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Top 10 Child Prodigies with Distinctive Talents

We have heard of the world’s brainiest people as well as the most intelligent, measured by their IQ’s etc. Intelligence however isn’t defined by age and neither is maturity. The world seems to be placing more focus and attention on Adult men and women with brains, its common that as one grows, they become more mature and wiser than they were at fifteen years old but it’s not often that we get somebody Ten years old or younger that’s matured in such an advanced stage that it is even with the maturity level of a Thirty year old, if not wiser than some would be. Child prodigies represent the genius within a child that one would usually expect in an adult, their potential Is generally realized at a very early age and if preserved and maintained as well as nurtured, it would most certainly be highly beneficial to the child genius later on in their lives, the possibility and capacity that one’s knowledge can hold is virtually endless!

10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Child Composer)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In terms of Classical music, there is an intense level of mastery in each sound that needs to be maintained, refined and sang with precision of vocal and instrumental. Mozart as we know his music has been famous for centuries. An artist at such a young age however has somewhat been forgotten by people of today, in fact, some probably haven’t even heard of him till now. It’s a fact that youngsters of this era do not appreciate the classical sound of real music and definitely don’t see the art in the combination of vocalization according to the tune of the various instruments played simultaneously throughout. In order to hear this, one must have the ears of a real music listener in order to appreciate the sound produced. Mozart has written his first piece of music at the age of Five while some kids at the age of Eight, still cannot write their names correctly. Child prodigy he was and even recognized by the greatest of the great in classical Music, such as Luciano Pavarotti.

9. Karina Oakley

Top 10 Child Prodigies
A brainbox toddler with an IQ of 160 has stunned experts. Karina Oakley, aged two, of Guildford, enjoys dressing up and playing with her toys like other little girls, but an expert child psychologist has found her mental age is the equivalent of a child between the age of four and five. She is pictured with mum Charlotte.

Little girls are known to play with dolls, tea sets, and be interested in Barbie and cartoons perhaps and they can go at it all day long just as Karina but with a little twist. Karina, being the only child of the Fraser family is extremely intelligent and mature for her age and her age really wouldn’t matter once you hear her speak as she can engage in an adult level conversation with proper speech mannerisms that even the older kids lack in terms of creative context, sentence structure and vocabulary too. Recognized as a child prodigy and of her incredibility by a child psychologist, she has been taken for an IQ test which eventually turned out to stun her mum with a number as high as 160! Which I believe is definitely more than the average child’s brain and thinking capacity power. Having this gift of knowledge and a hyperactive brain, is highly uncommon in other kids as she actually maneuvers that into constructive thinking instead of just restless wasted energy or blurting out a string of things that don’t make sense. (Source).

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8. Jennifer Pike

Top 10 Child Prodigies
Top 10 Child Prodigies – Jennifer Pike.

While this young women, certainly isn’t a ‘child’ prodigy anymore, she most certainly has been when she was younger. Now all grown up into a mature young women, grabbing the attention of many young men her age around the world with the captivating sound of her Melodic violin approach to music has landed her the title of being “Former BBC Young Musician of the year”. Being a violinist isn’t easy and certainly not something any random person can pick up and play, at least with a piano, if you’re new to it, you could run your fingers across the keys and figure out what tune sounds nice yet with a violin, it requires a certain bit of art within your hand movements in order to invoke or capture the feelings of somebody or rather play a symphony of harmonic vibes that’s powerful enough to harp on the heart strings of that person, this is a psychedelic reaction which is priceless without physically getting to somebody. Jennifer’s talent kicked off in BBC as young as 12 years of age and her violin success is greater than what some adults may have attempted to achieve.

7. William James Sidis

William James Sidis - Top 10 Child Prodigies.
William James Sidis – Top 10 Child Prodigies.

Mathematics in general is enough, by only hearing the name of the subject to wreck somebodies brains and immediately switch them off concentration if they’re somebody that isn’t intellectually conditioned to work fast with numbers or to remember formulas. Mathematics in general are all formulated and theory based by a compilation of simple Math’s rules which eventually bring you down to the solution of any equation. It’s an Art of using the parts of your brain that you don’t usually tap into in order to think about stuff, this is where advanced thinking is required and where Child prodigy ,William James of the 19th Century has topped it. Starting to read concise English at the age of 2 and at four, typing original French work and didn’t take him very long where at the age of five, where most boys his age would be playing with toys, throwing tantrums or sleeping, he was devising his first formula, where he’d ingeniously be able to name the day of the week for any given historical date. Now this is what we can simply call “Brainiacs’ and a child of god gifted mental abilities. The boy was such a genius at just 12 years old, his landed himself in University level, which is the common age for being in Primary school in general. Not just any University, he went to Harvard at the age of 12.Brilliance of a child is measured by his ability to yield his time, constructively to gain as much knowledge about as many things as possible.

