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10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

We come across countless quotes saying that beauty lies within a person, it lies in the eyes of person looking at beauty. it is actually in the soul and so on. Yet we insist that beautiful are things that seem appealing to the eyes. Here is a list of  top 10 countries in the world which are said to have the most beautiful women. Let’s take a look:

10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

10. Philippines

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Liza Soberano – The Philippines Beauty.

The Philippines people are well known for their good attitude and sweetness but there is another side to this country. It has the most wins in the “Big Four International Beauty Pageants”. See the top 10 list of most beautiful Filipina female stars.

9. Britain

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Helen Flanagan – The most beautiful British woman.

British women of today are a mix of different cultures which is why they come in various skin tones and looks. They are educated, well mannered and to top it all- beautiful. Checkout the list of 10 most beautiful British women.

8. United States of America/Canada

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Eugenie BouchardHottest Canadian Tennis Player.

American women are fun, independent and they know how to take care of themselves. Out on the streets of Miami, NY and Los Angeles you will see many beautiful women who know how to care for themselves because of the advancements in science and technology. We will take Canadian and American women on the same level. Have a look at top ten most beautiful women in Canada.

7. Netherlands (Dutch Women)

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Doutzen Kroes – The Most Beautiful Dutch Woman.

With an average height of 5’7” and blonde hair, Dutch woman deserve to be at the 7th place in the list of countries with the most beautiful women of the world. Checkout the list of Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models.

6. Italy

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Most Beautiful Italian Model Cristina Chiabotto.

When you talk about classy beauties, you talk about Italian women who are up to date in fashion, style and makeup. Mostly brown-eyed, they know how to carry themselves. See also; 10 Most Beautiful Italian Women.

5. Venezuela

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Norelys Rodriguez – The Venezuelan Beauty.

Ladies from this country have the most crowns from international beauty contests and their tall, slim bodies always make it to the top contestants each year.

4. Russia

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Hottest Russian Model Irina Shayk.

Have you seen the Attorney General of Russia? That should give you an idea of the beauty in the country. Russian women possess a mix of western and eastern features in the form of high cheekbones, broad and tall bodies with blonde hair. See the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Models.

3. Ukraine

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Beautiful Ukrainian Woman Ani Lorak.

While Ukraine and Russia are essentially the same, we see that women of Ukraine are prettier than those from Russia. (Our bigger vote is still for their Attorney General though!) Checkout the list of Ukraine’s 10 most beautiful women.

2. Brazil

Countries With The Most Beautiful Women
Adriana Lima – The Most Beautiful Brazilian women.

Brazilian women are known for their interest in socialization and tradition. Knowing how to carry themselves, they play a major role in the festivals that place in the country each year. The country holds the finest women of the world. See the list of 10 Beautiful Brunettes in The World.

1. Turkey

Meryem Uzerli Sexiest Turkish Woman
Meryem Uzerli – The Sexiest Turkish Woman.

Turkey makes the top of our list when it comes to beautiful women and why shouldn’t it? They are photogenic with beautiful figures and carry themselves around with a grandeur that can only be linked to the kings and queens of the Turkish history. If you have a doubt, follow Turkish soaps and operas on TV!

Hope you enjoyed! You may also like to read about 10 most romantic nationalities around the globe.

  • Roger Snowden

    This is nonsense. Leaving Romania off the list, yet including Britain is absurd.

    • Attila Si Claudia

      you are right

    • Andrea Bianchi

      including USA is absurd, Brithish women are very beautiful

      • Roger Snowden

        American women tend to have much better teeth.

        • Andrea Bianchi

          That’s a myth my friend. Statistics actually says British people have way healthier teeth. Look it up.

          • Roger Snowden

            I didn’t say “healthier”, I refer to attractiveness. Live both places for years, and I assure you, U S women overall have much nicer teeth.

          • Andrea Bianchi

            I too have lived in both and can assire you the contrary.

