Marley’s favorite. We can understand why a musician could enjoy it now that we are aware of the strong creative edge this strain provides. Given its ease in propagating and maintaining, AskGrowers experts recommend choosing Lambs Breath Cannabis Seeds (Cup Winner) for their outdoor cannabis farming.

Lambs Breath feminized seeds are even better because they will produce plants with higher yield potential than regular or autoflower seeds do. Lambs Breath also contains a potent 25% THC dosage, and the high can last up to 8 hours. However, you should be aware that this strain has a strong flavor. You should grow this strain indoors if you want grower discretion. The fact that this hybrid feminized strain can flower in as little as seven weeks is exceptionally convenient. Additionally, Lambs Breath develops trichome-rich buds that are excellent for creating concentrates and oils.

A single plant can produce 500 grams of buds or more outdoors, depending on a range of variables, including the sunlight quantity and intensity, the size of the growing pot, the substrate’s quality, the irrigation frequency, and the grower’s skill. When cultivated outdoors, Lamb’s Breath is typically harvested around the end of October in the northern hemisphere, resembling a Haze hybrid rather than pure sativa. 


Outdoor cannabis cultivation presents several challenges, but the return on investment makes it more than worthwhile. Plus, it is a much more pleasant environment to observe your crop’s development. Nothing beats watering, feeding, and pruning plants as the sound of birdsong fills the air and the sun’s warm rays. To achieve an optimal outdoor harvest, it is critical to begin with the right genetics. So, if you’re a newbie farmer, we recommend trying one of the three strains we’ve just discussed to enjoy an easy, predictable cultivation experience. 

The author of this article is Helga Green, an expert in cannabis growing and consumer product selection at AskGrowers. Helga is a passionate advocate of the cannabis industry dedicated to sharing her tips and best practices with everyone interested in venturing into cannabis cultivation and reaping the medicinal and recreational benefits it brings.