Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024

The Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed many businesses and grown many new business opportunities. The world is changing and its needs also and if you want to live a luxury lifestyle in this new world then you should find a new business that could also operate online and is safe from market risks.

Many of the YouTubers and freelancers have become millionaires in this lockdown because they can work online without going out of their home. Below we have listed 10 small business ideas that you can start in 2024 with very low investment and risk.

10 Great Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024:

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10. Growing Your Following

If you have targeted people that are interested in your niche then you can earn millions from that. Following doesn’t mean becoming a politician or an actor or actress. Growing your following means growing your followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and becoming a digital influencer.

Instagram and YouTube influencers have earned millions just in 2020 without stepping out of their home. So you just decide what is interesting for you and you have more fun doing that work than start it on social media platforms and in just 3-6 months you will grow a good following and convert them into your customers and source of earning.

9. Sell handcrafted and homemade goods

The new generation prefers art and quality rather than the name of a brand. If you have any talent or you are an artist or have business you can start selling them on platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon and more and earn hundreds of dollars and even thousands of dollars from your art. Selling online is not difficult and you can start it just by investing 50-100 dollars and grow your business by time.

8. Build your own beauty and fashion brand

If you love fashion and beauty then you can earn easily. It’s one of the great small business ideas! You don’t need to manufacture your own products or manage shopping and else. You just open your online store and buy products from other vendors at low price and sell them under your branding or you can collaborate with a dropshipper and he will manage everything.

Just grow your following through social media and promote your brand more and more and target a group of people that are interested in your products and you are all done to start earning.

7. Sell a service

It is not the normal business you see around you because that business sells products. If you have any talent whether it is programming, photography, writing, copywriting, taking, or you are a good advisor then you can start to sell your service on freelancing platforms and later on set up your own business by connecting different freelancers and giving services to big businesses.

It is quite easy but not that much easy because you will still need to work hard. But the good thing is that you have to work only for the limited hours you want and you are your own boss. The payments are also instant and you can receive money on time without any fraud and as overtime you will be experienced than you will earn more and more money day by day.

best online business ideas
best online business ideas

6. Start a charitable business

Starting a non-profit organisation is not the only way to help the world for a better life. If you have a mission and follow it and put some profit aside for a cause, it gives many social entrepreneurs a unique and better way to position their company in the market and this is the biggest issue for any business.

According to a survey, 89% of customers prefer to shift to a new brand that has similar products and if they are working for a good cause. Many entrepreneurs sell online businesses and you can partner with them or start your own digital business as soon as you are working for a good cause.

5. Start your own Print on Demand Business

If you are a designer or even if you are not a designer you can start a print on demand business. You can sell print on demand t-shirts, greeting cards, bags, bedsheets and more. You don’t need to set up your own printing factory or take stress for shipping because it will be the headache of the company which you will choose as your print on demand products manufacturing company.

Some of the famous are:- Merch By Amazon, Redbubble, Teespring and more (It is not a promotion of these websites). All you need is a good design and you are good to go to start your own Print on Demand Business.

4. Create Digital Products or Courses

If you didn’t like any of the businesses mentioned above then you can start creating your own digital products and sell them. And if you don’t know how to create Digital products and have a good amount of knowledge about any topic whether it is earning or anything else you can create your own digital courses.

And if you can’t do anything above two then you can pay a freelancer to program a digital product for you and then you can sell it in the market and earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Just what you need is a good product.

3. Launch your own book

If you are a writer then you can publish your own book. You can write literally anything you love and even about your life, your problems, your experience and more. There are some of the top book sellers that became millionaires from launching their own books.

But just keep in mind to publish quality content because people see quality more than your profile, status and niche. You can write a book on some of the most popular niches like Health, luxury lifestyle, sports, fashion, beauty and more. One of the best small business ideas to launch your book.

2. Become a content creator

The Internet has opened thousands of opportunities for content creators. Today if you love to produce content like writing, marketing, advising people or anything you can start your own website and start publishing blogs or can choose YouTube and publish quality videos of whatever you love. I know tens of bloggers and even hundreds of bloggers out there that are making thousands of dollars every month and establishing their own businesses.

If you love gaming then you can start a gaming blog or YouTube channel. PewDiePiE loves commenting on games and today he is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels with more than 110 million subscribers. If we talk about 2020 then PewDiePiE earned around $19 million in a single year.

1. Create Your Own Apps

Creating apps can be quite costly but they are the most easy and reliable source of earning. The app industry is growing daily and thousands of app creators are earning thousands of dollars. Candy Crush is a simple game and earns over $800,000 every single day and has over 1 Billion Downloads.

If you are a developer then you can earn without investing a huge amount and start by investing only a sum of 50 dollars. TikTok is a free app and today its market cap is more than $300 Billion.

TikTok has become a part of our daily routine and we all normally use TikTok for an average of 15 mins daily. The app market is growing daily and there is a chance to jump in this market. So don’t be late and make your own app today and start earning soon.