          • Roger Snowden

            Sure, but how many women’s teeth have you closely examined?

  • Edyta Król

    Have you ever been to Holland or UK?
    Come to Poland to see beautiful women.

    • pinar

      Go to Turkey to see all the beautiful women with elegance and class

      • ameer jabril

        or not

    • Imran Mian

      100% agree my ex girl friend was polish .she was is most beautiful girl n nice heart . am still feel her.

  • Hermeticius

    You should have included Korean women on the list.

    • Alodien Braveshine

      Korean are so ugly! Flat faces flat noses

      • Widenose Privilege

        This 1000 times.

    • Yabtesga Birhanu

      So beautiful, and really stylish. Yes I vote Korean all the way

  • Tony Ahlgren

    That list is way OFF, were the hell are the woman from Sweden, or Finland or even Norway. Wow, talk about fuxked up list. Who made these

    • Widenose Privilege

      Sweden used to have the most beautiful women up until they were swamped with diversity and rapists.

  • pinar

    Finally the world realizes Turkey has the most beautiful women in the world

    • Tekin Türk

      what a funny! beautiful women and Turkish girls! two opposite things! think twice!
      meltem uzerli is german woman. his mother is German. it is reality.
      Turkish womens are in the photo 🙂 look an think 🙂

      • Said Safi

        But who is her father…

      • Zaziza

        Hey man if you have any problem with beautiful independent Turkish woman it’s all your fault buddy think twice

      • John Orford

        I don’t know where you took this photo – in the south-east? Not in Istanbul, certainly

      • hadji miran

        You stupid idiot Im sure your mother is Turkish as well as your name is. Turkish women are pretty, you cant say they arent just becuse they choose to cover their hair and body. Btw Meryem Uzerli is Turkish, her father is.

    • ameer jabril

      if your blind maybe. Been to turkey and the maker of this list is seriously full a shit.

    • John Orford

      Possibly the fattest – Turkish men like their women that way.

      • Jerry Rigg

        hey who doesn’t like to eat a fat turkey

    • Justsayinitlikeitis

      No the world does’nt, you can’t speak for the world only for those who you have seen actually expressing this opinion here and so far have only counted the writer of this article, the black guy and you

  • Paul Skye Karim Kahawaty

    You should have used Beren Saat’s photo instead, ’cause she’s Turkey’s Most Beautiful. South Korea or India should have been listed instead,however, Liza Soberano is absoulutely very very beautiful.

  • sandeep

    Only a few women are beautiful in every country.

  • shaikhnutiur rahman

    Mahira Khan ?

    • Ra Up

      she is not that beautiful…

    • hadji miran


  • Settle Down, Beavis!

    I agree with this list. I am a black guy engaged to a Turkish girl and lovin it.

    I also would have listed Persian and Pakistani women as well.

    • Kaka

      True, Pakistani and Persian girls are beautiful too, also Lebanese and Egyptian.

  • Venice

    Just remove Britain and add India instead, just my opinion 🙂

    • Your Dad

      Lol this retard ^^ Indian women are ugly as fuck man, would rather make out with a turtle mate…..

      • progressiveBG

        agree….most Indian women are UGLY ! UGLY & More UGLY. maybe one in 1,000 are good looking..

        • asd

          How ignorant you are.

        • asd

          and clearly racist.

        • asd

          must be american dog or bitch

      • Arriana

        Wow looks like we found another sucker who’s jealous of our modest yet infamous Indian beauty over here!!!

        • Jerry Rigg

          infamous wasn’t what you meant

      • Madhusmita Panda

        Then u should make out with a turtle then…….

      • Widenose Privilege

        You must have not seen many Indian women. Their facial features are often stunning.

  • Akina

    Philipine has Miss Universe last year, doesn’t mean their women are most beautiful in the world. Non sense! Where is Swedish in the list?

    • kenzo

      no offence but swedish women aren’t prettier

    • jasper


      • Hasinah

        That wasn’t Racist but that was a fact.