6. Andrew Halliburton

Andrew Halliburton - Top 10 Child Prodigies.
Andrew Halliburton – Top 10 Child Prodigies.

Andrew Halliburton isn’t your average nerdy kid who you can push around and take for granted. Many young kids underestimate somebody or drill them for being extremely intelligent, what is it with kids who look down on brilliant students instead of learning a thing or two from them, but even that wouldn’t fill their pea brains simply because they don’t have a willingness to learn. Andrew has developed a learning ability on his very own and has been absolutely at this ‘learning thing’ since before he turned two and to his advantage, turned genius by the age of 8 at which he has been studying math’s with secondary pupils. This is round about the biggest jump anybody can take in terms of their academic careers and lucky him, having to skip so many years in school or to have wasted his time learning things he already probably knew. During the ‘bigger’ stages of his life, he has managed to attain a lot and being absolutely humble rather than the ones who think “they know it all” which is something we can really admire him for.

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5. Niall Thompson

Top 10 Child Prodigies
Niall Thompson – Top 10 Child Prodigies.

Maths! Maths! Math’s! … In school, don’t you get tired of seeing numbers or being twisted by the amount of formulas and their complexity that you’d have to remember? Ever had that problem where you think you solved a genius problem by putting together a whole lot of things that made sense in your mind at that particular time yet when you got the answer sheet, it looked nothing like how you ‘summed everything up’? The good news however is that, you are not alone, as the problem of Maths is everywhere. Not everybody is a genius like Andrew or has the natural ability to be up to some high standards In Mathematics ability like Niall Thompson could. Niall is an average teenager like everybody else, an ordinary boy, with extraordinary abilities! Smack that! Yes his all on the floor when it comes down to solving some major Maths problems. Which is particularly why we leave the geniuses to do their Genius thing. Young Mr. Thompson however due to his intelligence at Mathematics at an early age like Andrew, has hit Cambridge University and is pursuing a degree there too and is to his advantage going to finish University well before his peers even begin.

4. Megan Ward

Child genius Megan Ward
Child genius Megan Ward.

We’ve heard about the Mathematician child prodigies, the ones who are excellent at Concise English and intellect etc, yet we haven’t heard of Megan Ward, who is also a little girl like Karina yet with a little more of an inventive mindset. Both aren’t to be compared as they are highly competitive amongst each other and would probably form a little girl union or bonded alliance and devise a stringent strategy on how to attack the one who made them compete. It’s a burst of intelligence, wit, imagination, creativity that these little kids have brewing like cast iron inside them that really tire somebody out, just by listening, tiring out in a sense that the amount of intelligence exhibited and brilliant ideas expressed in the spur of the moment as they speak would amaze somebody to maximum lengths. It’s not often, in fact absolutely rare that we’d have a young child, as little as Ten or 12 that would be able to give you a legendary suggestion of how to do something better and actually have that idea patented into an invention like prodigy child Megan Ward did with her Anti-Smoking key-ring that’s actually in production today as we speak. And what makes her even more extraordinary is not her age, but being dyslexic, she still is a perfectly normal god’s child like every other child on earth and what a brilliant revolutionary and visionary mindset she has. If at such a tender age she is devising Anti-Smoking plans of invention, imagine the change she would bring to the world at age 15 or 20, we are ought to see but with absolutely no doubt that she is to reach an immense amount of unparalleled success in her age group, even topping people older than her.

3. Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith Top 10 Child Prodigies
Gregory Smith – Top 10 Child Prodigies

When the world anticipates which child, young, aspiring, inspiring, motivating, captivating, exhibiting of knowledge that is stronger than most mediocre mindsets, one of the names that will surely pop for consideration to become the next President of the country or Major Youth leader will be Gregory Smith. It takes a brave fellow to stand in front of his classroom and speak to people his age but with a higher wisdom ,that’s an equal to the teacher of that classroom or even higher but it takes a visionary, somebody with the same Tenacity as Martin Luther King Jr. But with the only difference of being in the body of a 14 year old to realize something from his own humanitarian mindset, devise a plan of action, be the change he wanted to see, fight for that cause and to be able to reach out and get his desired message across on a global spread while making an impact and creating an effective change at the same time. Gregory Smith, two-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize ,Already has a career as a motivational speaker and a recognition of world magnitude for being an advocate for Children and peace. Gregory Smith was a child prodigy when he started off and one of the most motivational, inspirational ones of his kind and still today living up to his course ,hasn’t stopped what he initially started fighting for and the world is to see greater peace by his leadership too. Greg is now an adult and has come a long way in his career at which he never let his age define. He realized his fate, went out and set fire to his future path of righteousness.

