• roddy6667

    The lifespan in large Chinese cities is longer than America. In Beijing, the lifespan has increased 2 years in the last decade.

    • suraj

      China has most polluted cities in the world.. like Chongqing, Xi’an, Shenyang and many more…

  • Jaiswal

    Do you ever give any references?

    • david quinn

      no- have faith and blindly believe my son. The least they could do is ling the the WHO study.

  • Peter Mark

    Please do correct the list. Delhi is at #1 now. Delhi has voted most polluted city in the world.

    • suraj

      Most polluted city cannot be determine by “VOTING” you idiot.. It is done by “Pollution Index” or “mcg/m3”

      And delhi is even clean city..

      • david quinn

        As long as we are nitpicking language; what does “And delhi is even clean city..” mean? A vote could be relevant in determining pollution level, how you ask? Those who study urban pollution may use many factors in addition to PM<10 mcg/m3 to determine overall pollution, and their results may vary. So what is the most polluted city? well, it may depend on who you ask, and what data sets you are using?

  • suraj

    Please correct the list…

    #1 Chongqing, China

    #2 Xi’an, China

    #3 Kabul, Afghanistan

  • david quinn

    Some areas may have reporting reliability issues. I imagine in China this may be true. Also they are reporting on a specific designation of air pollution >PM10. There are good arguments that PM20 is far more dangerous; however, this is a complicated subject that a buzz list can never serve properly.

  • kanishk

    Delhi is #1 bow,correct it.

  • Kidlin

    Where is Chernobyl