    • John Orford

      Agreed – I live there. But the MissWorld candidates are just standardised commercial products. The women in the small towns are natural and really beautiful.

  • Akina

    Ukrainian is prettier??? you kidding me! most of them look scary like bride of chucky.

  • Aventador244

    I still think America has the hottest. The picture they showed didn’t represent American girls well

    • Jackson

      Yeah…. I don’t think so LMAO
      Too many fatties and too many anger management chicks that try to act like men.
      The femininity is way low over here.
      Source : Being born and raised in the U.S.

      • Ben Halloway

        There are a lot of overweight women but there are also a lot of attractive women. Just look at the average American sorority.
        Source: Being born and raised in the U.S.

    • Yabtesga Birhanu

      Ehhhemmm have you been elsewhere perhaps east Africa ?

  • Михайло

    “Ukraine and Russia are essentially the same”??? Just because they are next to each other? Are you nuts? Why don’t you say Germany and France are essentially the same? And who’s “their” attorney general you mean? This slot from the occupied Crimea? Very smart…

    • John

      Russians and Ukrainians are ethnically the exact same people, including Belarusians. Ukraine didn’t even exist before 1917 when the jew bolshevik communists created a fake republic called “Ukraine” (which simply means
      “country side region” ). Before that it was always called Little Russia or Malorossiya. You are just one of those nasty disgusting west Ukranian Neo Nazis the same crazies who worshipped and still worship Hitler and Bandera and think they are some separate ancient culture and “above everyone else”. Do everyone a favor and get lost.

      • Михайло Кричевський

        Ukrainians are ethnically totally different from the group of people called themselves “russian”. In fact there is no such ethnicity as “russian” exists. Russians (as an adjective, in opposite to ALL other nationalities called as noun) we called so by Peter I, describing people under his power and loyal to his throne. Nothing else. That includes finnish tribes of golad, muroma, merja, mordva, rzja and so on… While Ukrainians are slavic people. Like Poles, Czechs, Slovenians, Slovaks. Just check any map of the ancient Europe. Oooops, sorry, you “russians” were not in Europe. Anyway, just check any Asian maps, you’ll find you in there. No russia, no russians. Just Great Tartaria. Old maps don’t lie, boy, maps don’t lie.

        • shubhra

          Indian girls and women are most beautiful.

          • hadji miran

            yakk. They look like men with boobs to me. And they are not handsome even so.

        • Lins Aliston

          “Makhailo” – it is not politic blog, dont post your stupid phrases here. Ukranian whores in poland are so beautiful…

  • Pussin BOOTS

    I am not an indian but dude india should’ve been on this list.

    • Syed

      one shd delete all the posts from the profile before commenting such things.. 😛 😛 😛

    • Sandra Dunkley

      I agree Indian women are indeed very BEAUTIFUL

      • Iran

        only their actresses are beautiful…

        • Hasinah

          Because most of them have done surgery except Shraddar Kapoor and Deepika

      • Widenose Privilege

        Best hair in the world.

    • Garry

      Yeah you are right

    • burenbayar

      just 1 in 1000 might

    • Nice Boy

      indian woman should be in the list of most blackest of the world

    • anupama


  • Corey

    Most British women look very butch lately and plastic. ( nothing like Emma Watson) Too much tranny make up, crazy tanning , fake hair, plastic surgery and trying to fit into tiny skimpy outfits when they are clearly too over weight for them. This is just my impression of British women after spending 3 weeks in England and 1 week in Wales as a tourist.

    • Widenose Privilege

      Emma Watson looks like a guy in drag, I have no idea why people consider her attractive. Total man face.

  • Ian

    All White. Title should have been “10 Countries With The Most Beautiful WHITE Women”.

    • Jasper

      Filipinos in the Philippines have a fair complexion

    • Helen Tesfalem

      I agree.

