• Destro

    Spring Bank above the 4th of July?

  • Jeeves

    Spring Bank Holiday? That doesn’t seem right. I’m from the UK, and I’ve no idea what those people in the white dresses are doing? I’ve certainly never seen it – or anything much else (other than perhaps a few extra cheeky pints at the pub) going on either. Take a look at Song Kran in Thailand, now that is a holiday that gets celebrated.

  • Fanatic

    Valentines Day!! ?? As far as I know its not as widely celebrated as the other holidays. Second to New Years don’t be absurd and its not even a holiday in most countries including the US. Christmas as number 2 is acceptable and next will be Ramdan and 4th most likely Diwali. Chinese New Years and Easter also acceptable but one is only unique to China and the other only the most religious oriented people celebrate it.