Top 10 Biggest Pakistani Scandals

Pakistan as a country has faced a lot of scandals in the past. The scandals did not only weaken the reputation of the country in the world but also weaken the economy of the country. Out of all the scandals, top 10 biggest Pakistani scandals have been the worst of all times.

1. Memogate Scandal

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

Memogate scandal refers to a suspected letter sent to the American High command by Hussain Haqqani who is a Pakistani Ambassador in America. He has been getting all the privilege from the government of Pakistan. According to the reports, he had been accused of protecting the reliant interests of the USA in Pakistan by giving Visas to CIA agents like Ramond Davis.

2. Lal Masjid Operation

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

The Lal masjid operation also named as the Seige of Lal masjid was a confrontation between the government led by General Pervez Musharraf and the militants of Islamic fundamentalist in July 2007. The main factors of the operation were the Jamia Hafsa Madarasa and the Lal Masjid. Since the year 2006, the masjid and the madarasa were being run by the Islamic fundamentalists and were carrying unethical acts in the name of Shaira. The operation caused the rebel in the Talibans across the Afghanistan border.

3. Aafia Siddiqui Case

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

Aafia siddiqui is a Pakistani national who did her studies in neuroscience in the USA. She went to the USA in the year 1990 and got her Ph.D in the year 2001. She returned back in the year 2003 and in the month of march 2003, she was accused of having terms with Al-Qaida and was placed on the wanted list by FBI. She disappeared and then was arrested in Afghanistan and was accused of making chemical bombs and also murdering several people. She was sentenced 86 years in the prison.

 4. Abbottabad Operation

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

The abbottabad operations involves the killing of Osama bin Laden who was the head and the founder of Al-Qaeda. He was killed in Pakistan in the year 2011 on May 2.  The US army invading the residence of Osama in Abbottabad carried out the operation. The US army then buried the body in the sea and the death caused uproar in the Al-Qaeda and also in the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan against the US army and Pakistan for not stopping the operation.

5. Mukhtaran Mai Scandal

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

Mukhtar Mai who was apparently ganged raped around eight years ago has ample amount of money today collected from the NGOs and western Embassies. The government inspectors invaded her NGO and school in her hometown as they caught her using electricity by illegal means to run her business. Her brothers beat up the inspectors and also threatened them about the bad consequences.

6. Raymond Davis Scandal

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

Raymond Davis is a former American soldier who was accused of killing 2 armed men in Lahore on January 27 2011. However, Davis was arrested under the criminal charge and the illegal possession of the arms.  He was released on March 16, 2011 after the families of the killed men were given $2.4 million as a monetary compensation for the murder.

7. Rental Power Case

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

The Rental power case is linked with Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who was a minister of power and water. He was a senior leader in the PPP. He was linked with the rental case and was accused of taking the loan for the power plants and not using the money on the projects. On 15 January 2013, the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave him an arrest order.

8. Cricket Spot-Fixing Scandal

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

This scandal of the year 2010 revolves on the few cricketers of the national team of being accused to take bribes from Mazhar Majeed who was bookmaker. The reason they took the bribe was to underperform in Test match in England. Under cover journalists videotaped Mazhar Majeed secretly accepting the money and telling the reporters that the fast bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif will bowl no ball at few moments in the match. The ICC banned the three players Salman butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif for 5 to 10 years.

9. Shahzaib Murder Case

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

Shahzeb Khan Murder case is about the murder of a university student on December in the year 2012 in Karachi. This murder sparked fire all around the country with people protesting against the killing largely.  The murderers Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur were sentenced death but later the family of Shahzeb Khan lifted the case asking the court to parden the murders in the name of Allah.

10. Imran Farooq Murder

Biggest Pakistani Scandals

The former senior leader and member of MQM Imran Farooq was dead in September 2010 in London. The murder seemd a politically motivated plot as there were rumors of him splitting the MQM party. He was killed while he returned back from the work. There was a brick and a  kitchen knife found at the murder scene.  The rumors said that he was killed because he was leaving MQM and was planning to set up a rival party.

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