  • HyperNick

    LOL.STUPID LIST.Turkey women sucks!With all the respect,the are not even beautiful!You know that 4% of the turkey women are beautiful ? You should have put Italian or Greek women instead of turkey.Much more sexy and pretty women.

  • venkat rao

    Yes usa got hot women British must be removed include Australia or Japan has good looking teenage girls

  • Oliveira Miradinha

    Kkkkkkkkkkk are u kidding me???? I was in turkey and women Has big nose, not cute face, totally weird

  • ShakaZulu

    No African women?

    • ameer jabril

      Bingo! 100% eurocentric post!

    • Widenose Privilege

      For good reason. This is supposed to be a serious article, not a joke after all..

  • dingflofbipsious

    DUTCH IS NOT A COUNTRY! Wherefore art thou editorial staff?

  • ElGatoNegron

    Colombia ……nut said

  • Bondarchuk Jameson

    What a load of crap! All the photos are of young made up tarty women, how does this represent the women of any country?

  • ameer jabril

    what is not said about turkish women in this list is that the only beautiful turkish gils you will see their r on its soap operas.


    omg! where are Indian girls in the list…..

    • Hasinah

      Maybe Dead…. Lolxx


    Indian girls are the most besutiful in the world.

    • Hasinah


      • asd


        • Hasinah

          Indian and Pakistan doesn’t deserve to be in this list.. Except Priyanka Chopra because she performed so well in Quantico

  • Mike Carlini

    I just returned from Poland for 7 weeks. I swear to god that place is Europe’s best kept secret. Poland has the most beautiful women in the world and this coming from a man with a Ukrainian wife 😉

  • Panda

    Where’s Koreans?

    • James

      U are lmao

  • Where is Latvia?

    • John Orford

      Beside the Baltic, next to Russia. Known for woods, lakes and anti-Semitism

      • Amulya Kolusu

        LOL… ROFL…

  • james

    I like the Philippines beauty than others fucking country

    • Widenose Privilege

      Most beautiful fish faces in the world.

  • Jo

    Countries with best looking women: Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania, Bosnia, Poland, Spain.

    • Arriana

      I agree with all those countries except Poland all they have is blonde hair white skin they look too german…

  • zellycatz

    As a woman, who naturally judges women more harshly than men (because we’re competitive with each other), I have to disagree with this list. I have never even heard of beautiful Turkish women, and when you look them up they look Greek, which is on the same level as Italian women. I think the ranking should be as such:

    10) Polynesian Women – Hawaii, Tahiti
    9) Southern European Women – Italy, Spain, Portugal
    8) Indian Women – India, Bangladesh
    7) Australian Women
    6) Northern African Women – Ethiopia, Somalia
    5) Northern European Women – Sweden, Denmark, Norway
    4) Southeast Asian Women – Vietnam, Korea, China, Indonesia
    3) Latin American Women – Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia
    2) Eastern European Women – Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Russia
    1) U.S.A & Canada

    Reasoning behind U.S.A & Canada is #1? Because they are diverse countries with every type of woman from #2-10 – and even better than that, people intermarry so the best features from different ethnicities are seen in the population.

    • Lili

      Of course, we in all the other countries never ever intermarry… Jeez.

      • zellycatz

        Americans have been intermarrying for generations, but in general other countries are just now doing it. I currently live in Norway & one generation ago hardly anyone intermarried. Now everyone seems to be intermarrying – so, yes, other countries do NOW, but not until recently.

    • John Orford

      The ever-conceited US American reveals his racism – where are those fabulous Africna women?

      • zellycatz

        Yeah, they’re #6 – ABOVE 4 OTHER COUNTRIES – get your eyes checked…

      • zellycatz

        Also, I’m a woman, and I don’t live in the USA

        • justsayinitlikeitis

          Your racist ignorance is so blatant you said to John Orford you’ve named Africans on your list in response to his question but your comment was in reference to those in the US but yet your list specified Ethiopians and Somalians. In case its escaped your notice the US have black people of different heritages and most are not of Ethiopian OR Somali background. Your stupid comment about people mixing really exposes your attitude towards black people in its entirety..in other words colour must be diluted IGNORANT FOOL

    • Garnet

      Anybody disagreeing with this list is either blind or doesn’t understand the beauty of a woman.

