• Rakhi

    That girl is not kuljeet randhawa that’s kulraj randhawa and she is still alive.

    • Brigitte Bellegy

      no, the girl is kuljeet and she died, in 2006, kulraj is another girl and she’s still alive
      …..go and search on wikipedia

  • Balakrishnan

    The girl is not Silk smitha , please always make sure before uploading

    • Brigitte Bellegy

      yes, she is………..look once again

  • saif

    Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, known popularly as Silk Smitha

  • Shravan

    hey idiots kulraj randhawa is alive..remove her pic

    • Tera Mera Ki Rishta

      actually ur the idiot….cuz dats a different person all together

      • Shravan

        u are biggest idiot..kuljeet randhawa is dead but the picture in this article is for kulraj randhawa who is still alive..she was in yamla pagla deewana

  • hyral

    Kuljeet Randhawa is different gal…and pic of gal in name of Kuljeet Randhawa is alive and did yamla pagla deewana with Dharamendra, boby deol …. kisi bhi zinda logo ko maar daalte ho….how cheap

  • http://misssangie.blogspot.fr/ Angélique

    Go to hell with your infamous top ten !

  • Just correction

    Parvati ‘s pic has been used for Nafeesa Joseph… The former is alive…