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2. Kim-Ung-Yong

Kim-Ung-Yong Top 10 Child Prodigies
Kim-Ung-Yong – Top 10 Child Prodigies.

Who said that Asian people are only good at Kung Fu? The problem with the world is that they always going by perceptions and common norms of others and stupidly judging somebody, by somebody else’s ideologies and not with their own sense of discretion and judgment or at least giving them a trial of which to prove themselves. Kim Ung Yong was a former child prodigy a few decades ago and is currently many things that others are still thriving to become, he was there well before anybody and at an extremely tender age, around the same as everybody else, yet with the only difference of topping up a notch in 10s or 100s in terms of having a staggering and rather shocking IQ level of 210! This guy seriously took his life to many turns from the time he could talk, which was the age of 6 Months by the way and by his third birthday, able to read multiple languages such as: Korean of course, Japanese, German and English and by the age of Four, able on live television to solve Mathematical equations of extreme intensity, NASA came looking for him! When he was in his teens for a position to work there and serve them at which he did for another four years as a researcher well respected by NASA’s greatest. Kim eventually realized his true purpose and decided to pursue the more finer things in life, the extremely simple and ordinary as a man with no self-praise or wanting to gain fame from the world, yet still Kim has managed to attain extremely high medals of honor in his career as whatever he aspired to be.

1. Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal Top 10 Child Prodigies
Akrit Jaswal – Top 10 Child Prodigies.

Akrit has earned his place at number 1 on the Top 10 Child Prodigies list purely for something that is absolutely remarkable and with linkage to his name. The average Doctor, regardless of which ever country they live in, by medical qualification requirement is to serve 7 years of practice which is a long time in order to be established in the medical field of professionals who probably have more than 30 years of actual experience in various different fields of expertise in the Medical sector. Akrit is a young boy, very very young, who hasn’t reached puberty as yet in India and is the Youngest Child Surgeon in the world! Un-Freaking-Believable! The question is though, would you allow him to operate your body? Let’s find out how competent he is in his field of expertise. When you’re a seven year old kid ,most curious minded boys would open up their toy cars to inspect the elements of how it operates and which cord goes where, or what each part does etc. But Akrit on the other hand, as brave as he is, found it more interesting to open up somebodies body and inspect their inside organs and elements which could mean by a simple careless jerk while holding that surgical knife, could snap a vital part of somebodies body, leading them to death. Akrit can be given the utmost amount of credit for his bravery in this department, and his confidence in himself and his abilities. The brilliance of these kids get better and better. India is famously known worldwide for its strong spiritual beliefs and god gifted children. Akrit, blessed with a wealth of intelligence so high that it outshines many of the others his age, younger and older than him too. Mathematicians can work out some Maths examples by using a few memorized formulas mixed with their own Logic, great English speakers can flourish their vocabulary by reading the dictionary and other literature works of art but can a Child as young as 7 operate bodies and without any carelessness or medical degrees or formal qualifications etc.? Not very often. He can ultimately be considered as the only one of his kind in his category since we don’t hear of other seven year old in this field of expertise, yes they are the ones generally operated by unfortunate circumstance but never the ones doing the actual operating. Working with a human body Is extremely delicate in terms of the actual internal organ process and takes years of experience, knowledge of the body as well as the bravery of a fully grown man with the strongest of minds in order to successfully pull off without any nervousness or slip ups (figuratively and literally). Akrit seems to have had the jest of life since his birth, literally. Starting to walk first, crawling seemed beneath his true ability and skipped that, started speaking in his 10th month where the only thing you’d hear from babies that age is crying and other blabbery nonsense and at five started reading Shakespeare and at 7,performed his first ‘operation’ on a girl a year older than him whose fingers were joined. Akrit is now hailed as a medical genius in India, after his first successful operation on another girl which he chanced an succeeded at. Akrit is a child prodigy that I hope inspired everybody regardless of age that as long as you have a mind that can store information and if you’re able to make reference to it later on, its container becomes infinite.

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