      • Garnet

        I mean your list

      • Widenose Privilege

        Or they are operating under the misconception that “black is beautiful”.

        • deborah

          Black is most beautiful

    • Widenose Privilege

      Number 6 disqualifies your list. Men like women who can grow real hair.

  • John Orford

    The “beautiful women” in the Philippines are not the plucked, painted and over-dressed in the media, but the ordinary women in the small places outside the cities. Simple clothes, no make-up on their full lips, their eyebrows unspoilt, their walk in sandals natural and womanly. I don’t doubt many other countries can offer the same.

  • SAM

    life is gr8!

  • Secrecy

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a blonde with her blue/green eyes. Love Scandinavia.

    • Number_11


  • Helen Tesfalem

    Not even one black country? This article is a joke.

    • Okosu philanthson Cyrus

      God bless you.the facts remain,any country you go to you must see beautiful girls and handsome men,also the ugliest.if you come to Easthern part of Nigeria,you will some of our girls beautiful like foreign women,yellow or fairy in complexion,with curved and punched bottom and two pointed pistols.

      • aanchal

        again only white or yellow girls are pretty..duh…

        • deborah

          No, I disagree… black people are the most beautiful,,, that’s why the saying, black is beauty.

      • Yabtesga Birhanu

        Well, then come to Ethiopia then and I dare you to point out someone unattractive

        • Widenose Privilege

          Arm would get tired very quickly.

    • mtg

      What is a black country ??? And a white country ???

      • Widenose Privilege

        A country where most of the women have pubic hair coming out of their heads and noses that look like piles of play doh.

    • Widenose Privilege

      Correction: If there was a majority black country listed then the article would be a joke.

  • Arriana

    INDIA is no.1!!! The most beautiful woman in the world is Aishwarya Rai, famous Bollywood actress. You should see her photos in the movie Devdas, an excellent film.

    • Hasinah

      If Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful women in the world then maybe all the beautiful girls in the world must have died. She is fat. India and Pakistan is not number 1. But Italian girls are so beautiful.

      • Arriana

        I definetly agree that Italians are one of the most beautiful, but I’m pretty sure u need to rethink about India or your Pakistan, wherever you come from

        • Hasinah

          lol… I am not from Pakistan or Indian… And I am glad that i’m not from either one of those country… To me turkey and Italian girls really deserve to be in this list and I think that you should really rethink about your India.. Peace

          • Nestor Nyuydze

            Hey what about CAMEROON they have the most beautiful girls in the world too.

          • Hasinah

            Yeah but to me Turkey,Italian and Israel girl are super gorgeous… I think it’s the matter of taste..

  • Higgvjkk

    And Poliand and Czech Republic are beutiful girl

  • progressiveBG

    Dammit…..Iranian women and Greek women are also beautiful. Americans are too fat. Yes there are many good looking American women. But also too many fat women too!

    • K S

      There are a ton of fat Iranian and Greek women. My point is that you don’t have a point. There are fat women all around the world.

      • Yabtesga Birhanu

        Yet here is Britain and the US in the list

  • Alodien Braveshine

    Remove Philippines! Im a Filipino and tbh they are not that attractive! The only beautiful girls here are mix with whites!

    • Joshua Rosales Mangubat

      maybe stop hating ur own country. mixed or pure, they are still filipinos. It’s just like other countries in the world.

  • Arriana

    In my opinion the countries worthy of this list are: Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Dutch, and all Latino countries (Brazil, etc.. ) plus Turkey, Turkish people I LOVE YOU!!!

    • Hasinah

      I thought that you were debating with me that Indian girls should be number 1 and now you’re voting for Turkey? Lol… I can’t say whether you’re being sarcastic or a hypocrite… To me only Italy,Turkey,middle eastern and Israel has most of the beautiful ladies… Peace

      • Arriana

        hello random person with no life who keeps on stalking and replying to comments who has no life, I would advice you to understand before you comment. I was just saying the countries already on the list

        • Hasinah

          Lol.. You were just debating with me about India or Pakistan should be no 1 anyway sorry for the misunderstanding. But do you agree or not that Israel girls should be in the list

    • Yabtesga Birhanu

      Cough Cough so no African strikes you ? good to know.

      • Widenose Privilege

        No, sorry but the truth hurts.

  • fabian

    Hahaha Britain. It is on of the countires with the ugliest women

    • Widenose Privilege

      They don’t get a lot of sun and are often very pale. Best accent in the world though.

  • Alaric Rowe

    Clearly you haven’t been to South Africa. The sun keeps them young and their beauty surely are not fleeting over here. Now you heard my comment so now for my question. Where would you look first if you want to know if a lady is really beautiful or not? The people pleaser would tell you that it starts with the personality. The pleasure seeker would tell you that it starts with the body. The truth is both are wrong. Both have been indoctrinated with these concepts and are now stuck in the main stream just going with the flow. Well, the only fish that goes with the flow are dead fish. Fish swim upstream. Now for my answer. If you wondered where beauty starts then you must look no further than the face. Why I would say this is for the simple reason that it the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up next to your lady and if you are unable to look at her in the face when you wake up then it is a clear indication that you have not chosen wisely and most probably were under the influence of something or someone. Only you can answer that question. The truth is that before you learn to know a person or truly consider how the body you look at the face of the person and it is the face that draws you closer to that person. Before considering whether or not you love or trust that person you look at the face, not the body or even the personality. The truth is, all those feelings we have towards other people are based on our perception towards that which we interpret when looking at the face of a person.

    • Widenose Privilege

      I assume you’re talking about (white) Afrikaners?

  • moza

    The writer must be a turk.

  • Pratiksha Krsna

    rubbish….y u peoples are fighting…one person or group of person survey, discuss and made this post….but again beauty differs from eyes to eyes….don’t fight

    • Widenose Privilege

      There is actually a golden ratio- the closer a woman’s face is to it the more she is universally accepted as beautiful. It comes down to proportions and not looking like a cartoon character.

  • burenbayar

    turkey ? don’t make me laugh …. but you already did it lmfao

  • |Maud|

    why is duthc zo lo? they are the most beautyull
    check doutzen kroes
    PS i’m not dutch

  • mtg

    First off … Colombia not on the list is ridiculous … It’s a fact that at one of the most recent beauty pageant they changed the name “District of Columbia” to “Washington D.C.” on the contestant’s ribbon because when Washington D.C.’s contestant WON this year and her ribbon first read “District of Columbia” … many people only saw “Columbia” on the ribbon and thought that “Colombia had won again” …
    Also, how did the USA get into the runnings and why do they post a picture of a Canadian tennis player as evidence ??? This is a rookie article at best !

  • Armi

    Wtf ! That’s only your fantasies mtfcker ! Go and fck urself !

  • LOL, Where’s Poland?

  • Aylin Ertugrul

    This list is totally confused. Ive lived in turkey and ive lived in the netherlands… Turkish woman are comparatively not attractive. the picture isnt even of a turkish woman (half turkish but not enough turkish genes). and 1 out of 10 dutch women are not attractive let me tell you.

    On average dutch women should be on the top and turkey shouldnt even be on the list(4/10?)… (btw im half Turkish so trust me)

    • Aylin Ertugrul

      look at the women in the background of the turkey photo! those are real turkish women. just trying to say not top 10 countries material… deff not #1!!!

  • Hashirama Senju

    Shit. As a man. i find asian girls are the most attractive !!! Not even one of those list.

    • Widenose Privilege

      Why because they are meek and easier to approach?

  • Mick

    HI, everybody. Beauties are finally every where in the world. I have travelled accross the world I would say:
    Iranian women
    Czech Republic
    and to be honest Britain, american or canadian would be not in the top 10

  • ajith sakthivel

    What the Fuck!!!!…where is INDIA!!!..most of the north Indian women are damn cute and beautiful…..and also south but comparing north lit bit low……IDIAN won 5 Miss World and 2 Miss Universe probably 3rd position in the world….

  • Samuel Cathcart

    Beautiful women are in every country, because every women beautiful.

  • james oclarit

    its so very beautiful the most woman and every beautiful work creation nice 1

  • Stop Intervening

    While I agree with countries no. 2 to no. 6, I can’t believe you placed Britain in the top ten. What about Brazil and Colombia?

  • Yura Chan

    South korea should be here

    • Jerry Rigg


    • Widenose Privilege


  • Sorceress Kirke

    Turkey? u got to be kidding…they are homely..fat, short and with potato noses. oO and Brazil , Italy and Venezuela below Turkey? Sweden not even in the list? this article is written by a Turk..i cant find any other logical explanation . lol

  • Liviu

    This article is a joke.Romanian ladyes is verry, verry beautiful.

    • Jerry Rigg

      agree many Romanian beauties

  • In the Eye of the Beholder… White Black Yellow Brown Red…. Fat Slim… whatever… In the Eye of the Beholder

    • Jerry Rigg

      most sensible comment, JV you win the internet comment for most beautiful woman!!!

    • Widenose Privilege

      Except black, then yes.

  • Iran

    there are many of beautiful women in middle east, kordish, turkish, iranian, lebanese women.
    absolutely beauty factors different in different contries, for example I think none of European women aren’t beautiful, because of their cold face and most beautiful women are in middle east because of their warm and kind faces and eyes…

  • Seraphine

    They should include Malaysia. Girls there are pure beauty, no surgery, no botox and permanents make up.

  • disqus_h57f0aWyoo

    English? It’s a joke?

  • Dan Tanasiychuk

    Did you just say that Ukraine and Russia were essentially the same?

    T R I G G E R R E D

  • piyush

    Hey indian girl is most beautiful girl in the world.

  • J R

    Dude, you have your head in your ass look elswhere.

  • Marko Jurčević

    Where is Croatia or any Balkan country in general?

  • Mohsin Sauddin

    brruuuh u serious? I believe that Pakistani and Iranian women/girls are one of the most prettiest/beautiful in the world, they have natural beauty. It’s not about skin color. In this list is only showed those countries with light skinned and not all of them are pretty!!

  • Mohsin Sauddin

    brruuuh u serious?? I believe that Pakistani and Iranian/Persian women/girls are one of the most prettiest/beautiful in the world, the have natural beauty. I don’t agree with this list! and u just only showed these 10 countries who are light skinned, I think this should be an Turkish person who have made thi list and turkey on number 1!!

    • Widenose Privilege

      It’s just you can’t tell because their cult instructs them to cover up.

  • Hyryyyht

    Ok so no country where the majority is black… Brazil’s majority is black but the media hides that fact and looks more like it’s white but nope. I’m kinda disappointed in this

  • Yabtesga Birhanu

    It is sickening that there is no African country in here just ughhhhhh

    • Widenose Privilege

      How is the truth sickening?

  • Aleksandar Drapsin

    it seems u never visited Serbia….

  • Chris

    Ummm no Colombia but Britain is on the list LOL!

  • Posser

    Britain in the list? Bullshit. Enough said.

  • Jerry Rigg

    Should have changed the headline to Top 7 Continents. Clearly there are many hotties from all different regions of the world and take the Miss World contestant entries from each country to augment the vote.
    It’s like going to Winners you won’t find the best outfit unless you dig a little deeper. At least that’s what my beautiful Afro-Eurasian-Austra-SouthAmerican wife told me

  • Yoan Penchev

    Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria not included, but Italy and Britain in – it’s ridiculous…